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Alex. Ca. Pr.-Alexander's Chancery Practice. Ang. & A. Corp.- Angell & Ames on CorporaAlison P.-Alison's Practice of Criminal Law tions. of Scotland.

Ang. & D. High.—Angell & Durfree on HighAlison Princ.-Alison's Principles of Criminal ways. Law of Scotland.

Ann, or Anne-Queen Anne; thus, 1 Ann. All. (M or Allen-Allen's Massachusetts denotes the first year of Queen Anne's Reports, Vols. 83–96, Mass.

All. (N. B.) or Allen (N. B.)-Allen's New Bruns- Ann. Ins.-Annesly on Insurance.
wick Reports.

Annaly-Annaly's King's Bench Reports.
All. & Morr. Tr.-Allen and Morris' Trial. Anon. - Anonymous.
All. Sher.-Allen on Sheriffs.

Ans. Cont.-Anson on Contracts.
All. Tel. Cas.-Allen's Telegraph Cases. Anstr.—Anstruther's Exchequer Reports.
Alleyne L. D. of M.-Alleyne's Legal Degrees Anth. Abr.-Anthon's Abridgment.
of Marriage.

Anth. Ill. Dig.–Anthony's Illinois Digest. Alln. Part.-Allnatt on Partition.

Anth. L. S.-Anthon's Law Student. Alln. Wills-Allnutt on the Practice of Wills. Anth. (N. Y.)–Anthon's New York Nisi Prius Am. or Amer.-America, American, Americana. Reports. Am. Ch. Dig:-American Chancery Digest. Anth. Prec.-Anthon's Precedents. Am. Civ. L.J.-American Civil Law Journal. Anth. Shep.-Anthon's Sheppard's Touchstone. Am. Corp. Cas.— Withrow's American Corpor- Ap. Just.-Apud Justinian; Justinian's Instiation Cases.

tutes. Am. Cr. Rep.-American Criminal Reports. App.-Apposition. Am. Dec.-American Decisions.

App. Cas.-Appeal Cases. Am. Dig.-American Digest.

App. Ev.--Appleton on Evidence. Am. Insolv. Rep.--- American Insolvency Re- App. (Me.)

Appleton's Maine Reports, (Vols. ports.

19 & 20 Me.) Am. Jur.-American Jurist.

App. R. N. Z.--- Appeal Reports, New Zealand. Am. L. J.-American Law Journal.


. Am. L. J. N. S.-American Law Journal, New Apud-In; contained in ; quoted in. Series.

Arch. B. L.-Archbold's Bankrupt Law. Am. L. Mag.–American Law Magazine. Arch. Civ. Pl.--Archbold on Civil Pleading. Am. L. Rec.-American Law Record.

Arch. Cr. Pl.-- Archbold on Criminal Pleading Am. L. Reg.-American Law Register.

and Evidence. Am. L. Rev.-American Law Review.

Arch. Just.- Archbold's Justice of the Peace. Am. L. T. Rep.- American Law Times Reports. Arch. L. & T.-Archbold on Landlord and Am. Lead. Cas.-Hare & Wallace's American Tenant. Leading Cases.

Arch. N. P.-Archbold's Nisi Prius Law. Am. Pl. Ass.-American Pleaders Assistant. Arch. Paup. L.–Archbold's Pauper Lunatics. Am. Prob. Rep.-American Probate Reports. Arch. Pr.-Archbold on Practice. Am. Rep.-American Reports.

Arg.- Arguendo Argumentum. Am. Ry. Cas.-American Railway Cases. Arg. R. of L.–Argyle's Reign of Law. Am. Ry. Rep.-American Railway Reports. Ark.-Arkansas; Arkansas Supreme Court ReAm. Tr. Cas. --Cox's American Trademark Cases. ports. Amb.—Ambler's English Chancery Reports. Arkl.--Arkley's Scotch Justiciary Court Reports. Amos Code-Amos on an English Code. Arms. M. & 0.-Armstrong, Macartney & Ogle's Amos Const. -Amos on the English Constitution. Irish Nisi Prius Reports. Amos Jur.-Amos on Jurisprudence.

