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The Public Service Commission


West Virginia

E. G. RIDER, Chairman
E. F. MORGAN, Commissioner
G. R. C. WILES, Commissioner

R. B. BERNHEIM, Secretary

OFFICES: 3d Floor Capitol Building


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Rules of Practice and Procedure

Rule 1.

General Offices
of the Commission

The general offices of The Public Service Commission will be kept open each day for the purpose of filing complaints, of issuing and returning notices, and of making and directing all interlocutory motions, orders, rules and other proceedings preparatory to the hearing upon their merits of all complaints pending before the Commission.

General Sessions
of the Commission

The general sessions of the Commission for hearing contested cases will be held at its offices in the Capitol Building, in the City of Charleston, on the second Tuesday of each month, at two o'clock p. m., and will continue from day to day until the business of the session shall have been disposed of. Special sessions of the Commission for hearings may be held at such times and places as the Commission may designate.

Notices, Rules, etc., Not Expressly Provided for

Any member of the Commission may, upon reasonable notice to the adverse party, make, direct, and grant all such notices, rules and other proceedings, whenever the same are not grantable of course, according to the rules and practice of the Commission.

Rule 2.

Information to Parties

The Secretary of the Commission will, upon request, advise any party as to the form of petition, answer or other paper necessary to be filed in any case, and furnish such information from the files and records of the Commission, as will conduce to a full presentation of facts material to the controversy.

Rule 3.

Record Books:

The Secretary shall keep a book, known as the “Minute "Minute Book" for Book,” in which he shall enter the bylaws of the ComGeneral Business of mission, the minutes of the official business meetings of the Commission

Commission, orders paying salaries to its members and

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