Optimizing Supply Chain Performance: Information Sharing and Coordinated Management

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Springer, 8 Jul 2015 - 214 halaman
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Optimizing Supply Chain Performance takes industrial case studies from SMEs in China to examine the importance of information sharing and coordinated management as essential mechanisms to improve supply chain performance.

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List of Figures
Literature Review
A Methodology for the Exploration of Supply Chain
The Case Company Supply Chains
A Generalised Domestic and International Supply Chain
Mathematical Modelling for the Supply Chain System
Single Objective and Multiple Objective Genetic
The Impact of Information Sharing
Evaluating the Single Objective Genetic Algorithm
Evaluating the Multiple Objective Genetic Algorithm

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Michael Roe is Professor of Maritime Governance at Plymouth University, UK, with research interests in policy-making in the maritime sector and supply chain management. He has published over 15 other books and numerous research papers.

Dongping Song is Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Liverpool Management School, UK. His research interests include modelling, control and optimization of container shipping logistics, supply chain systems and manufacturing and service systems with uncertainties. He has widely published in supply chain management.

Wei Xu is a founder of Broadtek Innovation Ltd (BTI) and China Material System Cooperation (CMSC). Her research focuses on Supply Chain Performance Optimisation. Her industrial expertise is in technology management and transfer for 3D Printing and materials for the health care industry.

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