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the last year

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To fodder and expend dung on the premises ii. 242
To new-make the quick hedges when requisite iii. 273,

preserve young trees

ni, 273, 492 To keep up orchards

iii. 273 Not to fell underwood except for fencing ii. 274 Not to plash hedges oftener than once in a certain number of years

iii. 275, 494 Not to take more than the prescriptive crop

id. ib. Not to mow grass more than once a year ii. 276, 495 Not to plough up meadow land

id. ib. Not to allow land-marks or boundaries iii. 277, 495 That lessee will lay the 'corn, &c. in the baros in

ui. 280, 498 To leave half the hay of the last year having an allowance

iii. 281, 499 To spread part of the last year's dung, and leave the remainder

id. ib. That lessor may sow turnips in the last summer iii. 282,

501 And sow clover with the summer corn sown by lessee

iii. 282, 501 That lessor may prosecute trespassers in the lessee's name

iii. 284, 500 That lessee will warn off tresp:ssers

jij. 500 To repair the chancel in a lease of tith s

ili. 294 To keep gardens and hothouses up

iii. 468 To keep up the stock in a park

ib. To keep up the stock of pigeons

iij. 493 Not to fell trees except for repairs

ib. That lessee shall have use of barn, for a certain time after end of lease

iii. 504 May have underwoods and loppings

ib. Lessee to dig for marle

ii. 277,

504 That lessor will assign timber

iii. 505 That rent and taxes shall be equally borne by lessees

üi. 591 That there shall be no benefit of survivorship amongst lessees

ib. In leases for lives to produce certificates that nominees are living

ib. Usual covenants in renewed leases

ii. 629 Not to determine a lease, in mortgage thereof To keep on foot policies of assurance for the benefit of a mortgagee

60 By trustees raising money to pay portions that the money advanced by the mortgagee shall be re

paid; By trustees distinctly that they have not incumber ed

V, 50


ii. 245 To postpone raising jointure

V. 163

v. 166

v. 307

V. 332

v. 337

V, 358

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COVENANTS. Continued.

To surrender copyholds to secure an annuity
That lands charged with an annuity shall not be

sold or exchanged
That grantor may sell for the purpose of exchang-

ing premises
That grantor will keep premises in repair, and in-

sure against fire
To appear at an insurance office to insure life vi. 187
Not to prejudice the policy

vi. 188
In marriage settlements for the title as to free-

vi. 478, 480, 554, 694
As to leaseholds

vi. 599
In the same, that the intended husband will join
in sale if necessary

vi. 487, 561
To surrender copyholds in marriage settlements vi. 499
To permit wife to dispose of her paraphernalia vi. 563
That husband will settle future acquired estates,
to the same uses

vi. 176
To settle the future acquired property of the

vi. 599
By husband, to pay wife's pin money

vi. 435
But that not more than one year's arrear shall be re-



if she survive husen

vi. 371, 612
To pay wife an annuity on her surviving her hus-

vi. 612, 707
That husband will keep down the interest of

monies raised on mortgage to pay portions vi. 453
From wife's father to take husband into copartner-

vi. 613
That monies arising from lands sold, shall be paid
to trustees

vi. 692
That the land sold shall be discharged from the

That monies received from sale, shall be invested

in other purchases upon the same trusts vi. 693
And in the mean time in government securities,
and dividends go as rents

In deeds of separation between husband and wife vi. 717
CROSS REMAINDERS cannot be implied

vi. 426
CURTESY. Conveyance to a feme sole or covert, to
defeat re-entry

i. 521
Equity of redemption in the wife's estate liable

ii. 291
Limitation to prevent


pay wife

a sum of

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DATE OF A DEED not essential, though better to be

introduced; the time of delivery being the actual

i. 154 n. 3.
DEBTOR AND CREDITOR. At a meeting of creditors

the terms of agreement should be reduced into
writing, and signed

There should be a proviso to avoid the deed in case
all the creditors to a certain amount do not ac-
cede within a limited time, as to third persons
not privy, the assignment might amount to an
act of bankruptcy

vi. 15
The giving of any exclusive advantages to parti-

cular creditors to induce them to sigu, will in-
validate the deed

A deed of composition binding on all who accept

a dividend, though they do not sign; and also
upon all who verbally assent, if an assignment is
thereon made

vi. 23
The like as to conveyance

in trust of freeholds vi. 57
Debtor not excluded, though he do not come in
within the time limited

vi. 31
Creditors who stand out may be compelled by
bill in equity to come in or renounce

Conveyance of a debtor's estate and effects with-

out the consent of his creditors, is an act of bank-,
ruptcy, if executed in England, but not else-

vi. 58, 59
But a surrender of copyholds for benefit of credi-
tors will be no act of bankruptcy

vi. 58
A partial assigninent for the benefit of one credi.

tor, in contemplation of bankruptcy, will be an
act of bankruptcy

vi. 59
And the clause usually introduced to avoid the

deed, if all the creditors do not come in and
sign by a particular time, will not prevent its
being such, inasmuch as it should seem that
the creditors are thereby delayed. Vide Case
and Observations thereon

vi. 204
But a conveyance of part to one or more, bona
fide, will not be so

vi. 60
Unless such assignment in fact comprise the whole
except a small part only.

