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“One Year of the Ohio Health Code,” Dr. A. W. Freeman, State Commis

sioner of Public Health, Columbus. “The Ohio Public Health Association,” Robert G. Paterson, Ph. D.,

Secretary. “The Relation of Health Work to Other Social Work,” Prof. J. E. Hagerty,

Ohio State University. "Red Cross Health Program," Dr. John McDowell, Director Health Service,

Lake Division, Cleveland.

Wednesday Forenoon, 9:00 O'clock

GEORGE C. PARRETT, Chairman, Chillicothe “The Labor Problem at the County Infirmary," Superintendent George C.

Parrett, Chillicothe. “Assistance From the Inmates," Superintendent John C. Dulan, Zanesville. “Guarding Against the Shirkers," Superintendent Carey E. Turner, Hillsboro. General Discussion. “Classification and Segregation with Special Architectural Arrangement,"

Superintendent H. E. Chamberlain, Tallmadge. “Classification and Segregation with Average Arrangement," Superintendent

James R. Lucas, Granville. General Discussion.

Wednesday Afternoon, 2:00 O'clock “The Economic Value of Thoroughbred Stock," Dr. Theo. A. Burnett, State

Veterinarian, Department of Agirculture, Columbus. Discussion opened by John Scott, County Commissioner, Columbus. “What the County Home May Expect from County Agents,” Robert Wylie,

County Agent, Zanesville. “Cooperation from the Granges,” Superintendent F. T. Babbitt, Columbus. General Discussion.

Thursday Forenoon, 9:00 O'clock "Food and Its Preparation,” Mrs. H. E. Mowery, Matron County Home,

General Discussion on “Enlisting the Aid of the Women Inmates."

“The Care of Hospital Patients at the County Home,” Dr. I. G. Leland,

Director of Division of Hygiene, State Department of Health, Columbus. "Hospital Wards in Main Building,” Superintendent E. P. Deaton, New

Carlisle. “The Problem of the Degenerate,” Superintendent I. K. Richards, Ashland.


Wednesday Afternoon, 2:00 O'clock An informal meeting of the matrons of the County Homes will be held in a room to be announced at an earlier session.


Request has been made for a special meeting of the matrons of Children's Homes. It is probable that arrangements will be made for this meeting to be held on Thursday forenoon at a place to be designated by public announcement.


MRS. DORA SANDOE BACHMAN, Chairman, Columbus.
MRS. MARY R. BOARDMAN, Secretary, Delaware


Wednesday Forenoon, 9:00 O'clock "Methods of Making Quarterly Inspections,” by selected delegates. "The Fiscal Year”-An Opinion by the Attorney General, presented by H.

H. Shirer, Columbus. General Discussion.

Wednesday Afternoon, 2 O'clock County Visitors will meet in joint session with the Section on Public Welfare,

in Sunday School room.

Thursday Forenoon, 9 O'clock "Women on Public Boards," by selected speakers. "Planning for Cooperation with the Management of Children's Homes,” Miss

Mary Irene Atkinson, Chief Institutional Inspector, Board of State

Charities, Columbus. General Discussion.

Adopted by the Board of State Charities, August 1, 1906; Approved

by the State Conference, October 5, 1906


The Ohio State Conference of Charities and Correction exists to discuss the problems of charities and correction, to disseminate information and promote reforms. It does not formulate platforms.


1. All persons who are interested in charities and correction may become members by registering their names and paying the annual fee.

2. The annual membership fee shall be $1.00. This fee shall entitle the members to the proceedings of the annual Conference and other publications of the Board of State Charities.

3. Any board, institution or association may enroll as such by paying an'annual fee of $2.50. All persons officially connected with such boards, institutions or associations who may attend any annual conference shall be registered as members of such conference and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges thereof.

4. Membership fees shall be used for expense of securing special speakers and for compensation of reporter making stenographic report of proceedings of Conference.


The officers of the Conference shall be a President, a first Vice-President, a second Vice-President and a Secretary. The President and Vice-Presidents shall be elected annually by the Conference, and the Secretary of the Board of State Charities shall act as Secretary of the Conference.


1. The standing committees shall be an Executive Committee and such other committees as the Conference or the Executive Committee may from time to time appoint.

