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Uunder what circumstances they may be required
to enter into covenants for the title, though not
generally bound to covenant, other than that
they have not incumbered

i. 9 n. 12

The grantor need not covenant to and with the
executors and administrators of the grantee,
as well as his heirs and assigns

May grant leases

Forin of lease from

Form of lease to

Executors, when it is uncertain whether debts are
paid, should, as well as specific legatees, be made

EXPENCES of completing a purchase, by whom to be

i. 174
iii. 558


iii. 593

v. 107



i. 11 n. 15

At what times to be holden

FAIRS AND MARKETS, how grantable primarily i. 433 n. I
Form of the grant of to a purchaser

i. 433

May be held any where except in church yards,
where no particular place is limited

i. 435

i. 436

i. 437


iii. 261

i. 69

A court of pie poudre incident thereto

The grautor has a right to appoint a clerk of the


FARM. Lease of

i. 91

i. 93, 94 n.

FEE-FARM RENT. Agreement for purchase of
FEOFFMENT, conveyance of freehold premises by
Will vest the inheritance in the purchaser, though
no consideration is expressed, and be good
against the grantor, and all others, except cre-
FEME COVERT may with the consent of her husband,
dispose by will of the whole or any part of her
personal estate if twelve years of age
Also without such consent, as if she were a fene
sole, if there was an agreement before marriage
And she may exercise a similar power over real
estates given to her, whether before or after mar-

And it seems she may exercise a power of appoint-
ment by a testamentary paper, notwithstand-
ing her coverture

As also of property which she holds en autre droit,
as executrix, or the like

See also, Dower, Fines, Settlements, and Wills.

i. 848




vi. 849

FINES, at whose expence to be

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i. 11 n. 15

Form of a tine sur conuzance de droit comme ceo,&c. i. 106
Different parts of a fine
i. 106 n. 2
All persons (except the king and aggregate corpo-
rations, and except femes covert, without their.
husbands), may convey by fine
. i. 106 n. 3
Of what species of property a fiue may be levied
i. 107, n. 5. 113, n. 6

One concord sufficient for lands in different coun-
ties, but several writs of covenant necessary, and
the practice now is to have several concords ib. and 112
Deed declaring the uses of a fine

i. 111

No consideration necessary to give effect to a fine
i. 110 n. 17. 113 n. 7

But if levied without consideration, or a deed to de-
clare the use, it comes back to the conusor, as
of his preceding estate ib. and 111, n. 1. 115, n. 10
And to protect creditors, it is necessary that there
should be a consideration, and so expressed in
the deed

In what courts fines may be levied

i. 113 n. 7

i. 112

Over what lands such courts have jurisdiction i. 112 n. 5
Variance between the fine aud deed to lead the uses,

and effect thereof

. i. 112 in n. 1.

Proclamations necessary on fines to bar an entail or
operate as an estoppel
i. 113 n. 6, ib. 214, 220

May be levied of rent charges

Where the lands lie in different counties, there
must be several writs of covenant
Expence of fines to bar dower, and other incum-
brances must be at the expence of the vendor
Death of the parties before the return of the writ of
covenant abates the proceedings

If the fine acknowledged before the suing out of
the writ, it will be good, notwithstanding death
of parties

And the fine should be acknowledged, and the
king's silver paid, before the completion of the
purchase money

What courts have jurisdiction herein

In ancient demesne

Proclamation of necessary

Declaration of the uses of

What fine proper to bar the wife's estate in a re-

mainder or reversion

Præcipe for


Deed, declaring the uses of

i. 421





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i. 111. iv. 29

ii. 473

Sur concessit necessary when the wife is entitled

to a descendible freehold ou lives

FIRE. Clause to vacate an agreement for a lease, in case of iii. 10
Provision for abatement of rent in case of
Covenant to rebuild by lessor in case of

iii. 63

iii. 76

FIXTURES. Assignment of

What may be removed and when

Vol. Page

ii. 533

Memorandum of delivery if necessary, when the

sale is absolute

But not where it is by way of mortgage

FORFEITURE OF LEASE for non-payment of rent,

iii. 74


v. 57

not available, unless demanded at the day iii. 77 FRANCHISE. Grant of

FREEBENCH, what it is, and how prevented

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i. 433

i. 257, 260

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GAZETTE. Notices in the Gazette or other papers are
not conclusive, as to the dissolution of a co-
partnership, upon the creditors of the firm, un-
less it be proved that such papers were seen and
read by them

