Waverley Novels, Volume 8

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Robert Cadell, Edinburgh, and Whittaker & Company London., 1830

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Halaman 31 - Looking tranquillity ! It strikes an awe And terror on my aching sight ; the tombs And monumental caves of death look cold, And shoot a chillness to my trembling heart. Give me thy hand, and let me hear thy voice; Nay, quickly speak to me, and let me hear Thy voice — my own affrights me with its echoes.
Halaman 347 - His master's dead, and no one now Dwells in the hall of Ivor ; Men, dogs, and horses, all are dead ; He is the sole survivor.
Halaman 30 - Paperie - na, na! - nane could ever say that o' the trades o' Glasgow - Sae they sune came to an agreement to take a' the idolatrous statues of sants (sorrow be on them) out o' their neuks - and sae the bits o' stane idols were broken in pieces by Scripture warrant, and flung into the Molendinar burn, and the auld kirk stood as crouse as a cat when the flaes are kaimed aff her, and a
Halaman 1 - For why ? — because the good old rule Sufficeth them, the simple plan, That they should take, who have the power, And they should keep who can.
Halaman 299 - Highland drover, bankrupt, barefooted, — stripped of all, dishonoured and hunted down, because the avarice of others grasped at more than that poor all could pay, shall burst on them in an awful change. They that scoffed at the grovelling worm, and trode upon him, may cry and howl when they see the stoop of the flying and fiery-mouthed dragon. — But why do I speak of all this...
Halaman 33 - The part of the vaults thus occupied, though capable of containing a congregation of manyhundreds, bore a small proportion to the darker and more extensive caverns which yawned around what may be termed the inhabited space. In those waste regions of oblivion, dusky banners and tattered escutcheons indicated the graves of those who were once, doubtless,
Halaman 234 - MacGregor commanded that the hostage exchanged for his safety should be brought into her presence. I believe her sons had kept this unfortunate wretch out of her sight for fear of the consequences; but if it was so, their humane precaution only postponed his fate. They dragged forward at her summons a wretch already half dead with terror, in whose agonised features I recognised, to my horror and astonishment, my old acquaintance Morris.
Halaman 297 - A hopeless darkness settles o'er my fate ; I've seen the last look of her heavenly eyes, — I've heard the last sound of her blessed voice, — I've seen her fair form from my sight depart : My doom is closed. COUNT BASIL. " I KEN not what to make of you, Mr Osbaldistone," said MacGregor, as he pushed the flask towards me.
Halaman 235 - I recognised, to my horror and astonishment, my old acquaintance Morris. He fell prostrate before the female Chief with an effort to clasp her knees, from which she drew back, as if his touch had been pollution, so that all he could do in token of the extremity of his humiliation, was to kiss the hem of her plaid. I never heard entreaties for life poured forth with such agony of spirit.
Halaman 118 - And while their rocky ramparts round they see, The rough abode of want and liberty, ( As lawless force from confidence will grow) Insult the plenty of- the vales below?

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