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The Governor immediately replied. « BRETHREN, . We thank you for the many Declarations of Respect you have given us, in this solemn Re(newal of our Treaties: We receive, and shall

keep your String and Belts of Wampum, as 6 Pledges of your Sincerity, and defire those we

gave you may be carefully preserved, as Testi6 monies of ours.

• In Answer to what you say about the Proprie(taries. They are all absent, and have taken the

Keys of their Chest with them ; so that we can

not, on their Behalf, enlarge the Quantity of « Goods : Were they here, they might perhaps,

be more generous; but we cannot be liberal for them.-The Government will, however, take

your Request into Confideration; and in Regard ! to your Poverty, may perhaps make you a Pre; ? sent. I but just mention this now, intending to

refer this Part of your Speech to be answered at our next Meeting "The Number of Guns, as well as every Thing

else, answers exactly with the Particulars fpecisfied in your Deed of Conveyance, which is more

than was agreed to be given you. It was your own Sentiments, that the Lands on the West-fide of Sasquabannab, were not so valuable as those on the East; and an Abatement was to be made, proportionable to the Difference in Value: But the Proprietor overlooked this, and ordered the

full Quantity to be delivered, which you will 6 look on as a Favour.

It is very true, that Lands are of late become (more valuable; but what raises their Value? Is . it not entirely owing to the Industry and Labour • 'used by the white People, in their Cultivation • and Improvement? Had not they come amongst



you, thefe Lands would have been of no Use to you, any further than to maintain you. And is · there not, now you have sold so much, enough

left for all the purposes of Living ?--What you

say of the Goods, that they are foon worn out, • is applicable to every Thing; but you


very well, that they cost a great deal of Money; and the Value of Land is no more, than it is worth in Money. « On your former Complaints against People's settling the Lands on Juniata, and from thence all • along on the River Sasquahannah as far as Mahaniaby, some Magiftrates were sent expresly to re' move them, and we thought no Persons would

presume to stay after that.'

Here they interrupted the Governor, and said :66 These Perfons who were sent did not do their " Duty: So far from removing the People, they " made Surveys for themselves, and they are in

League with the Trefpassers. We desire more “ effectual Methods may be used, and honester - Persons employed.”

Which the Governor promised, and then proceeded:

« BRETHREN, • According to the Promise made at our last • Treaty with you, Mr. Logan, who was at that

Time President, did write to the Governor of " Maryland, that he might make you Satisfaction for - such of your Lands as his People had taken up, « but did not receive one Word from him upon • that Head. I will write to him again, and en« deavour : to procure you a fatisfactory Answer.

We do not doubt but he will do you Justice But we exhort you to be careful not to exercise any Acts of Violence towards his People, as they likewise are our Brethren, and Subjects of the same great King; and therefore Violence too



• wards them, must be productive of very evit Consequences.

• I shall conclude what I have to fay at this Time, • with Acknowledgments for your Prefent; which • is very agreeable to us, from the Expressions of

Regard used by you in presenting it: Gifts of " this Nature receiving their Value from the Affecstion of the Giver, and not from the Quantity of • Price of the Thing given.'

Thomas Lawrence, Esqrs;

At a COUNCIL held at Philadelphia, July

8, 1742.


Lieutenant-Governor. James Logan, Samuel Preston, Clement Plumsted, Thomas Lawrence, Samuel Hafell, Ralpb Afbeton, Abraham Taylor, Robert Strettell

The Board taking into consideration, whether it be proper or not at this Time, to make a Present to the Indians of the Six Nations now in Town, in Return for their Present to this Government at Yesterday's Treaty i

Resolved, That it is highly fit and proper that a Present be made to the said Indians at this Time.

And it is the Opinion of this Board, that the said Present should be of the Value of 500 l. or at least 300l.

And it is recommended to Mr. Logan, Mr. Preston, and Mr. Lawrence, to acquaint Mr. KinTey, the Speaker of the Affembly, with the Opinion of this Board ; and that they request him to confer with such other Members of Afsembly as are in Town, and report their Sentiments thereupon.

The Board taking into Consideration the Threats expressed by the Indians, at the Treaty Yesterday,


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1 against the Inhabitants of Maryland, fettled on cer

tain Lands on the West-side of Sasquabannah, which 1 the Indians claim, and for which they require Saatisfaction ; and considering, that should those

Threats, in any Sort be put in Execution, not only fase the Inhabitants of Maryland, but of this Govern

ment, and all his Majesty's Subjects on the Northern da Continent of America, may thereby be involved in

much Trouble: It is the Opinion of this Board,
that the Governor write to the Governor of Mary-
land without Delay, to inform him of the Indians
Complaints and Threats, and to request a satisfactory
Answer ; and that his Letter be sent by a special
Messenger, at the publick Expence.
At a COUNCIL held July 9, 1742.

PRESENT, 1 The Honourable GEORGE THOMAS, Efq;

James Logan, Efq; Samuel Preston, Esq;
Člement Plumsted, Esq; Ralpb Afeton, Esq;
Samuel Hafell, Esq; Thomas Lawrence, Esq;
Robert Strettell, Esq; Mr. Peters.

The Governor informed the Board, that the Indion Chiefs dining with him Yesterday, after Dinner delivered their Answer to two Affairs of Confequence:

The first related to the violent Battery committed on William Webb, in the Forks of Delacvare, whereby his Jaw-bone was broke, and his Life greatly endangered, by an unknown Indian. Canassatego repeating the Meffage delivered to the Six Nations by Shickcalamy, in the Year 1740, with a String of Wampum, said in Answer: • The Six Nations had • made diligent Enquiry into the Affair, and had < found out the Indian who had committed the

Fact; he lived near Asopus, and had been ex• amined and severely reprov'd: And they hoped,

E 3


as William Webb was recovered, the Governor ! would not expect any further Punishment; and • therefore they returned the String of Wampum

received from their Brethren, by the Hand of Shickcalany, in Tcken that they had fully complied with their Request.'

I thank'd them, said he, for their Care ; but reminded them, that though the Man did not die, yet he lay a long Time in extreme Misery, and would never recover the free Use of his Speech, and was rendered less able to get his Livelihood; and in such Cases the English Laws.cbliged the Assailant to make good ail Damages, besides paying for the Pain endured. But as the Indian was, in all Probability, pocr and unable to make Satisfaction, I told them, that for their Sake I would forgive him ; adcing, had Webb died, I make no Doubt but you would have put the Indian to Death, just as we did two of our People who had killed an Indian; we caused them to be hung on a Gallows, in the Presence of

many Hundreds of our people, to deter all others from doing the like. Canasatego made me this Reply: « The Indians know no Punishment but Death; they

have no such Thing as pecuniary Mules; if a • Man be guilty of a Crime, he is either put to · Death, or the Fault is overlook'd. We have

often heard of your Hanging-up those two Per< fons; but as none of our Indians saw the Men ! die, many believe they were not hanged, but • transported to some other Colony: And it would • be satisfactory to the Indians, if, for the future, ! some of them be sent for, to be Witneffes of such . Executions,' I assured them, that whoever gave them that Information, abused them; for the Perfons certainly suffered Death, and in the Presence of all the People.

Canassatego then proceeded to give an Answer to what was said to them the 2d Instant, relating to Le Tort's Letter: That they had, in Council

, considered

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