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that the King of Great-Britain had with his Ships, beat down, or taken several of the Spaniards great Forts in America.--The Indians faid, they were pleased to hear their Brethren were an Over-match for their Enemies, and wish'd them good Success.

The Governor then enquired into the State and Condition of the Nations to the Westward of the Great Lakes, and whether they had any Warriours then in those Countries? Whether they had concluded Peace with the Southern Indians? And whether they had heard what their Deputies had done at Albany?

They made Answer: That they had always Abundance of their Men out amongst the Nations situate to the West of their Lakes.--That they had kindled a Fire with a vast many Nations, some whereof were Tributaries, and they had a good Understanding with all.—They set out from their own Country in Company with two Sets of Deputies, one going to hold a Treaty with the Southern Indians, and they believed a Peace would be concluded : The other going to meet the Governor of New-York, at Albany ; but they could not tell what had been done at either Place.On their return, they were to hold a General Council, and would inform their Brethren of these Particulars.

Then the Governor put an End to the Conference, by telling the Indians the Goods would be delivered to them at a Council to be held To-morrow. Alternoon at the Meeting-House.


At a COUNCIL held in the Meeting-House, Pbi

ladelphia, July 6, 1742.

The Honourable GEORGE THOMAS, Efq;

James Logan, Samuel Preston,
Clement Plumsted, Ralph Asheton, Esqrs;
Abraham Taylor,

Robert Strettell, CANASSATEEGO, Chief of the Onondagoes,

Speaker. SHICALAMY, and a great Number of Indians,

whose Names are as follows, viz. ONONTOGOES. Sca-yenties, Sawegaty, {Counsellors. Tats-beghteb,

2014-1 Caxbayion, $

Alligh-wabeis, Saguyassatba,

Tayo-quario, Kayadog bratie, alias Sla-Hogh degh runtu, nagbquasy,

Rotehn Haghtyackon, CapRotier-uwughton,

tain. Tokaughaah,

Sawoaliefelbobaa, Tiorughwaghthe, Sagugbsa-eck, Tokano-ungoh,

Uwantakeraa, Aronty-oony,

Horuhot, Tobanobawighton, OJogbquaa, , Tiog bwatoony,

Tuyánoegon. Auughrabysey.


, Ungquaterugbi

Chiefs. Tokany-efus,

atbe, alias Runbo-bibio,

Sbikelimo, Kanadogbary,

Tottowakerba, Zior-agbquaty,

Taragbkoerus, Sagu-iughwatha, alias Onugbkallydawwy,anoted

, Cadcaradasey,

Onug bnaxqua,


, } Chiefs. Saristaquob,

young Chief.

Onughnaxqua, Chief.

Afet teywa, Taryiakaarát,

Afogbqua, Tobatbuyongochtha, Maya minickysy, Sughnakaarat,

Wawryia Beefeny. Tagbregbdoerus,

Canestogo Indians that Tokanyiadaroeyon,

Speak the Onayiut's Sagogughyatha,

Language. Rabebius,

Tior Haasery, Chief. Tokanufoegon.

Tanigb wackerau, JENON TOWANOS, Karba Cawyiat, or SENECAS.

Kayen quily quo.
Karugh iagb Raghquy, CANOYIAS, or NAN-

Tahn beentus,

nestogo. Onontyiack.

Des-febeg, TUŚCARROROS. Ichqua que beck, Sawontka,

Quefamaag, Ti-ieroes, Chiefs. Ayiok-ius. Cloghfytowax,

DELAWARES of Tokaryhoegon, Captain.

Shamokin. Ogbioghses,

Olumapies, Tieleg bwegbfon, Lingebanoah,


. Tougrotha,

Kelly macquan, Yorughianego,

Quitie-yquont, Ot-quebig,

Pisoquiton, Squagbky,

Nena cby baut. Sayadyio,

DELAWARES from Onughsowúghton,

the Forks. Cherigh wäftbo,

Onutpe, Agbfünteries,

Lawye quobwon, Chiefs Tion ogh scóghrba,

alias Nutimus, Saligh wanagbfon, Towegbkappy Obn-waasey,


. Spring, and others. Tocar-eher (died since at CONRAD

WEISER, Tulpebokin.]


Interpreters. Kanybâag.

And a great Number of SHA WANO E S. the Inhabitants of PbiWebweblaky, Chief. ladelphia.


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The Governor having commanded Silence, spoke as follows:

Friends and Brethren of the Six Nations, Six Years ago a Number of your Chiefs obliged us with a Visit, when they agreed on Behalf 6 of your Nations, to the Release of certain Lands

on both sides the River Sasquehannah, to the

Southward of the Endless-Mountains, and within " the Limits and Bounds of the King's Grant of < this Province. In Consideration of which, a cer"tain Quantity of Goods was agreed on, and de

livered as a full Satisfaction for the faid Lands, lying on the Eastern Side of the said River: And for the Lands on the Western Side of the Yaid · River, you desired the Payment should be de• ferr'd till another Opportunity. These Goods, • which are exactly the same in Quantity, as those

you received the last Time the Chiefs of your Nations were here, have been ready a considerable Time, and kept in Expectation of your coming for them: And now you are come down, fully impowered by your respective Councils to receive them, we are well pleased to deliver them;

leaving it to you to make a fair and equal Di' vision of them amongst yourselves. 5

forry for the Absence of our Brethren the Sénecas, • and much more so, that it should be owing to • their Distress at Home by a Famine that rages s in their Country A Famine so great, that you 's tell us a Father has been obliged to sacrifice one 6 Part of his Family, even his own Children, for < the Support and Prefervation of himself, and the 7 other Part.-We heartily commiferate their Con"* dition, and do not doubt but you will do them < fair and ample Justice in the Dispofal of their « Part of the Goods, in such Manner as they have < instructed


You shall now hear the Lift of < the Goods read to you."


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We are


45 Guns.

Here, by the Governor's Order, the List of the Goods was read over, viz. 500 Pounds of Powder.

100 Tobacco-Tongs. 600 Pounds of Leads 100 Scissars.

500 Awl-Blades. 60 Strowd-Matchcoats. 120 Combs. 100 Blankets.

2000 Needles. 100 Duffil Matchcoats.

1000 Flints. 200 Yards Half-thick. 24 Looking-Glaffes. 100 Shirts.

2 Pounds of Vermilion

100 Tin-Pots. 40 Pair Shoes & Buckles. 1000 Tobacco-Pipes. 40 Pair Stockings. 200 Pounds of Tobacco. 100 Hatchets.

24 Dozen of Garter. 500 Knives.

ing, and 100 Hoes.

25 Gallons of Rum. 60 Kettles.

Then the Governor told them that the Goods, of which the Particulars had been just read to them, were in the Meeting-House, and would be sent to whatever Place they would direct.

The Governor then proceeded :

40 Hats.

BRETHREN, < You have often heard of the Care that your great and good Friend and Brother William Penn,

took at all Times to cultivate a perfect good · Harmony with all the Indians : Of these your Na! tions have ever been fully sensible; but more

especially a Number of your Chiefs, about ten « Years ago, when on the Arrival of a Son of

your " said great Friend William Penn, large and valu• able Presents were exchanged by us with you ; a <new Road was made and clear'd; a new Fire • kindled; and the Chain of Friendship made

ftronger, so as to last while the Sun and Moon 6 endure.


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