Arn.- Arnold's Common Pleas Reports. Amos Reg. V.-Amos on the Regulation of Vice. Arn. Ins.-Arnould on Marine Insurance. Amos Sc. L.--Amos' Science of Law.

Arn. Mun. Corp.-Arnold on Municipal CorAmos & F. Fixt.- Amos & Ferard on Fixtures. porations. An.-Anonymous.

Arn. & H.- Arnold & Hodges' Queen's Bench And.-Anderson's Common Pleas and Court of Reports. Wards Reports.

Arn. & H. B. C.-Arnold & Hodges' Bail Court Anders. Ch. W.-Anderson on Church Wardens. Reports. Andr.---Andrews' King's Bench Reports. Arnot-Arnot's Criminal Cases, Scotland. Andr. Dig.–Andrews' Digest.

Art.-Article. Andr. Prec. L.-Andrews' Precedents of Leases. Ashm. (Pa.)—Ashmead's Pennsylvania Reports. Andr. Prec. M.–Andrews' Precedents of Mort- Asp.- Aspinall’s Maritime Cases. gages.

Ast.— Aston's Entries. Andr. Rev. L.–Andrews on Revenue Laws. Ath. Mar. Set.-Atherly on Marriage Settle Ang. Adv. Enj.- Angell on Adverse Enjoyment.

Atk.-Atkyn's English Chancery Reports. Ang. Ass.-Angell on Assignments for Creditors. Atk. Conv.-Atkinson on Conveyancing. Ang. B. T.-Angell on Bank Tax.

Atk. Mark. Tit.--Atkinson on Marketable Titles, Ang. Carr.-Angell on Carriers.

Atk. P. T.-Atkyn's Parliamentary Tracts. Ang. Corp.-Angell on Private Corporations. Atk. Sher.-Atkinson on Sheriffs. Ang. Ins.—Angell on Insurance.

Ang. Lim.-Angell on Limitations.

Atty-Gen.- Attorney-General.
Ang. T. W.-Angell on Property in Tide Aust. Juris.-Austin on Jurisprudence.

Austral. Jur.-Ausiralian Jurist.
Ang. Waterc.- Angell on Watercourses. Austral Jur. Rep - Australian Jurist Reports.


Ayck. Ch. F.- Ayckbourn's Chancery Forms and Bank. Inst. --Bankton's Institutes of Law of ScotOrders.

land. Ayck. Jur.-Ayckbourn's Jurisdiction and Prac- Bank. Mag.--The Banker's Magazine. tice.

Bankr. Reg.- National Bankruptcy Register ReAyl. Pan.-Ayliffe's Pandects.

ports. Ayl. Par.- Ayliffe's Parergon Juris Canonici Bankr. Reg. Dig.-National Bankruptcy Register Anglicani.

Digest. Azuni Mar. Law-Azuni on Maritime Law. Bann. Lim.-Banning on Limitations of Actions.

Barb, Cr. Pl.-Barbour's Criminal Pleadings. B.

Barb. Dig.--Barbour's Digest of Barbour's New

York Reports. B.-Bancus; Common Bench. Book. See A. Barb. Eq. Dig.-Barbour's Equity Digest. B. C.–Bail Court. Bell's Commentaries on the Barb. Grot.-- Barbeyrac's Grotius on War and Law of Scotland.

Peace. B. C. C.-See Bail Ct. Cas.

Barb. (N. Y.)-Barbour's New York Supreme B. C. R.-See Bail Ct. Rep.

Court Reports. B. Ecc. L.-See Burn. Eccl. L.

Barb. (N. Y.) Ch.-Barbour's New York ChanB. Just.See Burn. Just.

cery Reports. B. Mon. (Ky.)—B. Monroe's Kentucky Reports. Barb. Part.- Barbour on Parties to Actions. B. N. C.-See Bro. N. C.

