Report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Containing Reports of the Surveys and Re-surveys of the Boundary Lines of the Commonwealth, Accompanied with Maps of the Same. Prepared in Compliance with a Resolution of the General Assembly, Approved the 7th Day of May, 1885

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E.K. Meyers, 1887 - 650 halaman

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Halaman 25 - As in and by the said recited vote of the town meeting, aforesaid, relation being thereunto had may more fully and at large appear.
Halaman 22 - Master shall direct ; and any of the Parties are to be at liberty to apply to the Court as there shall be Occasion.
Halaman 284 - ... distance from New Castle, northward and westward, unto the beginning of the fortieth degree of northern latitude; and then by a...
Halaman 592 - In testimony whereof I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of The United States to be hereunto affixed.
Halaman xi - Assignes, all that Tract or Parte of Land in America, with all the Islands therein conteyned, as the same is bounded on the East by Delaware River, from twelve miles distance Northwards of New Castle Towne unto the three and fortieth degree of Northerne Latitude, if the said River doeth extende so farre Northwards...
Halaman 34 - CD, at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, he the said...
Halaman xii - BALTIMORE, his heirs and assigns, all that part of the Peninsula, or Chersonese, lying in the parts of America between the ocean on the east and the bay of Chesapeake on the west...
Halaman 292 - To extend Mason and Dixon's Line due West five degrees of "Longitude, to be computed from the river Delaware, for the "southern boundary of Pennsylvania, and that a meridian "drawn from the western extremity thereof, to the northern "limit of the said State, be the western boundary of Penn"sylvania forever.
Halaman 447 - Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be liable to a fine of not more than five hundred dollars nor less than one hundred dollars.
Halaman 294 - ... purchase or consideration money hath, since the declaration of American Independence been received by either state for lands which according to the before recited agreement shall fall within the territory of the other, the same shall be reciprocally refunded and repaid.

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