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Vol. Page.
Of the grant of an annuity

ii. 135
Of commission of bankrupt

ii. 158
Of sale by public auction

ii. 158, 280
Of sale by order of court

ji. 158
Of master's report

Of a purchaser's desire to complete his purchase ii. 160

ii. 234
Of a conveyance to trustees
Ot'u marriage settlement

ii. 258, 702

ii. 281
That mortgagee will accept a sum in satisfaction
That mortgage money and annuity principal shall
be paid off out of purchase monies

ii. 299
Of marriage settlement wiih power of sale ii. 460
Of leases for lives

ii. 473. v. 2

ii. 503
Of a lease for years determinable on lives
Of all assignment of ditto

ji. 504
Of contract for purchase of leaseholds for lives ii. 504
Of a lease for years

ii. 515
Of a contract for a purchase of a lease for years ii. 517
Of a will

ii. 554
of death of testator


ü. 555
Of probate of will taken
Of intestacy

Of an assignment of lease

ii. 611
Of an assigninent of trustees for sale

ii. 622
Of deed of partition

ii. 735
Of a will, bequeathing the reversion in bank an-

ii. 782
Of an agreement to purchase the same

ii. 783
Of an agreement to purchase a legacy

ii. 789
An annuity by grant

ii. 794
Of letters patent

ü. 801
Of contract for purchase of

Of original lense in an underlease

ii. 108
Of a tenancy for life

iii. 306
Of tenancy in tail

iii. 382
Of a marriage settlement and a leasing power ii. 429
Of an order of the court of Chancery, for the lease
of a lunatic's estate

iii. 482
Of the master's report thereon

Of the confirmation thereof

Of the master's approval of the lease

iü. 483
iv. 10, 38, 44, 65, 113, 123, 146, 147, 189,

214, et seq.
agreement to mortgage

iv. 10, 29
of power of appointinent

iv. 43

iv. 173
Of death of devisor

of an agreement to surrender copyholds iv. 189
Of an actual surrender

iv. 190
Of conveyances in fee shortly

iv. 213
Of building leases

Y. - 88

Of a loan

Of an

of a will


Vol. Page.
RECITALS. Continued.

Of marriage settlement with power to raise portions v. 154
Of contract for the purchase of an annuity, and the
terms thereof

v. 272, 281
Of prior agreement for grant of an annuity

That commission for granting annuity is to be
paid by grantor

v. 283
Qu. if necessary

That a party is indebted to certain crediturs vi. 2, 17,

35, 62, 83, 125, 166
Of state of debtor's affairs

vi, 2, 8
Of a meeting of creditors

vi. 17
Of agreement for a deed of composition

vi, 17
Of conveyances to trustees for sale for benefit of

vi. 84
Of proceedings in Chancery

vi. 365
Of previous articles of marriage

vi. 391
Other necessary recitals in marriage settlement. See

Of agreement for a co-partnership

vi. 251
Of a previous agreement in writing for such

Of a new partner being admitted, and his propor.

vi. 252
of a deed of copartnership

vi. 333, 352
Of the expiration of the term, valuation of stock,

and security given for the retiring party's share vi. 354
RE-CONVEYANCE. Clause of in mortgages iv. 397, 439
RECOVERY. When necessary, or parties compellable
to suffer one

i. 214
How suffered

i. 215, 216
Setting out the form thereof

i. 227, 228
With double voucher most proper

i. 228
May be suffered of a rent-charge

i. 421
To be suffered by tenant in tail

iv. 153
REDEMPTION. Conveyance of the equity of in fee i. 349

Assignment of the equity of in leaseholds ii. 566
Proviso of in fee

ii. 418, 440
And see Mortgages, per tot.
No restriction can be introduced against the mort-
gagor's right of redemption

iv. 90
REDDENDUM. Why necessary to demise for a long
term of years

iv. 129
RE-EXECUTION will not cure an alteration in a deed

afier it has been sealed and delivered, such al-
teration must be noticed by a new deed

vi. 191
REGISTERING OF DEEDS. Power of attorney to re-
gister one in the plantations

i. 311. iv. 252
In Middlesex and Yorkshire, where necessary ii. 532

Vol. Page.

V. 56

Of leases where necessary

iii. 82, 83. v.56
Of mortgage of leases where vecessary
RELEASE. Conveyance by lease and release

. 154
Of annuity by anauitant

ii. 308, 600
Covenant that the party has power to release ii. 602
Of powers where necessary