Barb. Puti.-Barbey rac's Puffendorf on Law of B. N. P.-See Bull. N. P.

Nature and of Nations. B. P. B.-Buller's Paper Book.

Barb, Set-off-Barbour on Set-off, B. R.Bancus Regis; King's Bench.

Barn. Barnardiston's King's Bench Reports B. R. H.-King's Bench Cases tempore Hard- Barn. Ch.-Barnardiston's Chancery Reports wicke.

Barn. Sher.- Barnes' Sheriff. B. & A. or B. & Ald.-See Barn. & A.

Barn. & A. or Barn, & Ald.-Barnewall & Alder B. & A. Cas.-See Barr. & Aus.

son's King's Bench Reports. B. & Ad-See Barn. & Ad.

Barn, & Ad.-Barnewall & Adolphus' King's B. & B.-See Brod. & B.

Bench Reports. B. & C.-See Barn. & C.

Barn. & C.-Barnewall & Cresswell's King's B. & H. Dig.–See Ben. & H. Dig.

Bench Reports. B. & H. L. Cas.-See Ben. & H. L. Cas.

Barnes-Barnes Notes of English Practice. B. & L.-See Brown. & L.

Baron S. & Mort.- Baron on Bills of Sale and B. & P.-See Bos. & P.

Chattel Mortgages. B. & S.-See Best & S.

Barr. For. Conv.- Barry's Forms and Precedents Bab. Auc.-Babington on Auctions.

in Conveyancing. Bab. Set-off-Babington on Set-off and Mutual Barr. Ob. Stat.—Barrington's Observations on Credit.

Statutes. Bac. Abr.- Bacon's Abridgment.

Barr (Pa.)-Barr's Pennsylvania Reports. Vols. Bac. Comp. Arb.- Bacon's Complete Arbitrator. 1-10 Pennsylvania State Reports. Bac. El. Com. L.–Bacon's Elements of the Com- Barr. Ten.-Barry's Tenures. mon Law.

Barr. & Arn.-Barron & Arnold's Election Cases. Bac. Gov.-Bacon on Government.

Barr. & Aus.-Barron & Austin's Election Cases, Bac. Law Tr.-Bacon's Law Tracts.

Bart. Conv.-Barton's Elements of Conveyancing. Bac. Max.--Bacon's Maxims.

Bart. Eq.-Barton's Suit in Equity. Bac. Uses-Bacon on Statute of Uses.

Bart. Leg. Max.-Barton's Legal Maxims. Bag.--Bagehot on the English Constitution. Bart. Prec.- Barton's Precedents of Convey. Bail Ct. Cas.-Lowndes & Maxwell's Bail Court ancing. Cases.

Batem. Ag.-Bateman on Agency. Bail Ct. Rep.-Saunders & Cole's Bail Court Re- Batem. Auc.—Bateman's Law of Auctions. ports.

Batem. Com. L.-- Bateman's Commercial Law. Bailey (S. C.) Eq.–Bailey's South Carolina Batem. High.-Bateman on Highways. Équity Reports.

Batem. P. & C. L.–Bateman's Political and ConBailey (S. C.) L.-Bailey's South Carolina Law stitutional Law, Reports.

Bates Dig. F. Ins.—Bates Digest of the Law of Bain. M. & M.-Bainbridge on Mines and Fire Insurance. Minerals.

Batt. Sp. Perf.- Batten on Specific PerformBaker High.- Baker's Law of Highways in England and Wales.

Batty-Batty's Irish King's Bench Reports. Baldw. Bankr.- Baldwin on Bankruptcy. Baxi. (Tenn.)— Baxter's Tennessee Reports. Baldw. Const.–Baldwin on the Constitution. Bay (S. C.)-Bay's South Carolina Reports. Baldw. Dig.-Baldwin's Connecticut Digest. Bayl. Bills- Bayley on Bills and Notes. Baldw. (U. S.)-Baldwin's United States Circuit Bayl. Cham. Pr.- Bayley's Chamber Practice. Court Reports.

