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Compliance with orders

Disobedience of ordershow punished



Amendments to rules

Informal complaints

brief statement of the facts; the circumstances which gave rise to the controversy, and the reasons and grounds for its conclusion, and such opinion shall be filed in the office of the Secretary, and made a part of the record of the case.

Rule 29.

Upon the entering of an order and judgment against any public service utility after hearing, investigation and report by the Commission, such public service utility shall promptly, upon compliance with such order or judgment, notify the Secretary of the Commission that action has been taken in conformity with the order, and if a change of rates has been granted, a new schedule or tariff showing such change in rates must be filed in duplicate in the office of the Secretary.

Rule 30.

Disobedience to the mandates, orders, process and notices made and directed by the Commission may be punished by proceedings in the nature of process for contempt of court, in the manner provided by law.

(See Section 27, Chapter 15-0 of the Code of West Virginia.)

Rule 31.

All final orders entered by the Commission may be reviewed by appeal direct to the Surpeme Court of Appeals, upon the same record made upon the hearing before the Commission, in the manner prescribed by Section 16 of the Public Service Commission Act, Chapter 15-0 of the Code of West Virginia.

Rule 32.

Adjournments and extension of time may be granted upon the application of any party, or on the filing of a stipulation by the parties in interest, in the discretion of the commission.

Rule 33.

These rules, or any one of them, may be modified, amended, supplemented, or revoked by the Commission at any time, by order entered of record in its Minute Book.

Informal complaints as to bad service or unsafe appliances, or inadequate facilities or unlawful practices must be made in writing.

How addressed

If such informal complaints are meritorious, and relief cannot be secured by amicable adjustment, proper blanks will be furnished upon request for the purpose of making formal complaint.

All complaints concerning anything done or omitted to be done, by any public service utility, and all petitions or answers in any preceeding or application in relation thereto, and all letters and telegrams for the Commission should be addressed:

The Public Service Commission

of West Virginia,

Charleston, West Virginia.

[blocks in formation]

1. That (Here state occupation or business of the complainant, place of resi dence and place of business.)

2. That the above named,.

defendant, is a public service utility engaged in the (Here state business of complainant) at in the State of West Virginia, and as such is subject to the provisions of Chapter 15-0 of the Code of West Virginia, 1916, and the provisions thereof applicable to this class of public service utilities.

3. That the said defendant company has violated the laws of the State of West Virginia, governing its business in the following particulars, to-wit:

a. (Here state concisely the matters complained of, in short paragraphs, numbering each distinct charge or paragraph consecutively,a, b, c, d, etc.) Wherefore, the complainant prays that the aforesaid defendant,

be required to answer each of the charges herein above set out, and that after due investigation and hearing, an order may be made made commanding said.

to cease and desist from the violations of the law referred to above and for such other and further order as The Public Service Commission may deem necessary, reasonable and just in the premises.

(Prayer may ask for the ascertainment of lawful rates or practices, and an order requiring the defendant to conform thereto.)

Dated this the

day of




(Add verification as outlined in Form No. 5.)

[blocks in formation]

Case No.





(Public Service Utility)

The above named defendant, for answer (or for answer in the nature of a cross bill) to the complaint in this proceeding, says:

1. That (Here insert allegations of fact by way of admission, avoidance, or denial of the statements of facts contained in the formal complaint, numbering each paragraph, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.)

WHEREFORE, The defendant prays that the complaint in this proceeding may be dismissed (or prays for such affirmative relief as the facts alleged may justify.)

(President or other officer.)

(Add verification as outlined in Form No. 5.)

Form No. 3.


Before The Public Service Commission.

Application of

The undersigned, engaged in the business of (here state business), with principal offices at hereby makes application for authority to discontinue or change the following service or facility, to-wit:

(Here state fully what service or facility is to be discontinued or changed and how.)

at or near.

West Virginia, for the following reasons:

(Here state concisely reasons for discontinuance of or change in service or facility, making each reason a separate paragraph, and numbering each paragraph consecutively a, b, c, etc.)



Such change or dicontinuance is to be effective.


or at such times as The Public Service Commission may by its order direct.

Respectfully submitted,


(President or other officer).

[blocks in formation]


Application of

for authority to change rates, tolls and charges for


Comes now the above named.

the petitioner herein, and respectfully shows to the Commission as follows:

1. That is is a public service utility doing business under the laws of the State of West Virginia.

2. That its principal place of business is in.

W. Va., and that it is a public service utility, engaged in the management and operation of a in said

and that as such public service utility, it is subject to the provisions of chapter 15-0, of the Code of West Virginia, 1916, applicable to this class of public service utilities.

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