ü. 271
RELEASES, Mutual, on u dissolution of copartner-

vi. 338
Separate releases thereon

vi. 339
See also Conveyances, and Lease and Release.
REM AINDER. Agreement for the purchase of

i. 75
Description of in a lease for a year

i. 149
In a release

i. 161, 166
Conveyance of a remainder or reversion in fee i. 320
Mortgage of

iv. 273
What tine necessary to bar the wife's estate in a re-
mainder or reversion

iv. 279
If conveyed by grant and release only, it must be
inrolled within six lunar months

iv. 290
REMAINDER-MAN purchasing the life estate, should
take the conveyance to a trustee

i. 249
The conveyance of a remainder in fee should be en-
rolled, and why

i. 331
Observations on the mode of conveying a remain-

i. 330, 335
The opinion that it cannot pass by grant erroneous i. 335
Remainder man not bound by leases of tenant in
tail, but only the issue in tail

j. 381
RENEWAL OF LEASES. Observations on iii. 626, 628, 632

iii. 625
RENT CHARGE Agreement for the purchase of i. 69
Form of conveyance of to a purchaser

i. 421
The most proper form to a stranger is by grant,

though it may be by bargain and sale enrolled,
lease and release, or covenant to stand seised, or
by release alone, if the party be seised of the

i. 421
It is also the subject of a fine and a recovery ib.
Mortgage of

iv. 326
RENT. Purchaser entitled to such from the term spe-

cified in his contract, though pot then completed,
but he must allow interes on the purchase-

i. 14 n. 18
Purchaser entitled to the same from the imme-
diately preceding quarter

i. 169
ii. 75
REPURCHASE of appuities allowed
Clauses for repurchasing of annuities


Vol. Pages
RENT. Continued.
Reservations of in leases, observations on

iii. 61
Reasons for covenants for payment of, and power
of re-entry in leases

ii. 62
Rents and profits, mortgage security on, or Welsh

iv. 520
Of land in mortgage, may after notice be reco-

vered from the mortgagee from the tenant in pos-

iv. 87
Reservation of in leases ii. 80, 86, 101, 111, 151, 170,

, ,
185, 203, 226, 245, 264, 369, 383, 401, 433, 511
In miving leases

ii. 307
Reservation of for house and fixtures

jii. 134
In corporation leases

jii. 338
Abatement of in cases of fire

iii. 63, 136
No abatement of in cases of fire iii. 91, 118, 175, 191,
213, 231, 250, 271, 343, 357, 374, 388, 405, 419, 438,

452, 472, 517, 535, 550, 565, 583, 602, 617
The reservation of an additional rent for land broken
must be paid

ii. 205, 266,487
And is therefore preferable to a penalty, against

which relief may be had iu equity ini. 265, 266
Form of reservation of additional rent iii. 265,274,276, 494
Reservation of in corn

iii. 353
To husband and wife, and the heirs and assigns of
the wife, pursuant to the statute

ii. 415
To trustees under a power

iii 447
To a guardian

iii. 465
To the committee of a lunatic

iji. 486
Where the estate is in mortgage

ii. 429
To joint-tenants

iii, 545
To executors or administrators

iii. 560
From tenants in common

ii. 578
From executors or administrators

mi. 596
In leases for

determinable on lives

mi. 612
REPAIRS. Lessee for a term bound to repair iii. 64, 65, 89
Lessor may enter and search for, though no cove-

iii. 66
No action lies for want of repairing until the end

of the term, unless there is an express covenant
to repair on notice

In what condition premises ought to be left ii. 74
Natural decay of allowed

Where to be done by lessor, and how

v. 344, et seq.
RESERVATION of rough timber for repairs iii. 269

Of additional rent as a penalty iji. 265, 274, 276
Of corn as rent

iii. 352

v. 343


vi. 803

Vol. Page.
RESTRICTION of words of warranty of title in conveyo,
ances by trustees

ii. 247
REVERSION. Agreement for the purchase of

i. 75
Inadequacy of consideration for the purchase of, a

ground for the interference of a court of

ib. n. 4
Conveyance of a reversion in fee, form of

i. 330
Should be enrolled

i. 331
Observations on the mode of a conveyance of a ren

i. 330, 385
The opinion that it cannot pass by grant erroneous i. 335
Assignment of a reversionary interest in bank an-

ii. 782
REVOCATION of powere

ii. 263
Power of for giving seisin of trust estates to new

vi. 492
Power of in marriage settlements vi. 521, 566, 709
Powers of, in what cases good

vi. 521
What precautions ought to be taken in respect

vi. 522
Power to charge settled estates with money, does

not require a previous revocation of the uses, ac-

cording to the stat. 27 Eliz. c. 4. s. 5. vi. 519, 521
Nor does a power to sell
Neither does it prevent the vesting of portions

Power of new appointment of uses in cases of revo-

cation implied; but it should be expressly given vi. 469

[ocr errors]

vi. 469


v. 247

SALE. Power to sell in cases of default of payment
of mortgage money

iv. 97
Conveyance io trustees in nature of a mortgage
with power to sell if default made

iv. 492
Qu. The efficacy of such deed

ib. n. 1
Assignment of leaseholds for the like purpose
See also Powers, Settlements, and Trustees.
Trustees for sale cannot delegate their authority,

and therefore their power should ruu to sell not
only by themselves, but by any attorney or
attornie's by thein appointed

vi. 40
And as purchasers now generally take a conveyance

to trustees to prevent dower, the authority
should not be to a purchaser and his heirs in the
old form, but to him and his heirs, or as he or
they shall appoint, as all powers are to be strict-
ly pursued



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