Beam. Eq. Pl.--Beames on Equity Pleading. Balf.-Balfour's Practice of Law of Scotland. Beam. Ne Ex.-Beames on Ne Exeat. Ball Nat. B.-Ball on National Banks.

Beas. (N. J.)-- Beasley's New Jersey Chancery Ball Prin.-Ball's Principles Torts and Con Reports. tracts.

Beat.- Beatty's Irish Chancery Reports. Ball & B.–Ball & Beatty's Irish Chancery Beaum. Sale Beaumont on Bills of Sale. Reports.

Beav.-Beavan's Rolls Court Reports. Ballan. Lim.-Ballantine on Limitations. Beaw.-Beawes' Lex Mercatoria



Becc.—Beccaria on Crimes and Punishments. Big. L. & A. Ins. Cas.—Bigelow's Life and Acce
Beck Med. Jur.- Beck's Medical Jurisprudence. dent Insurance Cases.
Bedf. Pro. & Div.-Bedford's Final Guide to Big. Torts—Bigelow's Leading Cases in Torts.
Probate and Divorce.

Bill. Aw. - Billing on the Law of Awards.
Bee, or Bee Adm.-Bee's Admiralty Reports. Bing.- Bingham’s Common Pleas Reports.
Bell Ap. Cas.--Bell's House of Lords Cases. Bing. Desc.- Bingham on Descent.
Bell C.--Bell's Scotch Court of Sessions Cases. Bing. Exec. Cont.—Bingham on Executory
Bell Com.-Bell's Commentaries on Law of Scot- Contracts.

Bing. N. C.--Bingham's New Cases, English Bell Cr. Cas.-Bell's Crown Cases.

Common Pleas. Bell. Del. U. S.-Beller's Delineation of Uni- Bing. Real Est.- Bingham on Real Estate. versal Law.

Bing. & C. Rents—Bingham & Colvin on Rents, Bell Dict.--Bell's Dictionary of Law of Scot

&c. land.

Binn. Just.---Binns' Pennsylvania Justice.
Bell Dict. Dec.-Bell's Dictionary of Decisions. Binn. (Pa.)--Binney's Pennsylvania Reports.
Bell H. L.--Bell's House of Lords Cases. Bird Conv.--Bird on Conveyancing:
Bell Husb. & W.-Bell on Husband and Wife. Bird L. & T.-Bird on the Law of Landlords,
Bell Hilus.--Bell's Illustrations of Principles. Tenants and Lodgers.
Bell Med. Jur.-Bell's Medical Jurisprudence. Bird Sol. Pr.- Bird's Solution of Precedents of
Bell P. C.-Bell's Cases in Parliament.

Bell Prin.-Bell's Principles of Law of Scotland. Bish. Cont.--Bishop on Contracts.
Bell Sales ---Bell on Sales.

Bish. Cr. L.-Bishop on Criminal Law.
Bell Sess. Cas.-Bell's Cases in the Court of Bish. Cr. Pro.-Bishop's Criminal Procedure.

Bish. Insolv. Dr.-Bishop on Insolvent DebBell Styles.-Bell's System of Forms of Deeds. tors. Bellew.-Bellewe's King's Bench Cases. Bish. Mar. W.-Bishop on the Law of Married Belt Sup. Ves.-Belt's Supplement to Vesey's Women. Reports.

Bish. Mar. & D.-Bishop on Marriage and Di. Belt Ves. Sen.-Belt's edition of Vesey Senior's Reports.

Bish. Stat. Cr.- Bishop on Statutory Crimes. Ben. Adm. Pr.—Benedict's Admiralty Practice. Bisp. Pr. Eq.- Bispham's Principles of Equity. Ben. Aver.-Benecke on Average.

