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t for his real and mays on that for the yeas

he can go before the board and swear I asked the supervisor why he had not The question was upon the amendit off. I would not, in the township assessed à certain man who had on ment of Mr. DANIELLS. where I live, oblige every man to swear hand a lot of wool of last year's clip. Mr. DANIELLS. I call for the to the amount of his property, on any He said he would not give it in; yet he yeas and nays on the amendment.. account. It would be doing injustice knew the man had wool on hand, just The yeas and nays were ordered. : to the honor and uprightness of a man, as well as I know what my neighbor's Mr. P. D. WARNER. I desire to when he cannot in all probability, with name is. Two or three men in town move an amendment to the amendout very strict calculations, tell within had old wheat and wool on hand. I ment. I think it should be made exfive, ten, twenty, perhaps even two asked the supervisor why he did not actly what it ought to be, in order to hundred dollars, the amount of personal assess them for it. He said they would secure what is desired. I move to property that he owns. I think such a not give it in.

amend it by adding the following: requirement should not be incorpor- That is the difficulty. This sword "And in case any person shall swear ated into this Constitution, because if will cut two ways. It will prevent the falsely in giving in his assessment, as herein it is adopted by the people and re- supervisor from sliding over his friends, 20

provided, he shall be deemed guilty of treason aby une people and re- | supervisor vrou siang over his vienas, against the State, and the amount of propmains twenty or thirty years, these for he will be required to ask them all erty withheld shall be confiscated to the oaths must be taken by the people for to swear to their property. Men who State.” twenty or thirty years, unless this Con- I are in the habit of giving in all their! Mr. DANIELLS. I move to lav stitution is amended..

property correctly will not raise ob- the amendment to the amendment on This matter should be left to the jections to this provision. : the table. Legislature. The people have tried A farmer's property is assessed; The PRESIDENT. That would this mode once, and have repealed it. I though I venture to say that half the carry the original amendment to the Then why should we incorporate the farms in the county have a mortgage table also, if the motion should be principle here? It has been' tried and on them. Notwithstanding that, the adopted. found wanting; then why try it over farmers have to pay the full amount of Mr. DANIELLS. Then I withdraw again? I do not see any justice in their taxes. Yet the man who has loan- the motion. this amendment. I cannot vote fored the money to the farmer, bringing! Mr. FARMER. I move the indefiany proposition of this kind. . him in debt for his farm, gets off without nite postponement of the amendment

Mr. DANIELLS. Did it demoralize paying any tax on it, because he does of the gentleman from Oakland, (Mr. us when every man had to swear to his not give it in.

P. D WARNER.) property? If it did, then how came Mr. WINANS. Does not the man Mr. DANIELLS. I call for the yeas $4,000,000 worth of personal property have an offset for his debt? to be taken right off the rolls, as soon Mr. DANIELLS. Not for his real! The PRESIDENT. The Chair is of as the oaths were discontinued ? Does lestate: if it is covered three-fourths opinion that a motion of this kind, if it not seem, then, that our Congress of the value of it by a mortgage, he must adopted, would not only carry the the United States is a very immorall pay the full amount of the assessment amendment, and the amendment to the body, when it undertakes thus to de- on the real estate. Indeed, it does not amendment, but the original article bauch the integrity of the whole na- offset his personal property. He can also. tion? Congress does not think it would only subtract it from the money owing

tract. it from the money owing Mr. LUCE. I hope the gentleman hurt an honest man to make him swear, to him that he is receiving interest from Berrien (Mr. FARMER) will withalthough it might strain a man a little on.

draw his motion to postpone. The who wanted to shufile his property out! Of course this gives the creditor a gentleman from Clinton (Mr. DANIELLS) of sight, and induce him to bring it for- great advantage, unless you make him evidently has this subject much at ward. Yet there are many cases in the come up and give in his property. If heart, and I wish him to have a vote United States where even the oath does anybody will tell me a better way of upon it. not make men act honestly in this doing this, and obtaining a just and! Mr. FARMER. 1 withdraw my respect, and they have been prosecuted equal system of valuation and assess- motion to indefinitely postpone. and forced to pay the tax upon their ment, I would be glad to vote for it. The question recurred upon the incomes.

