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The BA R R-1 E R between the E N G L 1 s H, and,
FR EN c H in that Part of the World.

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Particular Accounts of their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws,
and Government; their several Battles and Treaties with the
European Nations; their Wars with the other Indians;


A. N. D.'
A true Account of the present State of our TRADE with them.
In which are shewn,
The great Advantage of their Trade and Alliance to the British Nation so
and the Intrigues and Attempts of the French to engage them from us;

a Subjećt nearly concerning all our American Plantations, and highly
meriting the Confideration of the British Nation.

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To which are added, *
Accounts of the several other Nations of Indians in North-America, their
Numbers, Strength, &c. and the Treaties which have been lately.
made with them.

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HE Indian Affairs have ever

appeared to your Judgment of such Importance to the Welfare of our own People, that you have ever carefully applied your Thoughts to them; and that with such Success, that not only the present Generation will enjoy the Benefit of your Care, but our latest Posterity bless your Memory for that Happiness, the Foundation of which was laid under your Care, provided that the People here, whose - Duty Duty and Interest is chiefly concern

ed, do on their own Parts second |

your Endeavours, towards securing the Peace, and advancing the Prosperity of their Country.

The following Account of the Five Indian Nations will shew what dangerous Neighbours the Indians have once been ; what Pains a neighbouring Colony (whose Interest is opposite to ours) has taken to withdraw their Affections from us; and how much we ought to be on our Guard. If we only consider the Riches which

our Enemies receive from the Indian

Trade (though we were under no Apprehensions from the Indians themselves) it would be highly imprudent in us to suffer such People to grow Rich and Powerful, while it is in our

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