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LEET. Stewardship of, how granted

LEGACY. Assignment of

Vol. Page.

i. 449

ii. 788

To infants. Where the testator has given no direc-
tions to whom the same are to be paid, the same
may be paid into the bank, in the name of the
accountant general, by 36 Geo. 3. c. 52. s. 32. vi. 792
See also Wills.

LEGATEES should be made parties where interested
Covenant from to indemnify executors in leases

LESSOR'S TITLE. Right of inspecting

Where not inspected, covenant should be absolute
against all the world

Not being investigated, he ought to covenant for
further assurances

LICENCE to assign, how granted

The terms thereof to be strictly pursued

Form of

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Where there is a restrictive clause not to assign;
a bankrupt ought not to be made a party to the

To assign once given destroys the restriction against

ii. 685
iii. 606



iii. 80

iii. SI

ii. 516

ii. 519

ii. 532

ii. 633

iii. 72
vi. 19, 105, 147, 188

Letter of
LIEN. One joint purchaser under an agreement, paying
the whole consideration money, has not, as it
seems, a lien on the estate for the whole money,
without a stipulation in the agreement for that
i. 20, 21. n. 28

Proviso that money shall remain a lien
An agreement for a mortgage creates a lien
And a deposit of title deeds is evidence thereof

LIFE ESTATE. Habendum in a lease for a year of

life estate

iii. 33

iv. 1

[blocks in formation]

i. 151

i. 213

ii. 249, 479, 480

ii. 479

iv. 172

v. 199

Life interest in bank annuities, mortgage of

Life tenant for purchasing the remainder or reversion i. 331

[blocks in formation]

A tenant for life cannot without a power to lease

for some definite period, demise beyond his own


vi. 771

LIMITATIONS to prevent dower

ii. 327

LIVERY AND SEISIN may be by attorney

Vol. Page.

i. 92

i. 100


i. 101

Necessary to the validity of a deed of feoffment
Form of power of attorney to deliver seisin in such

Variations where the

[blocks in formation]

more persons
Livery by infants, feme coverts, and the like, must
be made in person, and not by attorney; and
it is to be noticed that livery by these persons
will be good, until avoided by entry
Possession must be actually delivered at the time
of making livery


ib. n. 27

How this is to be done when the premises are on

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Seisin may also be accepted by an attorney for
the purchaser

Form thereof


i. 102 n. 28

The feoffor must have possession at the time of
livery, therefore seisin when made by attorney
must be effected during the life of the vendor,
but this does not hold where the head of a cor- .
poration dies

Livery and seizin how made
Memorandum of


i. 101, 102

n. 27, 28

[blocks in formation]

LIVES. Conveyance of freehold leases for lives ii. 473, 487 Assignment of leases for years, determinable on


LUNATICS. How lease of their estates may be grant


Lease of the estate of from the committee

ii. 503

iii. 481

iii. 381

[blocks in formation]


MARRIAGE. Restraints on not encouraged

[blocks in formation]

MINES. Lease of

Vol. Page.
iii. 300

MINORITY, where part of the consideration is retain-
ed on account of

An infant feme may settle personal estate previous
to marriage, notwithstanding her minority

MOIETY. Agreement for purchase of
Description of in a lease for a year

i. 201

vi. 363

i. 7

i. 149

i. 156, 161, 166

In a release
Conveyance of a moiety or other portion of an es-
tate, with variations where it is held in joint
tenancy, in coparcenary, in common

Conveyance of where the co-tenant is the pur-


Assignment of a moiety of leasehold premises
Mortgage of

Like of a leasehold

i. 313

i. 319

ii. 554

iv. 254

ii. 107

i. 349

i. 451

Conveyance to a purchaser and a mortgagee, where

MORTGAGE. Equity of redemption of mortgage in
fee, conveyance of to a purchaser

Conveyance to a purchaser, where part of the
money is to remain on mortgage

the latter advances part of the purchase-money i. 473
Conveyances and assurances of mortgages

By feoffment, with warranty of title

iv. 1

iv. 9

By fine, and declaration of uses to the mortgagee
in fee

[blocks in formation]

