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Halaman 87 - Map of the United States, and their Territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean, and a Part of Mexico.
Halaman 270 - An act for establishing rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United States,
Halaman 142 - Rosecrans' army, or in that direction beyond Nashville? A. LINCOLN. DETAIL OF CB STEWART FOR CERTAIN PURPOSES EXECUTIVE MANSION, October 9, 1863. To whom it may concern: In pursuance of a resolution of the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York, in...
Halaman 64 - American Military Pocket Atlas; being An approved Collection of Correct Maps, both general and particular, of the British Colonies; Especially those which now are, or probably may be The Theatre of War...
Halaman 57 - A Chorographical Map of the Province of New- York in North America, divided into counties, manors, patents and townships ; exhibiting likewise all the private grants of land made and located in that Province : Compiled from actual surveys deposited in the Patent Office at New- York, by order of his Excellency Major General William Tryon, by Claude Joseph Sauthier. London, W. Faden, 1779.
Halaman 62 - An Accurate Map of North America Describing and distinguishing the British, Spanish and French Dominions on this Great Continent ; According to the Definitive Treaty Concluded at Paris 10th FeV.
Halaman xi - ... occasioned, or who shall fail to make such return, shall be charged the full value of the book or article so lost, destroyed, injured or not returned ; and in case of the loss of a book, or its not being returned, if it belong to a set of two or more volumes, he shall be charged the value of the whole set, or as much as it may cost to perfect it, at the election of the library committee. For any Injury not amounting to destruction to any book, map, chart, engraving, medal or other article as...
Halaman 85 - A Map of the middle British Colonies in North America, first published by Mr. Lewis Evans, of Philadelphia, in 1755, and since corrected and improved, as also extended, with the addition of New England ana bordering parts of Canada; from actual surveys now lying at the board of trade, by T.
Halaman 25 - Map of the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, with the adjacent parts of the United States of America : By Joseph Bouchette.
Halaman xii - After the expiration of said twenty-four hours the librarian shall Immediately make out a list of the members of each house who have omitted to return any books belonging to the library, specifying the volumes retained by each ; and a list of those against whom any charges for injury to or loss of books exist, stating the amount of them, which list shall be alphabetically arranged, according to the names of the respective members, and shall be certified to be correct. To the president of the senate...

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