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3. That at this time it has in effect the following schedule of rates, fares tolls and charges:

(Here state in detail the schedule of rates, fares, tolls and charges in effect

at the time this application is made.) 4. That is applies to The Public Service Commission for authority to change its rates for the reason that:

(Here state reasons for changing rates making a separate paragraph, if possible, for each reason, and numbering each paragraph consecutively

a, b, c, etc.) 5. That application is hereby made for authority to change the rates of said applicant in the count_of_

in the State of West Virginia, and to put into effect the following schedule:

(Here state in detail the schedule of rates, fares, tolls and charges, proposed

to be substituted for those now in effect.) 6. (State what other public service utilities are or may be interested in this schedule or change of rates.)

WHEREFORE, the said applicant prays that after due hearing and investigation The Public Service Commission may make an order granting the application herein and establishing the proposed rates and charges, or such rates, fares, tolls and charges as it may find to be equitable in the premises. Dated at


day of A. D., 19.

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the named in the foregoing

being duly sworn, says that the facts and allegations therein contained are true, except so far as they are therein stated to be on information, and that so far as they are therein stated to be upon information, he believes them to be true.

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The Public Service Commission



West Virginia

E. G. RIDER, Chairman
E. F. MORGAN, Commissioner
G. R. C. WILES, Commissioner

R. B. BERNHEIM, Secretary

OFFICES: 3d Floor Capitol Building


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