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In form No. 3, page vii, sixteenth line, omit “is appointed executor."
In note to form No. 10, page xi, read “issued" instead of " is served."
In form No. 11, page xii, read “1077" instead of “1067.
In form No. page xiv, read “14” instead of “12."
In form No. 15, page xv, read “subsequent " instead of "such."
In form No.

page xvii, read “1712" instead of “15." In form No. 180, page clxx, read “June 21st " instead of “July 3d."

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Although the general features of the Probate Law of California are not altered by the Code, yet the number of amendments that have been adopted, and the entire change of statutory arrangement have made a new edition of this work necessary.

The present volume contains all of the former work remaining in force under the new law, with many additions. Chapters one to fourteen embrace sections 1294 to 1809 of the Code of Civil Procedure. The succeeding chapters, commencing with page 270, contain various sections from the Civil Code. The numbering of these sections conforms to the Civil Code, but that of the chapters does not. The numbers in parentheses are from the former edition of this work. The index, which is very full, refers, however, to sections and pages both.

The appendix has been revised and enlarged to make the forms appropriate to the provisions of the new law, and convenient for the service of the practitioner. The publishers have printed the greater part of the forms for use by the profession, as indicated in the appendix, and they will publish new blanks and make all needful revisions when required by amendments to the Code, or the interpretations of its provisions by the Supreme Court. Their intention is to make their department of printed forms and blanks full and con Such amendments as may affect the present work will b printed by the publishers in suitable form to be inserted at the proper places, and will be furnished to purchasers of the book, on request.

In the preparation of this work, valuable assistance has been rendered by Messrs. Marcus Rosenthal and J. C. Bates, of the San Francisco bar.

D. P. B. SAN FRANCISCO, April 6th, 1873.



On page 44, the number of the second section should be "1367," instead of "1467."

On page 45, read: "when an unmarried woman appointed administratrix marries, etc.," instead of "when an unmarried woman appointed administratrix, marries etc.,” the comma being misplaced.

The note to section 1428, on page 64. was inadvertently inserted. It does not apply.

On page 329, the third and fourth sections should respectively be numbered “1376" and "1377," instead of “1377” and 1378."

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