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CH'A p. to it. He told them, there was no Possibility of X.

preventing it, but by the Indians being assured of w more effectual Allistance, than they had hitherto

received, and advised them to send Commissioners for that Purpose to Albany in August, at which Time he intended to meet the Five Nations there, after the Return of their Messengers from Canada. Accordingly, Andrew Hamilton, Esq; Governor of New Jersey, Colonel John Pinchon, Samuel Sands, Esq; and Major Pen Townsend, Commissioners from Massachuset's Bay, and Colonel John Hauley and Captain Stanley, Commissioners from Connecticut, waited on Colonel Fletcher at Albany, who carried with him likewise a part of the Council of NewYork.

These Gentlemen having met the Indians at Albany the fifteenth of August, Decanefora rose up first, and desired Leave to sing a Song or two of Peace, before they began on Business. Then Rode, a Mohawk Sachem, rose up, and addressing himself to the other Sachems, said, we have great Reason to rejoice, seeing so many of those, who are in our Chain, are now met, to consult together on the general Weal; after which they sang two or three Songs.

Sadakanabtie being chosen Speaker for that Day, rose up, spoke much to the same Purpose as he had done to Colonel Fletcher in May last; giving a metaphorical Account of their League with the English, how it began, and by what Steps it had been inlarged and strengthened ; how the other colonies had thrust their Arms into this Chain, but had given little or no Alfistance against the common Enemy. 6 Our Brother Cayenguirago's Arms (says he) “ and ours are stiff, and tired with holding fast the « Chain, whilst our Neighbours sit still and smoak " at their Ease. The Fat is melted from our Flesh, " and fallen on our Neighbours, who grow fat

66 while

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“ while we grow lean: They flourish while we de-CHAP.


" "This Chain made us the Envy of the French, " and if all had held it as fast as Cayenguirogo, it 66 would have been a Terror also. If we would “ all heartily join and take the Hatchet in our “ Hand, our common Enemy would soon be de

stroyed, and we should for ever after live in Peace “ and Ease. Do you but your Parts, and Thunder 66 itself cannot break our Chain.”

Then he mentioned some Jealousies they had entertained of New-England, by their suffering the Chevalier D'O to escape to Canada, which they sufpected had been concerted between him and the People of New-England, in Order to treat of Peace. “ Our Agents, said he, faw the Chevalier D'O at

Canada, who told them that he had been set at
“ Liberty by the English, and that it was in vain
" that the Five Nations warred against the French,
“ while the English favoured them.” On this Oc.
casion he shewed them a Filh painted on Paper,
which the Commissioners of New-England had given
them, when they first entered into the Chain, as a
Seal to the League.

He finished by telling them, that they would next
Day give all the Particulars of their Negotiation in

The next Day Decane fora proceeded to the Ac-
count of his Negotiation, as follows : “ The Go-
“ vernor of Canada having often fent to us to come
or to Canada to treat with him, we went thicher,
" and told him that we were come to treat of Peace.
* We made the following Proposals.

+ Father, if we do not conclude a Peace now, “ it will be your Fault ; for we have already taken 16 the Hatchet out of the Hands of the River Indi

ans (Hudson's River) whom we incited to the

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66 Wars


66 You have almost eat us up, our best Men are

CHAP.“ War. But we must tell you, that you are an ill

“ Man, you are inconftant and not to be trusted ; “ we have had War together a long Time, and

though you occasioned the War, we never hated “ the House of Oghessa, (a Gentleman living at “ Montreal) let him undertake the toilsome Jour

ney to Onondaga ; for if he will he shall be wel

“ Father, we are now speaking of Peace, and " therefore I must speak a Word to the Praying Ino dians, and first to those of Cabnaaga (chiefly Mo

hawks) you know our Customs and Manners, " therefore make Onondio acquainted therewith, and “ be affisting in the prosecuting of this good Work. 6. Then to the other Castle, called Canasadaga, " (chiefly Onondagas ) you are worse than the French " themselves, you deserted from us, and side with “ our Enemies to destroy us; make some amends “ now, by forwarding Peace.


