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I take great pleasure in presenting this 24th in a series of reports on court actions and proceedings of vital interest to the Congress. The proliferation of litigation involving Congress, its committees, Members, and employees has made it more important than ever that the most recent developments in this rapidly evolving area of the law be presented in a comprehensive and unified fashion. I know of no other publication that attempts to perform this task.

Although the decision whether to include a particular case in these reports must, in the final analysis, be a discretionary one, our case selection process is governed by two concerns: (1) the extent to which the case touches upon matters directly involving the rights or responsibilities of Members or employees in the performance of their official acts; and (2) the likelihood that the case can serve as a guide in determining the scope of Congressional power or the boundaries of permissible legislative activity.

The House Committee on the Judiciary Committee will publish these reports twice a year. In addition, from time to time, the Committee plans to publish special reports aimed at providing an in depth review of the existing case law in a particular legal area of vital interest to the Congress. It is my hope that these special reports, along with the regular reports, will provide a valuable tool to which Members and non-Members alike may turn for guidance or information in their efforts to understand more fully the rights and responsibilities of Congress and its Members within the American system of Government.

PETER W. RODINO, Jr., Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary.









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