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Vol. Page.

If the incumbent is made a bishop, the crown by
its prerogative will have a right to present;
precautions therefore to be observed
Notice of the grant thereof should be given to the
PROCLAMATIONS on fines necessary to bar an entail
or operate by estoppel

i. 391

i. 393

i. 113 n. 6

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Not to assign without licence

In leases against bankruptcy

To reduce interest on mortgage securities if duly

Of redemption in fee

Of abatement of rent in case of fire

i. 187

i. 250

i. 522


iv. 99

ii. 418, 440

iii. 63, 136

That lessee may make alterations

For determining leases

For assignment of mortgage terms

iii. 69

iii. 80, 507

iv. 460

vi. 434

That husband paying the wife an annuity settled
upon her, may receive the whole rents

Of survivorship amongst children vi. 445, 538, 586, 680
If there be none such, the estates and interests of
the children dying will sink into the general
estate for the benefit of the heir

vi. 445

Proviso to avoid portions of children on being re-
conciled to a life of celibacy

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That money advanced by the father in his life-time,
shall be considered as part of the portion

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For payment of monies to trustees

That the monies so paid shall be laid out in lands

for the same uses


Estate of

i. 249. ii. 479

Estates for are devisable, and where perpetually
renewable, nearly similar to estates in fee vi. 766
PURCHASES. Agreement for at so many years'

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PURCHASERS. Mode of conveyance to where there is
no intimation in a will or deed, as to the appli-
cation of the purchase monies

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Vol. Page.

What they should require in such case
Are liable to see to the application of trust-monies,
where there is no indemnity in respect there-
of in the deed or will

And even where there is such au indemnity, it
will be of no avail against real incumbrances,
such as mortgages or judgments, unless the in-
cumbrancers join

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But purchasers are not bound to enquire into the
expediency of the sale
Indemnity to purchasers against the misapplication
of trust monies

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ii. 239

vi. 46


vi. 47

vi, 465, 548, 553, 598

PURCHASERS under wills, indemnity to . vi. 774, 781
Absolutely necessary where freeholds are directed

to be sold

But where the trustees are also executors, they
may, as to leaseholds, without any such clause
of indemnity, make out a valid sale and title to
a purchaser

vi. 782




i. 214

QUALIFYING WORDS. Observations on i. 174, 178. ii. 4

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RECITAL of former purchase deeds proper, being

satisfactory, and shewing inthe event of the
loss of deeds, the deduction of title

Ought to avoid shewing any thing that might raise
a question of title

In a feoffment of vendor being seised in fee

Of a former deed of feoffmeut

i. 155

i. 92

i. 93

i. 111

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i. 111, 112

In a deed leading the uses of a fine of the contract

of sale, and mode of conveyance

Of a fine levied

Vol. Page.


In a bargain and sale to be inrolled of contract for

Of a power of appointment in a deed of appoint-


And of a contract of purchase thereunder

Of former purchase deeds by lease and release

i. 117

i. 130, 131

i. 132

i. 155

[blocks in formation]

Of appointment of consideration money

i. 278

Of contract for purchase of lands in the West In-


i. 301

[blocks in formation]


i. 332


Of a will, entitling the party to a remainder or

Of the death of a testator

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Of contract for the purchase of a remainder or re-

[blocks in formation]

Of contract for the purchase of an equity of re-

i. 352.

Of contract for purchase of an advowson
That a party is seised of an advowson; that the
church is full, and that he hath contracted for
the next presentation

Of a contract for purchase of tithes

V. 90

ii. 115


i. 385

i. 395

Of a right of common

i. 415

Of a contract for purchase of a commonable right i. 406

Of grant of a rent-charge

i. 422

Of the grant of a fair or market

i. 434

That part of the purchase money is to remain on


i. 452, 473, 474

Of purchase of premises by copartners

i. 497.

Of a will, granting a power to purchase
Of a purchase by two or more

Of a conveyance to a vendor and his trustee to pre-

i. 537

ii. 23

[blocks in formation]

Vol. Page.


Of the grant of an annuity
Of commission of bankrupt
Of sale by public auction

Of sale by order of court

Of master's report

ii. 185

ii. 158

ii. 158, 280
ii. 158


Of a purchaser's desire to complete his purchase ii. 160

Of a conveyance to trustees

Of a marriage settlement

ii. 234

ii. 258, 762

That mortgagee will accept a sum in satisfaction
That mortgage money and annuity principal shall
be paid off out of purchase monies

Of marriage settlement with power of sale
Of leases for lives

Of a lease for years determinable on lives
Of an assignment of ditto

ii. 281

ii. 299

ii. 460

ii. 473. v. 2

ii. 503

ii. 504

Of contract for purchase of leaseholds for lives
Of a lease for years

ii. 504

ii. 515

Of a contract for a purchase of a lease for years
Of a will

ii. 517

ii. 554

[blocks in formation]

Of a will, bequeathing the reversion in bank an-

[blocks in formation]

Of a marriage settlement and a leasing power

Of an order of the court of Chancery, for the lease

of a lunatic's estate

ii. 801


iii. 108

iii. 366

ii. 382

ii. 429

iii. 482

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Vol. Page.

Of marriage settlement with power to raise portions v. 154
Of contract for the purchase of an annuity, and the

terms thereof

v. 272, 281

Of prior agreement for grant of an annuity
That commission for granting annuity is to be

paid by grantor

Qu. if necessary

v. 281

v. 283

That a party is indebted to certain creditors

vi. 2, 17,

35, 62, 83,

125, 166

[blocks in formation]

vi. 251


vi. 252

Other necessary recitals in marriage settlement. See

Of agreement for a co-partnership

Of a previous agreement in writing for such

Of a new partner being admitted, and his propor-

Of a deed of copartnership

vi. 333, 352

Of the expiration of the term, valuation of stock,
and security given for the retiring party's share vi. 354
RE-CONVEYANCE. Clause of in mortgages iv. 397, 439
RECOVERY. When necessary, or parties compellable

[blocks in formation]

REDEMPTION. Conveyance of the equity of in fee i. 349

Assignment of the equity of in leaseholds

[blocks in formation]

No restriction can be introduced against the mort-
gagor's right of redemption

REDDENDUM. Why necessary to demise for a long

term of years

RE-EXECUTION will not cure an alteration in a deed
after it has been sealed and delivered, such al-
teration must be noticed by a new deed

REGISTERING OF DEEDS. Power of attorney to re-
gister one in the plantations

vi. 191

i. 311. iv. 252

In Middlesex and Yorkshire, where necessary ii. 532

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