In fee by lease and release of freehold messuages,

&c. by the owner of the inheritance

iv. 60

A shorter form of a, in fee by lease and release

iv. 113

Of freehold lands by demise for a term of years

[blocks in formation]

In fee of copyholds by surrender, and deed of

[blocks in formation]

In fee of a moiety or other portion of an estate

iv. 254

In fee of a remainder or reversion in lands, &c.

by lease and release

iv. 273

Of an equity of redemption of freehold lands
where the mortgage was in fee

[merged small][ocr errors]

In fee by lease and release of an advowson or per-
petual right of presentation

iv. 308

Of a rent-charge in fee

iv. 326

In fee to two persons copartners in trade as tenants

in common

iv. 341

Vol. Fage.

In fee to trustees under a power in a marriage
settlement, authorizing them to invest money


In fee by a man and his wife of a freehold estate of
the husband

In fee by the owner of the inheritance and his trus-
tee for preventing dower (in the old form)
In fee by the owner of the inheritance and his
trustee for preventing dower (in the modern

By demise from the owner of the inheritance and
his trustee for preventing dower (in the modern

In fee for procuring part of purchase-money to a

iv. 361

iv. 381

Conveyance in fee to trustees, in nature of a mort-
gage for securing money borrowed, with power
to sell if not paid on a day appointed
In fee to secure the payment of money, by receipt
of the rent and profits of the premises, usually
styled a Welch mortgage

Mortgage of a lease for the life of the mortgagor
or the lives of nominees

Of a lease for years determinable on lives

Of a leasehold messuage, &c. by assignment, by a
lessee for a term

A shorter form of leasehold premises

iv. 411

iv. 429

iv. 451

iv. 472

iv. 492

iv. 520

[blocks in formation]

Of a leasehold ground-rent

Of leasehold premises by indorsement on the lease v. 76
Of unfinished houses held under a building lease
Of a moiety or other portion of leasehold premises
Of an equity of redemption of leasehold premises v. 122
Of leasehold premises by copartners in the trade
By trustees of a term under a marriage settle-
ment or will for the purpose of raising portions
for younger children

V. 65

v. 88
v. 107

v. 138

v. 154


Of leasehold premises by the lessee or assignee to
two persons, copartners in trade, as tenants in

v. 168

v. 182

v. 199

v. 219

Of a present life interest in bank annuities
Of a reversionary interest in bank annuities
Of a policy of assurance on the life of the mort-

Assignment of leasehold premises to trustees in
the nature of a mortgage, for securing money
borrowed, with power to sell, if not paid on a
day appointed

How far the personalty is liable to the payment of
the mortgage money

v. 234

v. 217

i. 367

Payment of the mortgage-money by the mortgagor
to the mortgagee good, though he has assigned,
unless the mortgagor has had notice

i. 357


Proper mode of taking a conveyance of the fee,

where the premises are in mortgage

Observations on the interests of mortgagor and


Covenant to pay off

Lease of premises in mortgage

Vol. Page.

ii. 91

ii. 95

ii. 577

iii. 526


Observations respecting the mode of making such

In fee, preferable to one by demise

Observations on the advantages and disadvantages

of the two modes

What life estates may be the subject of mortgage
securities, and what not

iv. 122


iv. 172

Where there is a mortgage to two or more persons,
they take as tenants in common, and not as
joint-tenants, unless it be otherwise expressed iv. 341
By indorsement of leases for years, not advisable V. 76
MORTGAGE-MONEY is payable to the executors or


And does not alter the relative

mortgagor and mortgagee

iv. 73

interests of the

iv. 82, 90


But it may by express terms he made payable to

the heir

Must be tendered to the mortgagee in person, un-
less a place certain for payment is fixed
After forfeiture, it must be tendered to the mort-
gagee in
and not another place
A day certain should be fixed for payment, other-
wise the estate would be redeemable at any time
Not more than five per cent. interest can be re-
ceived on land, except it be in Ireland, or the
West Indies, where six per cent. interest may be

[ocr errors]

Further monies to be advanced, where the secu-
rity is given for such, shall be connected with
the first lease, and precede intervening incum-




iv. 76

Money may be called in by the mortgagor at
any time after forfeiture, but not paid off by
the mortgagee, without six months notice

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