" killed in this bloody War; but we now forget
“ what is past. Before this we once threw the
“ Hatchet into the River of Kaibobage, * but you
“ fished it up, and treacherously surprised our Peo-

ple at Cadarackui. After this you sent to us to
« have our Prisoners restored, then the Hatchet
“ was thrown up to the Sky, but you kept a String
“ fastened to the Helve, and pulled it down, and
“'fell upon our People again. This we revenged
" to some Purpose, by the Destruction of your Peo-

ple and Houses in the Island of Montreal.

« Now we are come to cover the Blood from our “ Sight, which has been shed by both Şides during “ this long War.

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* The French call it la Famine, near Olfwego.' The Treaty with Mr, de la Bar was made there,




Onondio, we have been at War a long Time, we CHAP. so now give you a Medicine to drive away all ill “ Thoughts from your Heart, to purge it and make “ it clean, and restore it to its former State.

Onondio, we will not permit any Settlement at " Cadarackui ; you have had your Fire there thrice “ extinguished; we will not consent to your re

building that Fort, but the Passage through the “ River shall be free and clear. We make the Sun c clean, and drive away all Clouds and Darkness, " that we may see the Light without Interrupti

66 on.

Onondio, we have taken many Prisoners from “ one another, during the War. The Prisoners we “ took have been delivered, according to our Cus. “ tom, to the Families that have lost any in the " War. They no longer belong to the Publick,

they may give them back if they please, your

People may do the same. We have brought “ back two Prisoners, and restore them to you.

“ After I had finished what I had to say,continued he, “ the Governor of Canada told me, that he would s not make Peace with C.syenguirago. To this I answer" ed, these Words displease me much, you shall

keep Peace with him. Onondio said again, I must

fight with Cayenguir ago, it is not in my Power to “ make Peace, this can only be done by my Ma“ fter, who lives over the great Water. To this. I "s replied, I cannot bear this Discourse.; if you " should fight him now, and not stay till I get " Home, all the Country will look on me as a Tray“ tor; I can treat with you no longer. The Argu« ment on this Subject lasted three Days, at last the 66 Governor of Canada assured me, that he would not “ undertake any Enterprize against Cayenguirago “ this Summer, but would wait to hear what he

« wou'd say.

“ The

Сн AP. “ The Governor of Canada infifted three Days to X.

“ have Hoftages left, which I refused, but two 2-
« greeing of their own accord to stay, they were
“ left, viz. one an Onondago, another a Seneka.

“ Then the Governor of Canada made the follow-
ing publick Answer:
« 1. I accept of Peace as you offer.

“ Iļ. Son, bring all the Prisoners back that you
« have taken from me, and yours shall have Liber-
f6 ty to return Home, if they please.
": " III. Children, erect my Fire again at Cada-
rackui, and plant there the Tree of Peace.

<< After this the Governor of Canada delivered

me a Belt, which I now lay down before you ; " by it he faid, desire Cayengüirago to send a wise ** Màn to me, and he shall have Protection accord

ing to the Custom of Christians; and added,

« Children of the Five Nations, if Cayenguirago “ shall employ you to do any Service for him, do 56 not accept of it, let him fend his own People," Decanefora added, that the Governor of Canada had fixed eighty Days for a Return to this Belt.

He continued and said, " The Sachems of the " Dionondadies were present; after I had finished “ my Speech, they said ; May what you have now " said be from your Hearts; we suspect you are not “ fincere ; let us no longer feel the Smart of the “ Hatchet, and gave this Belt which I now lay s down. “The Praying Indians next said, Brethren,

Father Onondio has told you to bring Home « all the Prisoners, do not fail in this; giving two 66 Belts.

“ Brother Cayenguirago, you will find what I have now said confirmed by this Paper, which the Go

66 vernor



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