Mr. GERMAIN. I fear if we incor- amendment of Mr. P. D. WARNER to And there is another argument in porate in the fundamental law of the the amendment of Mr. DANIELLS.. favor of my amendment. It will reach State the amendment of the gentleman Mr. LAMB. I call for the yeas and supervisors who want to slide over from Clinton, (Mr. DANIELLS,) when nays on the amendment to the amend. :: some men. I recollect a case in point: the account of it is made public and ment. I hope the yeas and nays will. one of our supervisors in our county gets known abroad, it will not be re-l bò ordered, because I want a stop put was prosecuted a few years ago for garded as very complimentary to the to this playing.. misdemeanor in not assessing his integrity and morality of the people of Mr. DANIELLS. Yes; let us have own property. And when his case the State of Michigan. I believe, if the yeas and nays on it. was examined it was found that he was any such provision as this is necessary 1 The yeas and nays were ordered. letting the property of other men go. I at all, it should be left to the Legisla-1 The question was then taken, and I asked him why he did not assess alture to enact it. I think there exists the amendment to the amendment was certain man who was known to be al at present a correction of the evil com- not agreed to, yeas 8, nays 68, as money lender. He said that the man plained of, that may be applied by the follows: had not given in any property. That people of the townships. Where there! YEAS—Messrs. Brown, Case, Crocker, Ellivery same month the money lender are a few men in the township who re

ott, W. F. Goodwin, Haire, McConnell and

P. D. Warner-8. : came before me, when I was assessing fuse to give in their assessments, let Nays-Messrs. Aldrich, Alexander, Andrus, for the United States, and swore that the people instruct the supervisor to Barber, Birney, Blackman, Bradley, Burtenhe had a large amount of money at in- swear every man in town, to tender the

washaw, Chapin, Chapman, Corbin, Daniells,

Desnoyers, Divine, Duncan, Duncombe, Estee, terest at ten per cent. Would not that oath to every man. In that way those Farmer, Ferris, Germain, Harris, Hazen, fact have been drawn out before the isolated cases may be brought to the Henderson, Hixson, Holmes, Howard, Hussupervisor if the man had been called surface. I am therefore opposed to

a to ton, Kenney, Lamb, Lawrence, Leach, Long

year, Lovell, Luce, McClelland, McKernan, upon there to swear to his property ? this amendment.

| Miller, Murray, Mussey, Musgrave, Parsons, Vol. 1-No. 41.

nis tha fundamental law of the the amenaceu a call for the yeas and

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act it. I left to the necess

Pratt, Rafter, Richmond, Root, Shearer,


one member from each county, making
Sheldon, T. G. Smith, W. A. Smith, Stock-
well, Sutherland, Turner, Tyler, Utley, Van

Mr. HOWARD.. I ask indefinit

I ask indefinite 59 members, I declared myself in favor
Riper, Van Valkenburgb, Walker, M. C. leave of absence for myself. I will of leaving the re-organization of that
Watkins, F. C. Watkins, White, Willard,
Winans, Winsor, Withey, William, Woodhouse,

state, as my reason for making this re- | board to legislative action, hereafter.
Yeomans and the President–68.
quest, that I am obliged to attend to

When, however, an amendment was tinin recurred upon the some official duties which were set offered, proposing to re-organize that amendment of Mr. DANIELLS, (upon down for to-day and Monday. I may board with a smaller number, I was which the yeas and nays had been get through on Monday; and if I do I willing to support that amendment, ordered,) to add to section thirteen shall return on Tuesday.

out of consideration to my friends here the following:

Leave was granted

who so earnestly urged the necessity of "And the tax-pavers shall be required to Mr. F. C. WATKINS. Important reforming that board. At the same give a complete list of their taxable personal business renders it necessary for me to time, I did not suppose that any measproperty to the supervisors, under oath.”

be absent, and I therefore ask leave of ure re-organizing the board would be The question was taken, and the absence until Friday evening next.

adopted by the Convention. I spoke amendment was not agreed,tomyeas Leave was granted.

in favor of the proposition, rather as a 15, nays 64, as follows:

Mr. YEOMANS: My colleague, (Mr. I plan which deserved to be adopted by YEAS--Messrs. Alexander, Blackman, Case, GERMAIN,) is not able to be in attend

ot able to be in attend the Legislature, than as one requiring

the veg
Chapir, Daniells, Duncombe, .Estee, Lamb,
Lawrence, Parsons, Rafter, Stockwell, Tur-

lance on account of sickness. I ask in- action from this Convention. I voted, -
ner, Utley and Walker-15.
definite leave of absence for him.

uniformly, in favor of referring the NAYS--Messrs. Aldrich, Andrus, Barber, Leave was granted. .

subject to the Legislature for action, Birney, Bradley, Brown, Burtenshaw, Chap- Mr. BIRNEY. I ask leave of ab- rather than in favor of this Convenman, Corbin, Crocker, Desnoyers, Divine, I Duncan Elliott. Farmer Terris Cermain D sence until Tuesday evening, for Mr. tion taking action on the question. Goodwin, W. F. Goodwin, Haire, Harris, HAIRE, who is called away by important There may have been, apparently, some Hazen, Henderson, Hixson, Holmes, Howard, business.

inconsistency between my speeches and Huston, Kenney, Leach, Longyear, Lovell,

my votes. Still, I was at all times wilLuce, McClelland, McConnell, McKernan,

Leave was granted.
Miller, Murray, Mussey, Musgrave, Pratt, | Mr. W. A. SMITH asked and ob- ling ta

Mr. W. A. SMITH asked and ob- ling that the proposition reported by
Richmond, Root, Sawyer, Shearer, Sheldon. tained indefinite leave of absence for the committee on finance and taxation,
T. G. Smith, W. A. Smith, Sutherland, Tyler, 1
Van Riper, Van Valkenburgh, P. D. Warner,

1 Mr. W. E. WARNER, on account of should be adopted. I have no objecF. C. Watkins, M. C. Watkins, White, Wila sickness.

tion, whatever, to the proposition which lard, Winans, Winsor, Withey, Williams, Mr. CORBIN asked and obtained in-has been adopted, because the system Woodhouse, Wright, Yeomaps and the Presi- infini dent-64.

- definite leave of absence for Mr. MOR- can be changed hereafter, if it should Mr. FERRIS, when his name was

TON, on account of sickness in his be found to work badly. My preferfamily.

ence from the beginning, however, has called, said: I desire to say in explan

-1 Mr. RICHMOND asked and ob- been to leave the question to the action ation of my vote, that, while I am in favor of the principle of the amend

|tained leave of absence for himself, for of the Legislature, instead of taking ment, I am not in favor of putting it

+, to-day and to-morrow, on account of action upon it in this Convention.
important business.

Mr. MCCONNELL. I move that into this Constitution, and, therefore,

Mr. WILLIAMS asked and obtained the explanation of the gentleman from vote “no.” . The article as amended was then orleave of absence for Mr. GIDDINGS, on Wayne, (Mr. SHEARER,) be deemed suf

ficient and satisfactory. [Laughter.] dered to a third reading, and referred Mr. MUSGRAVE asked and obtained

PETITIONS, ETC. to the committee on arrangement and 1

leave of absence for himself, until Monphraseology, for correction and engross

The PRESIDENT presented a preFoss day night. . . . ment.

mable and resolution of the Grand

Mr. TURNER asked and obtained Lodge of the Independent order of Mr. BAŞBER. I would inquire if,

leave of absence for himself, until Good Templars of the State of Michiunder our rules, this article as amended

amended Monday night. will be printed in the journal ?

gan, adopted at a meeting held at Jack

Mr. SUTHERLAND asked and ob- son, February 14th, 1867, protesting The PRESIDENT. The course here- 4 tofore adopted has been, after an artitained indefinite leave of absence for

against license for the sale of intoxicathimself, after to-day, on account of of- ing liquors. cle has been reported back from the committee on arrangement and phraficial business.