Biss. Est., or Biss. Life Est.—Bisset on Estates Ben. Br. Cr. Benedikt on Brains of Criminals. for Life. Ben. (U. S.)--Benedict's District Court Reports. Biss. Part.—Bisset on Law of Partnership. Ben. & H. Dig.–Bennett & Heard's Massachu-Biss. (U. S.)--Bissell's Circuit Court Reports. setts Digest.

Bitt. Pr. Cas.- Bittleston's Practice Cases. Ben. & H. L. Cas.- Bennett & Heard's Leading Bl. Com.-Blackstone's Commentaries. Cases.

Bl. D. & 0.-Blackham, Dundas & Osborne's Ben. & Sl. Dig.-Benjamin & Slidell's Louisiana Irish Nisi Prius Reports. Digest.

Bl. H.-Henry Blackstone's Reports. Benj. Sales— Benjamin on Sales.

Bl. Law Tr.-Blackstone's Law Tracts. Benl.-- Benloe's King's Bench Reports.

Bl. R.-William Blackstone's Common Law Benl. & D.-Benloe & Dalison's Common Pleas Reports. Reports.

BI. Ten.-Blount's Tenures. Benn. Diss, or Benn. Pract.—Bennett's Proceed- Black (U. S.)--Black's Supreme Ct. Reports. ings before Masters in Chancery.

Blackb. Sales-Blackburn on Sales. Benn. Fire Ins. Cas.-Bennett's Fire Insurance Blackf. (Ind.)-Blackford's Indiana Reports. Cases.

Blacks. Com.- Blackstone's Commentaries. Benn. & H. Cr. Cas.-Bennett & Ileard's Lead- Blacks. R.- William Blackstone's Common Law ing Criminal Cases.

Reports. Benn. & H. Dig.-Bennett & Heard's Massachu- Blackw. Tax T.-Blackwell on Tax Titles. setts Digest.

Blake C... Pr.-Blake's New York Chancery Benth. Jud. Ev.-Bentham's Judicial Evidence. Practice. Benth. Leg.-- Bentham's Theory of Legislation. Blan. Life An.-Blaney en Life Annuities. Bert.-Berton's New Brunswick Reports. Blanch. & W. Mines-Blanchard & Weeks on Bess. L. Prec.-Besson's Law Precedents.

Mines. Best Ev.-Best on Evidence.

Bland (Md.)-Blands Maryland Chancery ReBest Pres.-Best on Presumptions.

ports. Best & S.-Best & Smith's Queen's Bench Re- Blansh. Lim.-Blanshard on Limitations. ports.

Blatchf. Pr. Cas.—Blatchford's District Court Betts Adm. Pr.- Betts Admirality Practice.

Prize Cases. Bev. Hom.-Bevil on Homicide.

Blatchf. (U. S.)-Blatchford's Circuit Court ReBibb (Ky.)—Bibb's Kentucky Reports.

ports. Bickn. Cr. Pr.- Bicknell's Criminal Practice in Blatchf. & H.-Blatchford & Howland's Admir. Indiana.

alty Reports. Big. Bills-Bigelow on Bills, Notes and Checks. Bli. or Bligh-Bligh's House of Lords Reports. Big. Cas. B. & N.-Bigelow's Cases on Bills and Bli. N. S. or Bligh N. S.-Bligh's House of Notes.

Lords Reports, New Series. Big. Estop.-Bigelow on Estoppel.

Bliss Code-Bliss New York Annotated Code. Big. Fraud-Bigelow on the Law of Fraud. Bliss Code Pl.-Bliss on Code Pleading. Big. Over. Cas.—Bigelow's Overruled Cases. Bliss L. Ins.-Bliss on Life Insurance.


Bloomf. Cas.-Bloomfield's New Jersey Negro Brice Pub. Wor.-Brice on Laws Relating to

Public Worship.
Blount-Blount's Law Dictionary and Glossary. Brice U. V.-Brice on the Doctrine of Ultra
Blum. B’kcy.-Blumensteil on Bankruptcy.

Blyd. Us.-Blydenburg on Usury.

