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* who takes no interest in the history of his ancestors does not deserve to be

remembered by his posterity.”

M A N C H E S T E R :
I 89 o'.

JOINT RESOLUTION relating to the preservation and publication of portions of the early state and provincial records and other state papers of New Hamp


A'esolved by the Senate and House of Alepresentatives in General Court convened:

That His Excellency the Governor be hereby authorized and empowered, with the advice and consent of the Council, to employ some suitable person — and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated — to collect, arrange, transcribe, and superintend the publication of such portions of the early state and provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire as the Governor may deem proper; and that eight hundred copies of each volume of the same be printed by the state printer, and distributed as follows: namely, one copy to each city and town in the State, one copy to such of the public libraries in the State as the Governor may designate, fifty copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the remainder placed in the custody of the state librarian, who is hereby authorized to exchange the same for similar publications by

other States.
Approved August 4, 1881.

In accordance with the foregoing resolution, the Governor, with advice of the Council, on the twelfth day of October, 1881, appointed and commissioned IsAAC W. HAMMOND as “Editor and Compiler of State Papers.”


This volume completes the publication of the Miscellaneous Provincial and State Papers from 1725 to 18OO. These papers were selected by the editor from a mass of papers in the state house in 1880. The volume also contains all the “Belknap Papers” which were not published in Vols. IV., V., and VI. The appendix contains some documents, furnished by Hon. Horatio L. Wait, of Chicago, relative to his Revolutionary ancestor, Joseph Wait, also papers furnished by Frank W. Hackett, Esq., concerning early church affairs, etc., in Portsmouth. To both of these gentlemen the editor is indebted for copies.

The editor regrets the size of the volume, but as he was many times during its compilation earnestly requested by students of history to be sure to leave out nothing that could possibly be of historical value, it could not well be helped. If this volume receives as favorable criticism at the hands of the public as have the preceding volumes edited by him, the editor will feel that his labor has not been in vain.

Under Governor Sawyer's administration, a committee of the Executive Council on the publication of the early province and state papers was appointed, consisting of Hon. A. S. Batchellor and Hon. John B. Smith, to which the Secretary of State was afterwards added. Councilors Batchellor and Smith made the following report, which was accepted by the executive body. As it contains full information relative to the early provincial and state papers of New Hampshire, and as it has not been heretofore printed by the State, the editor has thought it advisable to insert it here. It shows exhaustive research on the part of the committee, for which much credit is due them.

I. W. H.

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