1 The document was read, and on moseology, with such amendments and

PERSONAL EXPLANATION. tion of Mr. McCONNELL, ordered to be corrections as they may recommend. Mr. SHEARER. Mr. President, Ide- printed at large in the journal. It is to let it lie over one day and be printed sire to say a few words by way of ex-l as follows: in the journal. planation of some remarks made by me Whereas, The prospect now is that there

will be a revision of the State Constitution Mr. SHEARER. I move that the within the last day or two on subjects in

before another meeting of this Grand Lodge, Convention now adjourn.

lcoming before this Convention. And and as an effort is being made, or may be The motion was agreed to: and, ac-l let me say, sir, in the language of Paul, made, to restore the license system with all cordingly. Cat twenty minutes past, five that “I had rather speak five words its degrading and corruptios inueace;

therefore, o'clock, P.M.,) the Covention adjourned. with my meaning understood than ten CIOCK, P.M.,) the Covention adjourned. With my meaning understood than ten Resolved, That this Grand Lodge, repre

thousand words in an unknown senting over thirty' thousand of the citizens tongue.”

of Michigan, most earnestly and solemnly TWENTY-FOURTH DAY. 1 When sections 14, 15 and 16 of the the license system

I protest against any action tending to restore

of Michigan, or in any article on Finance and Taxation, were manner to impair the efficiency of the proSATURDAY, June 15, 1867. before the committee of the whole, onih The Convention met at nine o'clock day before yesterday, I expressed my State friendly to the cause, and that a copy

resolution be published in the papers of the a. m., and was called to order by the impression that those sections needed of the same be forwarded by the Secretary to PRESIDENT.

no amendment; that they could not the President of the Constitutional ConvenPrayer by Rev. Mr. STRAUB. I be changed for the better. And, when

tion, when the Convention shall be organized. The roll was called, and a quorum of yesterday, a proposition was made to

| The document was referred to the members answered to their names. 'constitute the board of equalization of committee on itoxicating quors.

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"The PRESIDENT also presented a county, on the same subject; which referred to the committee on intoximemorial of the officers and delegates were referred to the committee on in- cating liquors. of the Grand River Association of Good toxicating liquors.

Mr. MCCLELLAND presented the Templars, representing over six thou- Mr. ANDRUS presented the petition petition of D. Bethune Duffield, E. C. sand persons, belonging to both politi- of Jas. McLalelan, Marshal Gass, and Walker, Wm. Jennison, D. C. Holcal parties in the counties of Ionia, 23 other legal voters of Macomb county, brook, C. I. Walker, C. A. Kent, E. W. Kent, Ottawa, Clinton and Barry, upon the same subject; and the peti- Meldaugh, Ashley Pond, Theodore praying that the granting of license tion of Sarah F. Lerich, Bell M. Lerich, Romeyn, J. W. A. S. Cullen, S. Cochran, for the sale of intoxicating liquors be Lelie Deilrich, Orpha A. Adams, and Hoyt Post, Cleveland Hunt, Wm. Gray, prohibited in the new Constitution; 17 other young ladies, on the same James D. Wier, Henry M. Duffield, which was referred to the committee subject; which were referred to the James Caplis, F. H. Canfield, R. P. on intoxicating liquors..

committee on intoxicating liquors. Toms, Henry B. Brown, John Ward, The memorial was read, and on mo- Mr. STOUGHTON presented the Hovey K. Clarke and Alfred Russell, tion of Mr. CHAPIN, ordered to be petition of Hon. J. G. Wait, David members of the Detroit bar, for a proprinted in the journal.

Knox, J. F. Van Vleck and 42 others, vision in the Constitution authorizing The memorial is as follows:

citizens of St. Joseph county, asking the appointment by the Governor, with To the Honorable members of the Constitu

that section 47, article 4, may be re- the advice of the Senate, of all memtional Convention of the State of Michigan: tained in principle, at least, in the new bers of the judiciary, which was re

We, the undersigned, officers of a Conven-Constitution; the petition of William ferred to the committee on the judicial tion this day convened in the village of Sar- Allman, Rev. A. G. Martin, and 40 department. anac, county of Ionia, composed of delegates other legal voters of the village of CONVICTS IN STATE PRISON FOR MURDER. from Lodges of Good Templars within the district of the Grand River Association of Sturgis, St. Joseph county, on the same! Mn.

