Acting and Actors, Elocution and Elocutionists: A Book about Theater Folk and Theater Art

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D. Appleton, 1894 - 287 halaman

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Halaman 93 - You see me, lord Bassanio, where I stand, Such as I am : though, for myself alone, I would not be ambitious in my wish, To wish myself much better ; yet, for you, I would be trebled twenty times myself : A thousand times more fair, ten thousand times More rich ; That only to stand high in your account . I might in virtues, beauties, livings, friends, Exceed account...
Halaman 137 - Her waggon-spokes made of long spinners' legs ; The cover, of the wings of grasshoppers ; The traces, of the smallest spider's web ; The collars, of the moonshine's watery beams...
Halaman 159 - A blank, my lord : She never told her love, But let concealment, like a worm i' the bud, Feed on her damask cheek : she pined in thought ; And, with a green and yellow melancholy, She sat like patience on a monument, Smiling at grief.
Halaman 90 - My Lord, I am your friend and servant — Misjudge me not; but never yet was Louis So roused against you : — shall I take this answer ? — It were to be your foe.

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