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People. This League has often fince been renew'd by friendly Treaties ; and as you have declared that the Friendship shall always last on your Parts, so we would have you believe that it

Thall remain inviolable on ours while the Sun and • Moon endure.

• I gave you some Expectation of a Present, and we have it now ready to deliver to you.

This • Present is made you by the Governor, Council, Ar. sembly, and all our People, in Consideration of

the great Miseries and Distresses which you our good Friends have lately suffered. This will be some Relief to you for the present, and it's to be hoped your own Industry will soon retrieve your Circumstances.

It has sometimes happened, and may happen again, that idle and untrue Stories are carried to you concerning us your Brethren ; but our Desire

is, and we expect it from you, that you will give "no Credit to them ; for we are, and always will be, your steady and sincere Friends.

" It is a Custom when we renew our Treaties with our good Friends the Indians, to clear the

Road, and make our Fire burn bright: We have • done so upon this Occasion ; and, in Token of

our Sincerity, we deliver you, as a Present from

the Governor, the Council, the Assembly, and all • the People of Pensylvania, the following Goods,

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Whereupon the Chiefs, and all the Indians, re: turned their folemn Thanks ; and Canassatego said, • They had no more to fay as to publick Business • at present ; but they had somewhat under Deli

beration, which, when they had duly considered, they would communicate.

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At á COUNCIL held at the Proprietor's,

July 12, 1742.

The Honourable GEORGE THOMAS, Esq;

James Logan, Clement Plumsted,
Ibomas Lawrence, Abraham Taylor, Efqrs;
Robert Strettell,

Mr. Richard Peters.
CANASSATEGO, 7 And sundry Chiefs of the Six

SASSOONAN, and the Delawares.
NUTTIMUS, and the Fork-Indians.

CONRAD WEIS ER, Interpreter.
Cornelius Spring, > Interpreters to the Fork-Indians.
Nicholas Scull,


«BRETHREN, the Governor and Council,

The other Day you informed us of the Misbe• haviour of our Cousins the Delawares, with re

spect to their continuing to claim, and refusing to « remove from fome Land on the River Delaware, $ notwithstanding their Ancestors had sold it by a « Deed under their Hands and Seals to the Proprie5 taries, for a valuable Consideration, upwards of

fifty Years ago, and notwithstanding that, they « themselves had also not many Years ago, after a


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long and full Examination, ratified that Deed of their Ancestors, and given a fresh one under their

Hands and Seals; and then you requested us to • remove them, inforcing your Request with a · String of Wampum.--Afterwards we laid on the

Table our own Letters by Conrad Weiser ; fome < of our Cousins Letters, and the several Writ

ings to prove the Charge against our Cousins, • with a Draught of the Land in Dispute.-We

now tell you, we have perufed all these several

Papers : We see with our own Eyes, that they • have been a very unruly People, and are altoge

ther in the Wrong in their Dealings with you. « We have concluded to remove them, and oblige

them to go over the River Delaware, and quit all · Claim to any Lands on this Side for the future, * since they have received Pay for them, and it is

gone thro' their Guts long ago.--To confirm to you " that we will fee your Requeft executed, we lay * down this String of Wampu:n in return for yours.

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Then turning to the Delawares, holding a Belt of Wampum in his Hand, he spoke to them as follows:

COUSINS, . Let this Belt of Wampum serve to chastife you. You ought to be taken by the Hair of the - Head and shaked feverely, till you recover your « Senses and become fober. You don't know what • Ground you stand on, nor what you are doing. • Our Brother Onas's Cause is very just and plain, • and his Intentions are to preserve Friendship. On • the other Hand, your Caufe is bad ; your Heart far • from being upright; and you are malicioudly bent

to break the Chain of Friendship with our Brother Onas, and his People. We have seen with

our Eyes a Deed sign'd by nine of your Ancel" tors above fifty Years ago for this very Land, and a Release fign’d, not many Years since, by fome

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of yourselves and Chiefs now living, to the Num< ber of fifteen or upwards.-But how came you to < take upon you to sell Land at all? We conquer

ed you ; we made Women of you ; you know

you are Women, and can no more fell Land than · Women ; nor is it fit you should have the Power

of selling Lands, since you would abuse it. This * Land that you claim is gone thro' your Guts ;

you have been furnished with Cloaths, Meat, and

Drink, by the Goods paid you for it, and now
• you want it again, like Children as you are.-
< But what makes you fell Land in the Dark? Did

you ever tell us that you had fold this Land ? • Did we ever receive any Part, even the Value of sa Pipe-Shank, from you for it? You have told • us a blind Story, that you sent a Messenger to us

to inform us of the Sale, but he never came
amongst us, nor we never heard any thing about

it. This is acting in the Dark, and very diffe-
6 rent from the Conduct our Six Nations observe
• in the Sales of Land; on such Occasions they

give publick Notice, and invite all the Indians of • their united Nations, and give them all a Share

of the Present they receive for their Lands.--This < is the Behaviour of the wise united Nations. « But

find you are none of our Blood: You act • a dishonest Part, not only in this, but in other • Matters : Your Ears are ever open to Nanderous

Reports about our Brethren ; you receive them < with as much Greediness as lewd Women receive 6 the Embraces of bad Men. And for all these • Reasons we charge you to remove instantly, we • don't give you the Liberty to think about it.

You are Women. Take the Advice of a wise - Man, and remove immediately. You may re'turn to the other Side of Delaware where you

came from : But we do not know whether, con-
fidering how you have demean’d yourselves, you
will be permitted to live there ; or whether you




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• have not swallowed that Land down your Throats

as well as the Land on this Side. We therefore

assign you two Places to go, either to Wyomen or « Sbamokin. You may go to either of these Places, • and then we shall have you more under our Ęye, ' and shall see how you behave. Don't deliberate; • but remove away, and take this Belt of Wampum.

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This being interpreted by Conrad Weiser into Englife, and by Cornelius Spring into the Delaware Language, Canalsetego taking a String of Wampum, added further.

• After our just Reproof, and absolute Order to depart from the Land, you are now to take • Notice of what we have further to say to you. • This String of Wampum ferves to forbid you, • your Children and Grand-Children, to the latest

Pofterity for ever, meddling in Land-Affairs; • neither you, nor any who shall descend from you, • are ever hereafter to prefume to sell any Land : • For which purpose, you are to preserve this String, . in Memory of what your Uncles have this Day

given you in Charge.- We have some other Busi• nefs to tranfact with our Brethren, and therefore

depart the Council, and consider what has been 6 said to you.'

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Canassatego then fpoke to the Governor and Council:


We called at our old Friend James Logan's, • in our Way to this City, and to our Grief we • found him hid in the Bushes, and retired, thro' In

firmities, from publick Business. We press'd him to leave his Retirement, and prevailed with

him to affist once more on our Account at your • Councils

. We hope, notwithstanding his Age, and the Effects of a Fit of Sickness,which we understand


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