Sturgis, St. Joseph county, on the same Mr. LAWRENCE. I offer the folthis Order, in behalf of and by order of said subject; and the petition of Capt. A. T. (lowing resolution.. Convention, would respectfully represent to Drake, O. B. Curtis and 69 others, Resolved. That the Agent of the State your honorable bodyThat this Association represents sixty-seven

legal voters of the township and village prison be instructed to report to this ConvenLodges of Good Templars, numbering over of Sturgis, on the same subject; which tion the number of persons sentenced to the six thousand persons, belonging to both were severally referred to the commit

| persons. belonging to both were severolly referred to the commit | State prison for the crime of murder; how political parties, in the counties of Ionia, toa

many of the same have been allowed to labor. Kent, Ottawa, Clinton and Barry; Obla, tee on intoxicating liquors.

and how many have become insane. That we do unanimously pray that in form | Also, the petition of Harrison Kelley, Mr. TURNER. I would suggest to ing a new Constitution, you will, by express B. B. Gardner and 16 other men, and the gentleman that the resolution provision, pronibit the granting of license Mrs. M. A. Parker, Hannah Kelley and I shoulă specify ormurder in the first for the sale of intoxicating beverages.

And we would further represent that we 43 other women, citizens of St. Joseph degree." I suppose that was what the number, in this organization, hundreds of county, asking equal suffrage for gentleman intended. • men who have been identified with the great

women; the petition of B. Toby, H. Mr. LAWRENCE. It was. temperance reform movement for thirty years through its progressive stages, and do know Wallace, Rev. A. G. Martin and 28 that we utter the sentiments of all the tem- other men, and Mrs. J. V. Kyte, Mrs. that the resolution uses the phrase "alperance organizations in our state, by, insist-1 J. C. Elliott, Mrs. H. C. Martin and 31 lowed to labor.” All these convicts are ing upon retaining in our legislation the prohibitory principle; and whenever the same | Other Women, Cluizens OLDU. Josepu required to labor. Perna

he other women, citizens of St. Joseph required to labor. Perhaps the object has been submitted to a vote of the people, county, on the same subject; and the of the gentleman was to ascertain the it has received their approval.

petition of William Allman Isaac Aynes, number suffering solitary confinement. Therefore, regarding the prohibition of the manufacture and sale of intoxicating drinks

| A. T. Drake, T. E. White and 34 other Mr. LAWRENCE. That was my as resting upon the same foundation as the men; Louisa Allman, Mrs. Manly object...: suppression of larceny or murder—a crime Chase and 8 other women, citizens of Mr. MCCLELLAND. I suggest to against God and man-firmly believing this, we must and will stand by this principle, at St Joseph county, on the same sub- the gentleman to add to the resolution any and all hazard.

Tject; which were referred to the com- the words « and how many have been And we hereby appoint Hon. B. A. Harlan, Rev. John Russell, Rev. F. B. Bangs, Col. D.

pardoned.” M. Fox and A. B. Morse, a committee to pro

| Mr. SHEARER, presented the peti- Mr. LAWRENCE. I modify my ceed to Lansing and present this memorial tion of Henry Carlisle and L. McClum-resolution in accordance with the sevto your favorable consideration.

pha and 30 others, for the prohibition eral suggestions which have been made. SARANAC, June 13, A. D. 1867.1 B. A. HARLAN, President. Or we sale of mtoxicamus Tent of the sale of intoxicating liquors, and

quors, and

The resolution, as modified, was

the petition of Wm. Teri Eyke and 23 adopted.. .
L. B. BARNUM, V. Prest. . l others, on the same subject; which
A. B. MORSE, Secretary,

G. W. WOODWARD, Treas.
were referred to the committee on in- .

The PRESIDENT laid before the toxicating liquors. . Mr. WALKER presented the peti

Convention the following communica

Mr. WHITE presented the petition tion of Sylvester Hoyt, Eliza S. Hoyt,

tion: 'l of John Blair, G. B. Nichols and T. C. Alden Smith, Penelope Smith, Fred.