But such notices are conclusive to strangers who
had no notice of the co-partnership

GENERAL WORDS in a deed of feoffment
Bargain and sale inrolled


Observations on

Correspondent with a house and land
With a manor

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vi. 251


i. 95

i. 119

i. 137

i. 163, 104

i. 164


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GRANT. The word grant is used for passing hereditaments incapable of livery of seizin

i. 94

GRANT AND RELEASE in a deed of appointment

i. 135

GRANT of the next presentation to a church, form of i. 384 Of a way or right of passage to a purchaser, form of

i. 412


Of a fair or market

Of the stewardship of a manor

Vol. Page.

i. 433

ì. 443

May be granted either in fee simple, fee tail, life,
or for a term of years, or to two or more persons i. 449
Of an annuity or yearly rent charge chargeable
upon an estate of inheritance in fee simple,
during the life of the grantor

Shorter form of an annuity chargeable upon an
estate of inheritance in fee simple, during the
life of the grantor

i. 279

i. 369

Of an annuity secured upon a copyhold estate of
inheritance, during the life of the grautor
Memorandum of a surrender taken in court, to be
engrossed on the court rolls

i. 393

i. 431

Of an annuity secured upon leasehold property,
during the life of the grantor

i. 435.

Of an annuity secured on money in the funds, dur-
ing the life of the grantor

i. 472

Of an annuity secured by grant, bond, and war-
rant of attorney only

i. 500

Of an annuity or yearly rent charge, for a term
of years, chargeable upon an estate of inheritance
in fee simple

i. 515

GUARDIAN of an infant may grant leases during the

Lease from

A guardian of legitimate children may be appointed
by the parent, by will, under the stat. 12 Car. II.
c. 24, s. 8, 9.

But this statute extends not to illegitimate chil-

And as he cannot appoint testamentary guardian

to his natural children, he may give directions
for an application to the court of Chancery to
appoint one

iii. 462

vi. 807


vi. 808

Forms of appointing guardians in both respects vi. 807,


HABENDUM to a purchaser in fee simple in a deed

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In a release

Observations on the effect thereof

In leases for years, determinable on lives, words

necessary to be used in

Vol. Page.


To two more in mortgage, according to their dis

tinct interests

v. 186

HEIR AT LAW bound to complete the contract of his ancestor, though not named

i. 4,,n.

But, note, that he is not so bound unless the contract
be under seal.

Not compellable to join in conveyance when dis-

ii. 232

Ought to join with trustees, and covenant for
the title on raising money on portions

v. 154

HEIRS AND ASSIGNS are the proper words for limiting an estate in fee simple

i. 173

[blocks in formation]

vi. 592

HOTCH POT. Proviso in marriage settlement, that
advanced shares shall be brought into
In a will that partial appointments of the personalty
shall be brought into hotchpot for the benefit
of children

HUNTING. Right of reserved

HUSBAND AND WIFE, lease from

vi. 789, 836

iii. 243, 263

In what manner and for what term grantable by
them, when it is the wife's estate

iii. 413

iii. 381, 413

He may in most cases assign the wife's chattels
without her concurrence; but if he be a bank-
rupt, she will be entitled to an allowance
See also Fines, Feme Covert, Separation, Settle-
ments, and Wills.

vi. 168


INADEQUACY OF CONSIDERATION MONEY enquirable into in equity, and purchases avoided thereby i. 6 n. ib. 75

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INCUMBRANCES, may be required to be paid off
before the conveyance, on account of the ex-
pence of stamps
Judgments and annuities, acts of bankruptcy,
also the register offices should be searched
Observations on the search of incumbrances
Where a vendee takes an assignment subject to
incumbrances, equity raises an obligation in him
to indemnify the vendor without any express


i. 12

i. 191 iii. 532

i. 365

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