And when it professes to be an assignment from

two, but is only executed by one, it affects as
an act of bankruptcy that part only

vi, 206

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Persons indebted to the debtor should have notice
of the trust deed

vi. 81
Deeds for sale, and declarations of the trusts there-
of, should be by separate instruments

vi. 82
Agreement between debtor and creditors at a

vi. 1
To accept so much in the pound

vi. 2
And enter into certain covenants

vi. 3
Agreeinent for a deed of composition, and to lead
the trusts thereof

vi. 7
Deed of composition between

vi. 16
Letter of licence from creditors

vi. 19
Creditors not to molest debtor

If they do, debts to be void

vi. 20
Covenant by debtor to deliver true accounts vi. 21
To collect in, and distribute effects

Allowance to debtor for his support

vi. 22
Law and other expences to be first paid

Small creditors to be paid in full

Dividends may be retained for outstanding creditors vi. 23
Debtor not to incumber property

Nor give undue preference

si. 24
not embark in any new concern

Will keep proper accounts

vi. 25
To be inspected by the creditors

To state accounts once a month

vi. 26
And verify the same upon oath, if required

Inspectors of the accounts may appoint clerks
May bail debtor if arrested
May prolong the time for payment of debt vi. 27
Covenant by debtor to pay within time limited vi. 28
Covenant that creditors will accept their debts in
manner agreed on

That if debts are not paid at the time, and the

debtor then give up his estate and effects, the

creditors will release
If debtor become bankrupt, creditors to come in
under the same

vi. 30
If debtor fail in performance of covenants, or credi-
tors refuse to come in, deed to be void

Indemnity to inspectors

vi. 32
Conveyance of freehold estates to trustees for bene-
fit of creditors

vi. 34
Upon trust to sell

vi. 40
Assignment of rents where there are arrears yi. 43
Receipts of trustees to be discharges

vi. 46
Declaration of the trusts as to monies raised re-
ferring to another deed

vi. 48
Declaration that the estate until sold, shall be con-
sidered as personalty

vi. 49
Usual covenants for the title from debtor



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11. 29

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Proviso to avoid deed, if creditors do not come in vi. 56
Assignment of leaseholds for the benefit of credi-

vi. 69
And also of stock in trade

vi. 64
Habendum am to the leaseholds

Habenduin as to the personalty

vi. 65
Upon trust to sell

Contracts of trustees to be valid

vi. 68
Their receipts to be discharges

vi. 69
To stand possessed of monies declared in another

vi. 70
Usual covenants for the title from the debtor vi. 71
Covenant from trustees to pay rent

vi. 78
Clause avoiding the deed if creditors do not come

vi, 80
Declaration of trust, as to the monies to arise by

vi. 82
Upon trust to defray necessary expences and

vi. 86
Those for payment of debts rateably by instalments vi. 87
According to legal priorities, if so

Surplus to debtor

vi. 90
Proviso as to debts not due

vi. 91
Power to discharge extents, &c.

Power to pay debts in full not exceeding £ 20 vi. 92
May pay debts of infants

May set apart instalments for creditors abroad vi. 93
Debts to be proved on oath if required

Discretionary power to trustees tú admit debts ib.
Creditors holding securities not to be prejudiced vi. 94
Trustees may compound and sign certificates

Muy give tine

vi. 96
May sell contingent interests and doubtful debts ib.
May buy in at auctions

May arrange with creditors entitled to a transfer
of stock

Doubts respecting debts, &c. may be referred to

Trustees may hire counting house, clerks, &c. vi. 97
May commence or defend actions

vi. 98
Power to give up certain property to debtor vi. 99
Receipts of trustees discharges

Covenant that the trustees will duly apply the trust

vi, 100
That money in hand shall be placed at a banker's vi. 101
That accounts shall be stated every six months ib.
That trustees will act faithfully

vi. 102
When trusts performed once, to cease

That debtor has made a full disclosure

vi. 103
And will assist trustees in the execution of the

vi. 104
Letter of licence to debtor

vi. 105

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