Bridg. Conv.-Bridgman's Precedents of Con-
Boh. Dec.—Bohun's Declarations.

Boh. Eng. L.–Bohun's English Lawyer. Bridg. Dig. Ind.—Bridgman's Digested Index.
Bond (C. S.)-Bond's Circuit Court Reports. Bridg. J.-J. Bridgman's Common Pleas Re-
Book Judg.– Book of Judgments.

Boote Ch. Pr.-Boote's Chancery Practice. Bridg. Leg. Bib.—Bridgman's Legal Bibliogra-
Booth Real Ac.-Booth on Real Actions.

Borth. Lib.--Borthwick on the Law of Libel. Bridg. 0.-Orlando Bridgman's Common Pleas
Bos. & P.-Posanquet & Puller's Common Pleas Reports.

Bridg. Refl.—Bridgman's Reflections on the
Bos. & P. N. R.-Bosanquet & Puller's Common Study of the Law.
Pleas New Reports.

Bridg. Synth.—Bridgman's Synthesis.
Bosc. Convic.-Boscawen on Convictions. Bridg. Thes. Jur.,Bridgman's Thesaurus Juridi-
Bost. L. Rep.—The Boston Law Reporter.
Bosw. (N. Y.)-Bosworth's New York Superior Bright. Costs—Brightly on Costs.
Court Reports.

Bright. Dig:--Brightly's Digest of the Laws of
Bott-Bott's Poor Laws.

the United States.
Bourke Par. Prec.—Bourke's Parliamentary Bright. El. Cas.--Brightly's Election Cases.

Bright. Eq.—Brightly's Equity Jurisprudence.
Bouy. Dict., or Bouvier-Bouvier's Law Dic- Bright. Fed. Dig.-Brightly's Federal Digest.

Bright H. & W.-Bright's Husband and Wife.
Bouv. Inst.-Bouvier's Institutes.

Bright. (Pa.) N. P.-Brightly's Pennsylvania
Bov. Pat. Cas.-Bovill's Patent Cases.

Nisi Prius Reports.
Bowl. Lib.-Bowles on Libels.

Bright. Purd.—Brightly's Purdon's Pennsyl-
Bowy. Com.-Bowyer's Commentaries on Uni- vania Digest.
versal Law.

Britt.-Britton's Pleas of the Crown.
Bowy. Const. L.—Bowyer on Constitutional Bro. Abr.—Brooke's Abridgment.

Bro. Ch. C.- Brown's English Chancery Cases.
Buwy. M. Civ. L.-Bowyer on Modern Civil ! Pro. Civ. L.- Brown's Civil and Admiralty Law.

Pro. Com.--- Brown's Commentaries.
Bovce Man.- Boyce's Manual U.S. Circuit Court Bro. Ent.-Brown's Entries.

Bro. Lim.-Brown on Limitations.
Bovd Adm. Pr.-Boyd's Admiralty Practice. Bro. N.C.-Brooke's (King's Bench) New Cases.
Boyd Mer. Sh. L.- Boyd's Merchant Shipping Bro. Nat. B. Cas.- Browne's National Bank

Br. Abr.- Brooke's·Abridgment.

Bro. Not.-Brooke on Notaries.
Br. Brer. Jud.-Brownlow's Brevia Judicialia. Bro. P. C.-- Brown's (House of Lords) Parlia-
Br. Ch. C.-Brown's English Chancery Cases.

mentary Cases.
Br. N. C.--Brooke's (King's Bench) New Cases. Bro. Sales-Brown on Sales.
Br. P. C.- Brown's House of Lords Parliamen- Bro. Stair-Brodie's Notes and Supplement to

Stair's Institutes of Scottish Law.
Erauw. (Ill.) — Bradwell's Reports, Illinois Ap- Bro. Supp.-- Brown's Supplement to Morrison's
peal Courts.

Brac., or Bract.—Bracton's Treatise on the Laws Bro. Syn.-- Brown's Synopsis of Scotch Court of
and Customs of England.

