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CHAP, “taken Prisoner, and was taken into the Place of X. “ the chief Sachem of Onondaga, formerly lost in *- “ the War, and thereby became a Sachem) de“ sired Leave to add two Belts to the other three. “By their being Sachems they had a Vote in the ‘General Council, and a Right to propose any “Thing. They wrote and read to us the Pur“ ports of their Belts, and we have brought their “Papers with us, to shew to our Brethren.” To shew the Necessity they were under of making Peace, speedily he added: “ That two Women, who were Prisoners at C.“mada, had made their Escape, on Purpose to in“ form them that the French were making great “Preparations of Battoes, and other Necessaries for “ an Expedition; one said, she had informed one of “ the Sachems of the Praying Indians of her Defign, “ who sent an Indian with her to advise the Five Na“tions, to prevent the great Danger they were “ threatened with by a speedyConclusion of the Peace; “ and added, that they had sent one of their People “ back with this Praying Indian, to assure them that “ Deputies would certainly go to Canada in the “Spring to treat of Peace.” I make no Doubt, this was only an Article to hasten the Five Nations to conclude the Peace, left the English, if it were delayed, should find Means to prevent it. Then he shewed the Flag which the Governor of Canada sent them to be carried by their Deputies, that the French might know them. Upon these Resolutions being taken, the Five Nations recalled six hundred Men, that they had placed along Cadarackui River, to intercept the French, as they passed to and from Missilimakinak. The Jesuit's Papers being read to them, several Things were found in them which he had not read to the General Council. To this Decanosora answered; “We know that the Priest favours his “own Nation, and deceives us in many Things 3 - ** but

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diams, and yet the Government of New-York has al

most perpetually trusted the Management of the In-
dian Affairs to these Traders.
Decanesora ended his Conference as follows:

“ The Governor of Canada's Words, and the Re“ solutions of the four Nations are now before you,

“ consult therefore what is to be done, and if it be
“ necessary for the Brethren to go to our Castles to
“ advise us farther, be not unwilling ; and then he
“ laid down a large Belt eleven Rows deep, and se-
“ven Fathom of Wampum.”
The next Day Major Schuyler told them that he
could consent to no Treaty with the French; but
proposed to them to meet the Governor here in se-
venty Days, and that Decamesora in particular should
return at that Time, and gave a Belt. -
They agreed to meet the Governor at that Time;

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“publick Good, and let it be spoken before we “part, and laid down a large Belt of fourteen “deep.”

M Major

“ but it is not in his Power to alter our Affe&tion Ch a p.

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First Belt,

The Agayandres of the Five Nations cannot go to Canada in the Spring, as they gave Reason to expećt by the last Message from Onondaga, because Cayenguirago has called all the Five Nations, and other Indians, to meet him at Albany, in the Month of April next, to which the Five Nations have agreed.

- Second Belt.

If the Caraguists, or French, have any Thing to propose to the Five Nations, they may safely come into our Country. This Belt opens the Path, and secures it to them both coming and going.

Third Belt. The Five Nations, and their Friends, lay down the Hatchet till they shall have an Answer, which they expect in forty Days. Provided nevertheless, that the Caraguists and French tye their Hatchets down at the same Time.

These Belts were accordingly presented to the . Praying Indians of Cahmuaga, who refused to receive them but in the Presence of Mr. de Callieres, IM 2 Governor

CH A P. Governor of Montreal. Mr. de Callieres acquaint.

X. ed the Count de Frontenac with the Contents. Af.

*-' ter which the Praying Indians, in Presence of Mr. de Callieres, gave the following Answer.

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“We will have no Correspondence with the Five Nations, but by Order of the Governor of Canada our Father, and unless Decanesora, and the other Deputies, come before the Feast of St. john, the Way will be shut up for ever after, and our Father's Ears will be stopt. We however assure you, that if the Deputies come in that Time, the Path shall be safe both coming and going.”

whether the Accounts given of the coming of

the Shawonons was only an Amusement, or whether they were diverted on their March, I know not, for I find no farther Account of them in the Register of the Indian Affairs : However it was, the Impression, made on the Indians by that News, was not sufficient to withstand the Force of the resolute Answer their Messenger received from the Praying Indians. Decanesøra and the other Deputies went early in the Spring to Canada ; the other Sachems met Colonel Fletcher at Albany, the fourth of May 1694. The Indians spoke first by Sadakahahtie, an Onondaga Sachem, as follows:

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“ from Canada, and have sent our Deputies like

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wise thither. The Belt is not yet arrived, by which we are to acknowledge our Fault in doing 2 “ this.

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