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And now we cannot but congratulate ourselves, that your coming should happen at a Time, when

we are in daily Expectation of a War being de• clared between the King of England, and the French King, well knowing that should such a · War happen, it must very sensibly affect you,

considering your Situation in the Neighbourhood of Canada. Your coming at this Juncture is particularly fortunate, since it gives us an Op• portunity of mentioning several Things that may • be necessary to be settled, between People fo · strictly and closely united as we are.-An Union • not to be expressed by any Thing less, than the • affectionate Regards which Children of the same • Parents bear for each other, as conceiving our<selves to be one Flesh and one People.

· The utmost Care therefore ought mutually to « be taken by us on both sides, that the Road be• tween us be kept perfectly clear and open, and « no Lets nor the least Obstruction be suffered to • lie in the Way; or if any should by Accident be • found, that may hinder our free Intercourse and Correspondence, it must forthwith be removed. To inforce this, we lay down a String of Wampum. • In the next Place, we, on our Part, shall inlarge our Fire that burns between us. vide more Fewel to increase it, and make it burn brighter and clearer, and give a stronger and more lasting Light and Warmth.

In Evidence of our sincere Intentions, we lay

down this Belt of Wampum. < In the last Place, considering the Obligations ( we are mutually under by our several Treaties, “ That we should hear with our Ears for you, and

you hear with your Ears for us.' We Thall at « Times very willingly give you the earliest and • best Intelligence, of any Designs that may be • form'd to your Disadvantage.--And if you dil, cover any Preparations that can hurt us, we de3

« fire

We shall pro

• fire you will immediately dispatch fome suitable • Person in whom we can place a Confidence, to give us a proper Information. To inforce this Request, as well as to brighten the

Chain, we lay down this other Belt of Wampum. On the Governor's concluding the Speech, the folemn Cry by Way of Approbation was repeated by the Indians, ' as many Times as there were Nations present; and then Canassateego rose up and spoke.

BRETHREN, • We thank you for your kind Speech : What you

have said is very agreeable to us; and To« morrow when we have deliberated on the several • Matters recommended to us, we will give you & our Answer. We desire, as our Time will be (wholly taken up in Council, you will order the • Goods to be carried back to the Proprietaries to

prevent their being loft, and that they may continue there till we call for them.'

At a COUNCIL held in the Meeting -House,

July 7, 1742.

The Honourable GEORGE THOMAS, Esq;

James Logan,

Samuel Preston,
Thomas Lawrence,

Samuel Hafell, Esqrs;
Abraham Taylor, Robert Strettell,
CAN ASSATEEGO's Speech on Behalf of the

Six Nations.
BRETHREN, the Governor and Council,

and all present,
• According to our Promise we now propose to
return you an Answer to the several Things men-

« tioned

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* tioned to us Yesterday, and shall beg Leave to

speak to publick Affairs first, tho' they were what you fpoke to last. On this Head you Yesterday

put us in Mind, first, “ Of William Penn's early « and constant Care to cultivate Friendship with « all the Indians ; of the Treaty we held with one “ of his Sons, about ten Years ago, and of the “ Necessity there is at this Time of keeping the 66 Roads between us clear and free from all Ob“ ftructions.”. We are all very sensible of the kind

Regard that good Man William Penn had for all " the Indians, and cannot but be pleased to find that

his Children have the fame. We well remember

the Treaty you mention held with his Son on his « Arrival here, by which we confirmed our League • of Friendship, that is to last as long as the Sun « and Moon endure: In Consequence of this, we, • on our Part; shall preserve the Road free from

all Incumbrances; in Confirmation whereof we lay down this String of Wampum.

“You in the next Place said you would enlarge « the Fire and make it burn brighter, which we are

pleased to hear you mention ; and assure you, we shall do the same, by adding to it more,

Fewel, that it may still flame out more strongly « than ever : In the last Place, you were pleased to

say that we are bound by the strictest Leagues, to 6 watch for each others Preservation; that we < should hear with our Ears for < with your Ears for uş: .This is equally agree« able to us, and we shall not fail to give you

early Intelligence, whenever any Thing of Consequence comes to our Knowledge: And to encourage you to do the same, and to nourish in your Hearts what you have spoke to us with

your Tongues, about the Renewal of our Amity, • and the Brightening of the Chain of Friendship;

we confirm what we have said with another Belt of Wampum..


you, and

you hear

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jalnis BRETHREN,

. We received from the Proprietors Yesterday, 'fome Goods in Consideration of our Release of • the Lands on the West-side of Sasquehannah. It • is true, we have the full Quantity according to • Agreement; but if the Proprietor had been here • himself, we think, in Regard of our Numbers • and Poverty, he would have made an Addition « to them.-If the Goods were only to be divided

amongst the Indians present, a single Person i would have but a small Portion ; but if you con« sider what Numbers are left behind, equally en** titled with us to a Share, there will be extremely « little. We therefore desire, if you have the Keys

of the Proprietor's Chest, you will open it, and < take out a little more for us.

We know our Lands are now become more < valuable : The white People think we do not < know their Value ; but we are sensible that the • Land is everlasting, and the few Goods we re« ceive for it are foon worn out and


For • the future, we will sell no Lands but when Bro

ther Onas is in the Country, and we will know

beforehand, the Quantity of the Goods we are to « receive. Besides, we are not well used with re

spect to the Lands still unfold by us. Your People daily settle on these Lands, and spoil our • Hunting-We must insist on your removing i them, as you know they have no Right to settle « to the Northward of Kittochtinny-Hills. In

particular, we renew our Complaints against some People who are settled at Juniata, a Branch of

Sasquabannah, and all along the Banks of that • River, as far as Mahaniay; and desire they may • be forthwith made to go off the Land, for they . do great Damage to our Cousins the Delawares.

. We have further to observe, with respect to • the Lands lying on the Weft-side of Sasquaban


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nah, that though Brother Onas (meaning the Proprietor) has paid us for what his People possess, yet some Parts of that Country have been taken

up by Persons, whose Place of Residence is to • the South of this Province, from whom we have “never received any Consideration. This Affair • was recommended to you by our Chiefs at our

laft Treaty; and you then, at our earnest Desire, • promised to write a Letter to that Person who has • the Authority over those People, and to procure ' us his Answer: As we have never heard from you

on this Head, we want to know what you have • done in it. If you have not done any Thing,

we now renew our Request, and desire you will • inform the Person whose People are seated on

our Lands, that that Country belongs to us, in Right of Conquest; we having bought it with our Blood, and taken it from our Enemies in fair War; and we expect, as Owners of that Land,

to receive such a Consideration for it as the Land • is worth. We desire you will press him to send • a positive Answer: Let him say Yes or No : If " he says Yes, we will treat with him ; if No, we

are able to do ourselves Justice ; and we will do
it, by going to take Payment ourselves.
' It is customary with us to make a Present of

Skins, whenever we renew our Treaties. We • are ashamed to offer our Brethren so few, but < your Horses and Cows have eat the Grass our « Deer used to feed on. This has made them

scarce, and will, we hope, plead in Excuse for our not bringing a larger Quantity. If we could

have spared more, we would have given more ; ' but we are really poor ; and desire you'll not “consider the Quantity, but few as they are, ac• cept them in Testimony of our Regard.'

Here they gave the Governor a Bundle of Skins.

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