Brain Exhaustion, with Some Preliminary Considerations on Cerebral Dynamics

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D. Appleton, 1884 - 234 halaman

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Halaman 192 - ... develops the capacity for work ; but food is not directly converted into force in the living body, nor is it a source of muscular power, except that it maintains the muscular system in a proper condition for work.
Halaman 170 - Alcohol and tobacco are of no value to a healthy student." 2. "That the most vigorous thinkers and hardest workers abstain from both stimulants." 3. " That those who have tried both moderation and total abstinence, find the latter the more healthful practice." 4. "That almost every brain-worker would be the better for abstinence." 5. " That the most abstruse calculations may be made, and the most laborious mental work performed, without artificial stimulants.
Halaman 190 - ... which the currents flow more largely around than through the muscles. The lessened blood-supply is a result of diminished functional movement, and we need to create a constant demand in the inactive parts. But, besides this, every active muscle is practically a 1 Seguin Lecture, op. fit. throbbing heart, squeezing its vessels empty while in motion, and relaxing, so as to allow them to fill up anew.

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