2. The Executive Commiteee shall consist of the President, the Secretary and six members, three of whom shall be members of the Board of State Charities to be elected annually by the Conference. The chairman of each organized section shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

3. The President, soon after the opening of the Conference, shall appoint three committees: On organization of next Conference, on time and place for next Conference, and on resolutions. Each committee shall consist of at least five members, one of whom shall be a member of the Board of State Charities.



1. The President shall be chairman ex-officio of the Executive Committee. He shall have authority to accept resignations and to fill vacancies in the list of officers and committees.

2. In case of inability of President, the Vice-Presidents in their order shall assume the duties of President until such inability is removed.

3. The Secretary shall be ex-officio Secretary of the Executive Committee and shall conduct all necessary correspondence of the Conference as directed by the Executive Committee. He shall receive all membership fees and account for the same to the Executive Committee.


1. The Executive Committee shall have charge of all affairs relating to the Conference. Four members shall constitute a quorum. A meeting may be called at any time by the President and Secretary. The Executive Committee shall appoint all necessary sub-committees, including a Local Committee at place of meeting of next Conference.

2. The Committee on Organization shall nominate all elective officers, as well as members of Executive and other standing committees. The nominations of this committee shall be subject to the action of the Conference.

3. The Committee on Resolutions shall consider all matters referred to it. Resolutions introduced in the Conference shall be referred to this committee without debate. The report of the committee shall be subject to the approval of the Conference.

4. The Committee on Time and Place shall receive all invitations for next Conference and shall report to the Conference for approval the decision in regard thereto. The Executive Committee shall have the right to change the time and place, if necessary local arrangements cannot be made.

5. The Local Committee shall provide suitable rooms for holding sessions of the Conference and make all other necessary arrangements as may be directed by the Executive Committee.

6. Sub-committees shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee.


The Section Meetings are designed for familiar discussion. At the annual meeting each section shall select a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary for the following year, who in addition to the usual duties pertaining to such positions shall act as a committee on program for the section. Such committees shall co-operate with the Executive Committee in all matters pertaining to the Conference.


In the debates of the Conference, speakers shall be limited to five minutes each, except by unanimous consent, and shall not be allowed to speak twice on any one subject until all others have had an opportunity to be heard.

VIII. PAPERS AND ADDRESSES Unless otherwise instructed or arranged, no person shall be allowed more than fifteen minutes for reading a paper or delivering an address.


These rules shall remain in force from year to year, unless amended, and all additions or amendments shall be submitted to the Executive Committee before being acted on by the Conference.




The name of this organization shall be the Ohio Welfare Conference.


The purpose of this conference shall be to facilitate discussions of the problems and methods of practical human improvement, to increase the efficiency of agencies and institutions devoted to this cause; to disseminate information and to consider such other subjects of general social importance as may be determined upon by the conference itself.


SECTION 1. The conference shall consist of Personal and Institutional members.

SECTION 2. Personal members of the conference shall be all persons within the state of Ohio who subscribe to these rules and regulations by registering their names and paying the annual fee.

SECTION 3. Institutional members of the conference shall be accredited delegates from any social service institution or agency, public or private, in the state of Ohio. Each such institution or agency upon subscribing to these rules and regulations and by registering and paying the annual institutional membership fee is entitled to four delegates in the conference. Such delegates as may attend any annual or special conference shall be registered as members of such conference and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges thereof.

SECTION 4. Membership shall be in the general conference and any member may enroll in as many divisions as he desires.

SECTION 5. The annual personal membership fee shall be one dollar and fifty cents, and the annual institutional membership fee shall be five dollars. Payment of dues shall entitle the personal or institution member to a copy of the proceedings of the annual conference,

Section 6. Membership fees shall be used for the general expenses connected with the conference.


SECTION 1. The officers of the conference shall be a president, a first vice-president, a second vice-president, a treasurer, and an executive secretary.

SECTION 2. The president, vice-presidents, and treasurer shall be elected for terms of one year each at the annual meeting of personal and institutional members. No person shall be eligible for election after the 1920 election as president, vice-president, or treasurer who has not been a member, or who does not represent an institution which has been a member of the conference during the preceding year.

The executive secretary shall be appointed annually by the executive committee.

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