Sessions Decisions.
Brack. L. Misc.—Brackenridge's Law Miscel- Bro. V. M.-- Brown's Vade Mecum.

Brock. Marsh.— Brockenbrough's United States
Prack. Trusts-Brackenridge on Trusts.

Reports. Marshall's Decisions.
Bradb. Dist.-Bradby on Distresses.

Brod. & B.-Broderip & Bingham’s Common
Brudf. (V. Y.) or Bradf. Surr.-Bradford's New Pleas Reports.
York Surrogate Reports.

Broom Com. L.-Broom's Commentaries on the
Braithw. Pr.- Braithwaite's Record and Writ Common Law.

Broom Const. L.-Broom's Constitutional Law.
Branch Pr.or Branch Max.-Branch's Principles Broom Max.-Broom's Legal Maxim's.

of Law and Equity; Branch's Maxim's. Broom Part.-Broom on Parties to Actions.
Brand. For. Att.-- Brandon on the Law of For- Broom & H. Com.—Broom & Hadley's English
eign Attachment.

Brandt Div.-Brandt on Divorce or Matrimonial Broun, or Broun Just.-Broun's Scotch Justiciary

Court Reports.
Brandt S. & G.-Brandt on Suretyship and Brown, or Brown (Mich.) N. P.- Brown's Michi-

gan Misi Prius Reports.
Brayt. (Vt.) -Brayton's Vermont Reports. Brown Adm.- Brown's Admiralty Reports, U.S.
Breese (Ill.) -- Breese's Illinois Reports.

Circuit Court.
Brev. Dig.-Brevard's Digest.

Brown Ch.C.--Brown's English Chancery Cases.
Brev. Sel.-Breria Selecta; Choice Writs. Brown Dict. or Brown-Brown's Law Dictionary.
Brev. (S. C.) Brevard's South Carolina Reports. Brown D. & M.-Brown's Practice in Divorce
Brews. (Pa.)-Brewster's Pennsylvania Reports. and Matrimonial Causes.

tary Cases.


Brown Ent. - Brown's Entries.

Burg. Col. & For. L.-Burge's Colonial and Brown Fixt.-Brown on the Law of Fixtures. Foreign Law. Brown Lim.-Brown on Limitations.

Burg. Confl. L.-Burge on Conflict of Laws. Brown P. C.-Brown's (House of Lords) Par- Burg. Sur.-Burge's Law of Suretyship. liamentary Cases.

Burlam. Nat. L.-Burlamaqui's Natural and Brown Prob. Pr.- Brown's Probate Practice. Public Law. Brown R.- Brown's Scotch Reports.

Burn. Cr. L.-Burnett on Criminal Law of ScotBrown Sales-Brown on Sales.

land. Brown St. of F.-Brown on the Statute of Burn Dict.—Burn's Law Dictionary. Frands.

Burn Eccl. L.-Burn's Ecclesiastical Law. Brown Supp. - Brown's Supplement to Mor- Burn Just.—Burn's Justice of the Peace. rison's Dictionary.

Burn. (Wis.)- Burnett's Wisconsin Territorial Brown Supp. R.- Brown's Supplemental Scotch Court Reports. Reports.

Burr.-Burrow's King's Bench Reports. Brown Syn.-Brown's Synopsis of Scotch Court Burr. Sett. Cas.- Burrow's Settlement Cases. of Session Decisions.

Burr Tr.-Burr's Trial. Brown V. M.-Brown's Vade Mecum.

Burrill Ass.—Burrill's Law of Voluntary AssignBrown. & L.–Browning & Lushington's Eng- ments. lish Admiralty Reports.

Burrill Circ. Ev.-Burrill's Circumstantial EviBrowne Act.-Browne's Actions.

dence. Browne Carr.-Browne on the Law of Carriers. Burrill Dict., or Burrill—Burrill's Law DictionBrowne Civ. L.-Browne's Civil and Admiralty ary. Law.

