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These Considerations alone are sufficient to make the Indian Affairs deserve the most serious Thoughts of every Governor in America. But I well know, besides; Excellency's Views are not confined to the Interest of one Country only.

that your

The Five Nations are a poor and, generally called, barbarous People, bred under the darkest Ignorance ; and yet a bright and noble Genius shines through these black Clouds. None of the greatest Roman Heroes have discovered a greater Love to their Country, or a greater Contempt of Death, than these People called Barbarians have done, when Liberty came in Competition. Indeed, I think our Indians have outdone the Romans in this Particular; some of the greatest of those have we know murdered them



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felves to avoid Shame or Torments;
but our Indians have refused to die
meanly, or with but little Pain, when
they thought their country's Honour
would be at Stake by it *; but have
given their Bodies, willingly, to the
most cruel Torments of their Ene-
mies, to fhew, as they said, that the
Five Nations consisted of Men, whose
Courage and Resolution could not be
Thaken. They greatly fully, however,
those noble Virtues, by that cruel
Passion, Revenge ; this they think E
it not only lawful, but honourable, to
exert without Mercy on their Coun-
try's Enemies, and for this only it is
that they can deserve the Name of

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But what, alas! Sír, have we Christians done to make them better? We have indeed Reason to be ashamed, that

* This will appear by several Instances in the Second Part of this History.



these Infidels, by our Conversation and Neighbourhood, are become worse than they were before they knew

Instead of Virtues we have only taught them Vites, that they were intirely free from before that Time. The narrow Views of private Interest have occasioned this, and will occasiop greater, even publick Mischiefs, if the Governors of the People do not, like true Patriots, exert themselves, and put a Stop to these growing Evils. If these Practices be winked at, instead of faithful Friends, that have manfully fought our Battles for us, the Five Nations will become faithless Thieves and Robbers, and join with every Enemy that can give them any Hopes of Plunder.

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If Care were taken to plant and cultivate in them that general Benevolence to Mankind, which is the true first Principle of Virtue, it would effectually eradicate those horrid Vices, occasioned by their unbounded Re

venge ;


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venge ; and then they would no longer deserve the Name of Barbarians, but would become a People, whose Friendship might add Honour to the British Nation.

The Greeks and Romans, Sir, once as much Barbarians as our Indians now are, deified the Heroes that first taught them those Virtues, from whence the Grandeur of those renowned Nations wholly proceeded ; a good Man, however, will feel more real Satisfaction and Pleasure, from the Sense of having any Way forwarded the Civilizing of a barbarous Nation, or of having multiplied the Number of good Men, than from the fondest Hopes of such extravagant Honours.


These . Confiderations, I believe, will induce you, Sir,

think a History of the Five Nations not unworthy of your Patronage ; and on these only it is that I presume to of


fer my best Endeavours in this, who am, with the greatest Respect,

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