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St. Paul and Minneapolis from one-half to one and one-half cents per 100 pounds from the stations of New York Mills, Richland, Perham and Luce.

G. W. Plank, Eyota, No. 12.


C. St. P. M. &0. Ry. Over charge on car load of stock returned from state fair to Eyota in

1890. The claim was satisfactorily adjusted.

M. Phillips, Richmond, No. 13.


G. N. Ry. Site for grain elevator on right of way. Site granted on condition of petitioner putting up one of 30,000 bushel capacity.

S. W. Galbraith, Russell, No. 14.


G. N. Ry.

Depot and agent wanted. Company refuse, claiming the business at that point will not justify the expense. Still pending.

Star Elevator Co., Duluth, No. 15.

vs. Great Northern & Eastern Ry. of Minn., Discrimination in rates in that a higher rate is charged from stations

located between Duluth and St. Paul, or Minneapolis to Duluth, than is charged between St. Paul or Minneapolis and Duluth. Reported in full,

Geo. B. Arnold, Kasson, No. 16.

vs. C., St. P. & K. C. and C. & N. W. Rys. . Requesting the companies to arrange their time table so as to have

morning trains meet at Dodge Center. Arranged accordingly.

A. J. Johnson and others, Lewisburg, No. 17.

G. N. Ry.

· Petition for depot and agent. · Company decline at present, on account of the small business at the station. Still pending.


C., M. & St. P. and Winona & S. W. Rys. No. 18. Application for permission to put in signal arrangement at crossing

three miles below Winona. Permission granted, July 14, 1891.

J. Steels, Minnesota, No. 19.


C. & N. W. Ry.
Site for grain warehouse wanted on right of way.
Company refuse site.

I. E. Starks, Alden,
No. 20.

C. M. and St. P. Ry.

Obstructing street.
Obstruction removed.

No. 21.

P. A. Henning, Aspelund,

C. St. P. and K. C. Ry.
Claim for loss on shipment of butter.


John Thorn, Brownton, No. 22.


C. M. and St. P. Ry.
Site for grain warehouse wanted on right of way:
Application denied by company.

Blyberg & Hougen, Pelican Rapids, No. 23.


G. N. Ry.

Refrigerator car service wanted. Granted by the company.

P. Melbostad, Wolverton, No. 24.


G. N. Ry.

Petition for depot and rigent. Declined by company, on account of small business at said station. Still pending.

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Wm. Wylie and others, Wylie. No. 25.

G. N. Ry.

Petition for depot and agent. Declined by company because side track was put in only for the accommodation of grain shipments. Company sustained by commission.

C. W. Gebhard, Bellingham. No. 26.

G. N. Ry.

Request to have right of way fenced. Request granted and fence put up at once by the company.

J. F. Zetterstrom, Spencer Brook. No. 27.


G. N. Ry.
Petition for site for warehouse on right of way.
Petition granted by the company.

Hillestad & Blyberg, Fosston.
No. 28.


G. N. Ry. Refrigerator car service wanted on Fosston branch." Such service granted by the company whenever they were notified that there were 10,000 pounds or more of refrigerator goods ready to ship.:

W. F. Holden, Ashby.
No. 29.

G. N. Ry.
Alleged overcharge on small shipment of oil.
Investigation showed no overcharge.

O'Neill & Co., Sherburn.
No. 30.

C., M. & St. P. Ry.

Discrimination in billing. When the matter was brought to the attention of the general traffic manager the abuse was abated, agent discharged, and complainants satisfied.

Dahl Bros., Cottonwood. No. 31.


G. N. Ry.
Site wanted for grain house on right of way.
Granted by company.

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G. W. Benner, Dexter,
No. 32.


C. M. & St. P. Ry. Sight for grain warehouse wanted on right of way. At the requst of the commission the company complied with the wishes of Mr. Benner, but the site offered was either not satisfactory, or other arrangements had been made.

Henry Ahneman, Pine Island,
No. 33.


C. & N. W. Ry.

Petition for depot at Lena station, Company declines, on account of small amount of business at said station. Still pending.

J. S. Bixby and others, Bixby,
No. 34,


C. M. & St. P. Ry. Petition for removal of side track from Aurora to a point three

miles south, at Bixby. Reported in full.

B. A. Mantor and others, Hubbard,
No. 35.


G. N. Ry.
Petition for side track three miles south of Park Rapids.
Reported in full.
J. H. Baker, John Diamond, F. M. Currier and E. M. Pope,

Committee of Blue Earth County Alliance,
No. 36.

vs. C. & N. W., C. St. P, M. & O., M. & St. L. and St. P. & D. R.

R. Cos.

Discrimination in rates.
Still pending

F. R. Pettit, chairman committee, Minneapolis,
No. 37.

Terminal Dispatch Association.
Demurrage charges on cars held out for re-inspection.
Reported in full.

N. M. & J. M. Stowe, Wadena,
No. 38.

N. P. and G. N. Rys.

Failure to furnish cars to ship grain.
Reported in full.

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Bogard & Co., Cologne, No. 39.

C. M. & St. P. Ry.

Failure to furnish car to ship flour. Car supplied.

: C. Bogerding, Belgrade, No. 40.


M., St. P. & S. Ste. M. Ry. Discrimination in the matter of distributing cars as between stations.

After some correspondence, company promise to remove all cause for such complaint.

Fred Evander, Village Recorder, Battle Lake,
No. 41.

N. P. R. R.

Depot wanted rebuilt.
Company agree to rebuild.

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Ewert Bros., Bingham Lake, No. 42.

C., St. P., M. & O. Ry.

Lack of cars. There did not appear to have been practiced discrimination, and the company agreed to do their utmost in furnishing cars.


W. F. Powell and others, Warren, No. 43.

G. N. Ry. Better Passenger Train Service wanted. Commission went over this line and found complaint justified.

The company promised to reduce the number of loaded cars and increase the number of trainmen, so as to enable the mixed passenger and freight train to make schedule time and thus remove one of the great causes of complaint. Since this new arrangement went into effect no further complaint has been heard from that locality, except that through train from St. Paul has been late frequently, thereby delaying St. Vincent train.

John Pendergast, New House, No. 44.

C. M. & St. P. Ry.

Lack of cars. Cars supplied.

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