Burrili Pr.-Burrill's Practice in Personal AcBrowne Dig. Div.-Browne's Digest of Divorce tions. and Alimony.

Burroughs Pub. Sec.—Burroughs on Public Browne Div.-Browne on Divorce.

Securities. Browne Fixt.—Browne on Fixtures.

Burroughs Tax.- Burroughs on Taxation. Browne Fraud.—Browne on the Statute of Burt. Comp. R. P.-Burton's Elementary ComFrauds.

pendium of the Law of Real Property. Browne Ins.—Browne on Insanity.

Busb. (N. C.) Eq.- Busbee's North Carolina Browne (Pa.)—Browne's Pennsylvania Common Equity Reports. Pleas Reports.

Bus b. (N. C.) L.-Busbee's North Carolma Lay Browne Prob. Pr.-Browne's Probate Practice. Browne St. Fr.-Browne on the Statute of Bush (Ky.)- Bush's Kentucky Reports. Frauds.

Vush. P. El.-Bushby on Parliamentary Elec. Browne Tr.-Browne's Law of Trademarks.

tions. Browning Mar. & D.—Browning's Marriage and Butler Co. Litt.—Butler's Notes to Coke on Lit. Divorce.

tleton. Browning & L.-Browning & Lushington's Eng. Byles Bills-Byles on Bills. lish Admiralty Reports.

Bynk. Jur. Pub.- Bynkershoek's Quaestiones Brownl. or Brownl. & G.–Brownlow and Golds- Juris Publici. borough's Common Pleas Reports.

Bynk. War-Bynkershoek's Law of War. Brownl. Brev. Jud.-Brownlow's Brevia Judici- Byth. Prec.- Bythewood's Precedents. alia.

Byth. & J. Conv.- Bythewood & Jarman's Sys Bruce-Bruce's Scotch Court of Sessions Cases. tem of Conveyancing. Bruce M. L.—Bruce on Military Law. Buchan.-Buchanan's Reports, Cape of Good

Hope. Buchan." C. C.-Buchanan's Scotch Criminal C.-Caption; Chapter; Chancellor; Chancery; Cases.

Code; Coder. Buck-Buck's Bankruptcy Cases.

C. B.--Common Bench ; Chief Baron; Commoa Buckn. Lun.-Bucknill on Lunacy.

Bench Reports. Buff, Super. Ct. R.- Buffalo Superior Court Re-C. B. N. S.--Common Bench Reports, New ports.

Series. Bull. N. P.-Buller's Nisi Prius.

C. C.-Chancery Cases; Crown Cases; Civil Bull. & C. Dig.—Bullard & Curry's Louisiana Code; Circuit Court. Digest.

C. C. A.- County Court Appeals. Bull. & L.-Bullen & Leake's Precedents of C. C. E.-See Cai. (N. Y.) Cas. Pleadings.

C. C. P.-See Code Civ. Pro. Buller, MSS.-Same as A. P. B. (9. v.)

C. C. R.--Crown Cases Reserved. Bulst.- Bulstrode's King's Bench Reports. C. Cr. P.-See Code Cr. Pro. Bump Bankr. Pr.- Bump's Bankruptcy Practice. C. E. Gr. (N. J.)-C. E. Green's New Jersey Bump Fed. Pro.— Bump's Federal Procedure. Equity Reports. Bump Fraud. Conv.—Bump on Fraudulent Con-C. J.- See Ch. J. vevances.

C. J. C.-See Cowp. J. C.
Bump No. Const.—Bump's Notes of Constitu- C. L. P. Act.-See Com. L. P. Act.
tional Decisions.

C. L. R.--See Com. L. R.
Bump Pat.-Bump on Patents, Trademarks and C. M. & R.-See Cromp. M. & R.

C. P.-Common Pleas; Code of Procedure.
Bunb.-- Bunbury's Exchequer Reports. C. P. D.-Law Reports, Common Pleas Divi-
Buny. Ass.- Bunyon on Life Assurance.



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