: SECRETARY'S OFFICE, Putnam, and 33 other citizens of the Wukinson, Amanda M. Wilkinson, I toownshins of Martin, Allegan county, l Hon Cupres M. CROSWELLA President of

Lansing, June 15, 1867. Chas. Lyon and others, citizens of St.

praying for a clause in the new Consti- the Constitutional Convention: Johns, Clinton county, for equal suf

tution prohibiting the manufacture or SIR-In compliance with a resolution passed frage for men and women; which was

sale of intoxicating liquors as a bever

dias a haver by the Convention on the 10th inst., I have referred to the committee on elections."

the honor to transmit herewith, an exhibit of | age; which was referred to the com- the pardons grapted by each Governor since Mr. ROOT presented the petition of Imittee on intoxicating liquors:.

the adoption of the Constitution of 1850, as Ingersoll Smith, D. S. Waldo, M. Bab-1 ME BROWN

1 Mr. BROWN presented the petition appears from the executive journals. cock and 80 others, of Jonesville, Hills- of J.: O. Pierce. Isaac Bennett and J. B.

Very respectfully,

SAMUEL H. ROW, ax.ecounty, praying that section.", Tompkins and 41 others, legal voters . .. Deputy Secretary of State. article 4, of ihe present Constitution, of the township of Girard, in the county : The communication and accompanybe retained in the new; and the peti-l of Branch: praying that section 47. Ling list were laid on the table, and ortion of . W. Dunn, L. Collins, C. article 4. of the present Constitution dered printed at large in the journal. Brown and 24 others, of Hillsdale be retained in the new; which was! The list is as follows;.

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TABLÈ Showing the number of Pardons Granted by each Govornor, since the adoption of the Constitution of 1850,

the Term each Governor held Office, the Term of Sentence of each Convict, and the date of his Pardon, and for what Crime Convicted...! Gov. JOHN S. BARRY, whose term of office commenced Jan. 1850, and expired Dec. 31, 1851, granted three pardons, as follows:

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William Somerville,...... April 26, 1851,..

Six months,...,

June 17, 1851,.......... Assault and battery.
Joseph M. Crane,.......... September, 1844,.

Two years,
October 23, 1851,....

William Mahoney,......... October; 1851, ......... Five years.....

.: November 1, 1851, ......: Larceny.
Gov. ROBERT MCCLELLAND, whose termi of office commenced Jan. 1, 1852, and expired March 7, 1853, granted 11 pardons, as follows:
Michael Doyle, ............ October, 1848, ............. Five years.................March 29, 1852, ...........Receiving stolen goods.
Samuel Prate,...
January, 1848,

April 6, 1852, ..

Perjury, Benjamin Messinger,... July, 1851,.....

lone year, ........

July 1, 1852,...

i Larceny;

8 June, 1845, ...

Eight years, William Hammil,.......


Burgluary and larceny:
December, 1847
Five years,...

( Erastus Bowen,.........


Counterfeit money, with intent to pass.
James Butler,........... March, 1850,....
Fifteen years,...

Ten years, ....

6 16 John Dunn, .........

John Randall, ........
November, 1851,
One year, ............ November 8, 1852,

Erastus Champlin,.....
September, 1851
Five years, ......
March 2, 1863,

Ebenezer Farnham,..

Eight years....
Erastus Smith,......

Five years,..
Gov. ANDREW PARSONS, whose term of office commenced March 8, 1853, and expired Dec. 31, 1854, granted thirty-six pardons, as follows:

ars, ..

..... April 8, 1853, ............ Concealing stolen goods. Henry Reypolds, .......... March, 1852..... George A. Spaulding,...... April, '1852,

May 2,

Grand larceny.
Andrew J. Patterson, September, 1852,

Forging draft.
John Critchell,..........
May, 1852,....

John Brien,......... October, 1848,

Anthony Murray ...
Samuel Woodward, Spring Term, 1846,
Harry Mosher,..
June, 1851,

Nathan Foster,
November, 1851,

Samuel Hascall,..
April, 184?,..

March, 1847,...

......... · William Butler, ....

Manslaughter. William Hall, ....... 16. 1852,...

Lafayette Thayer,.. May, 1846,......

Janies B. Lyon,
October, 1851,..

