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ing up and preparing for this Purpose, when the Mohawk Sachems came to Albany to condole, according to their Custom, with their Friends ,when any Mis. fortune befals them. I shall give their Speech on this Occasion, as it will be of Use to the Reader, in order to his forming a true Notion of the Indian Genius. They spoke the twenty-fifth of March as follows. “Brethren, the Murder of our Brethren at Sche“nečiady by the French grieves us as much, as if it “ had been done to our selves, for we are in the same “Chain; and no Doubt our Brethren of New-England will be likewise sadly affected with this cruel “ Aćtion of the French. The French on this Occa“sion have not acted like brave Men, but like “Thieves and Robbers. Be not therefore discou

“raged. We give this Belt to wipe away your Tears.

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“ our Dead murdered at Schemeštady, we know not
“what may have befallen our own People, that are in
“Pursuit of the Enemy, they may be dead; what has
“befallen you may happen to us; and therefore we
come to bury our Brethren at Schenectady with
“ this third Belt. -
“Great and sudden is the Mischief, as if it had fal-
“len from Heaven upon us. Our Forefathers taught
“us to go with all Speed to bemoan and lament with
“our Brethren, when any Disaster or Misfortune hap-
“pens to any in our Chain. Take this Bill of Wi-
“gilance, that you may be more watchful for the fu-
“ture. We give our Brethren Eye-Water to make
“ them sharp fighted, giving a fourth Belt.
“We are now come to the House where we usual-
“ly renew the Chain ; but alas ! we find the House
“ polluted, polluted with Blood. All the Five Nati-
“ons have heard of this, and we are come to wipe
“away the Blood, and clean the House. We come
“to invite Corlear, and every one of you, and Quider
“(calling to every one of the principal Men present by
“ their Names) to be revenged of the Enemy, by this
“ fifth Belt. - -
“Brethren,be not discouraged, wearestrong enough.
“This is the Beginning of your War, and the whole
“House have their Eyes fixed upon you at this Time,
“to observe your Behaviour. They wait your Moti-
“on, and are ready to join in any resolute Measures.
“Our Chain is a strong Chain, it is a Silver Chain,
“it can neither rust nor be broken. We, as to our
“ Parts, are resolute to continue the War.
“We will never defist, so long as a Man of us re-
“ mains. Take Heart, do not pack up and go
“ away, * this will give Heart to a dastardly Enemy.

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Brethren, three Years ago we were engaged in a bloody War with the French, and you encouraged us to proceed in it. Our Success answered our Expećtation ; but we were not well begun, when Corlear stoptus from going on. Had you permitted us to go on, the French would not now have been able to do the Mischief, they have done, we would have prevented their sowing, planting or reaping. We would have humbled them effectually, but now we dye. The Obstructions you then made now ruin us. Let us after this be steady, and take no such false Measures for the future, but prosecute the War wigorously. Giving a Bever Skin. - The Brethren must keep good Watch, and if the Enemy come again, send more speedily to us... Don't desert Schenečiady. The Enemy will glory in seeing it desolate. It will give them Courage that had none before, fortify the Place, it is not well fortified now : The Stockadoes are too short, the Indians can jump over them. Gave a Bever Skin. Brethren, The Mischief done at Schenečiady cannot be helped now ; but for the future, when the Enemy appears any where, let nothing hinder your sending to us by Expresses, and fire great Guns, that all may be alarmed. We advise you to bring all the River Indians under your Subječtion to live near Albany, to be ready on all Occasions. * * - - - - - - Send Send to New-England, tell them what has hap-CH A P. pened to you. They will undoubtedly awake and IV. lend us their helping Hand. It is their Interest, as much as ours, to push the War to a speedy Conclusion. Be not discouraged, the French are not so numerous as some Fol. talk. If we but heartily unite to push on the War, and mind our Busines, the French will soon be Jubdued. The Magistrates having returned an Answer on the twenty seventh, to the Satisfaction of the Indians, they repeated it all over, Word by Word, to let the kios see how carefully they minded it, and then added, - ... * Brethren, we are glad to find you are not discouraged. The best and wisest Men sometimes make istakes. Let us now pursue the War vigorously. We have a hundred Men out, they are good Scouts. We expect to meet all the Sacbems of the other Nations, as they come to condole with you. You need not fear our being ready, at the first Notice. Our Ax is always in our Hands, but take Care that you be timely ready. Your Ships, that must do the principal Work, are long a fitting out. We do not design to go out with a small Company, or in sculking Parties; but as soon as the Nations can meet, we shall be ready with our whole Force. If you would bring this War to a happy Issue, you must begin soon, before the French can recover the Losses they have received from us, and get new Wigour and Life, therefore send in all Haste to NewEngland. Neither you nor we can continue long in the Condition we are now in, we must order Matters so, that the French be kept in continual Fear and Alarm at home; for this is the only Way to be secure, and in Peace here. The Scahkok Indians, in our Opinion, are well placed where they are (to the Northward of Albany); they are a good Out-guard; they are our Children, and we shall take Care that they do their

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