Joseph Carlisle,.... June, 1852, ....
Jessee Doyle,...
December, 1851,

Morgan McCarty,...... October, 1850, .

October 12, 1853

December, 1848,

22,66 Joseph Rodemaker,,.....

September, 1853,

24 16. Andrew J. Freeland,...

November 1

Nicholas Schoonover, ...... April, 1852,.....
James Supple.........

December 6

Assault with intent to kill.
John Howard,......
October, 1851, ....
4 years,

Marcus Beeler,.
March, 1853,.

June, 1853,


Burglary and Larceny.
William Pollock,
April, 1852,

September 25,

Samuel Carlinsky,.....
June, 1853,

October 4,

Edward Blake, .......
March, 1853,

Francis A. McCamley, .....
September, 1853,

Aiding to break jail'
George Wells,..........

November 28,

Assault with intent to kill. Benjamin F. Dade,.. :16 1851,...

December 23,

Lyman Champlin,... September, 1851,

Willard Champlin.
Richard Price,......

Eben Price,.......
William Corwin, ...,
James L: Perkins,.....
of 1853,

........ Forgery. Gov. KINSLEY S. BINGHAM, whose term of office commenced Jan. 1st, 1865, and expired Dec. 31, 1858, granted one hundred and thirty-nine pardons, as follows: .. [September, 1851;.......... 10 years, .................. January, 1000, ..........

.... . Conspiracy.
Alonzo B. Hoyt,....
April, 1851,.............

Eliza Beesley,..........
December, 1854..

... March

Receiving stolen goods.
Henry H. Whaney,.. December, 1853,


Henry Hack,
October, 1851,...

February 12, 1855, Perjury.
Lyman Nelson,..
March, 1853..

Cornelius Bixby,.......
.. September, 1853,


Receiving stolon goods.
Wiliam Bowen,........
October, 1852,...



1 20 16 Joseph Gary,......... ... September, 1852,....

Passing counterfeit money
John Smith,...
June, 1855,.......
60 days,............

July 4, 1855,.
Peter Ohent,..............!June, 1855,..
William Barrett ............ (July, 1850,...
20 years and 6 months,.... " 10,"

Burglary and larceny, assault and battery with

intent to kill, and for breaking jail.
Theodore Barker,......
July, 1852,......

William Jackson,.....
October, 1863,

Edmund Grandy,.......

Andrew Lepper,........

November; '1853, Margaret Mandeville,... April, 1856,.....

year, in.

Assault and battery. Gardner Chappell,... May, 1856,....

Crime against nature..
Marvin D. Hazard,..... April, .......

David E. Powers,.
September, 1853,

Robert Cary,
September, 1854

Burglary and larcesy.
George Tefft
December, 1847,

Albert Pratt,...
October 26, 1856,
90 days,.....

Assault and battery.
John W. Baker,
|March, 1852, ........
years,.................. Jan. 5, 1856,::

Henry H. Annabil,
March, 1855,....
2 years and 6 months,.. Feb. 1

John W. Glazier,.... September, 1852,.
5 years.........

Offering counterfeit money.
John Burns,........
September, 1854,

Burglary and larceny.
Lydia Hartman,...... March, 1856,....

1 year,

Having counterfeit money.
July, 1852,..
Daniel Rathbone,...

8 years

Passing 66 ·
Orlando D. Williams, September, 1851
10 66

Alonzo Deleo, ..........
Fail Term, 1853,

John Conklin,...

June, 1852, .......
Frederick Bram, ...
March, 1866,.....

Passing counterfeit money.
Jonathan Price,
September, 1851
g 16

Obtaining goods by false pretenses.
Daniel F. Paris, ..
September, 1854

Charles Tryon,..
May, 1856,.......
1 year,..................

Refusing to pay over money.
Charles Hughes,.......
June, 1851,..
15 years and 6 months,...

|Larceny and breaking jail.
Patrick McMahon,.....
October, 1854,....
For life,...............

John Hartman,...
September, 1856,
2 years,...

Assault and battery with intent to kill.
William Hartman,....
April, 1856,..........

Passing counterfeit money.
Alonzo Crandall,
November, 1855,


Ami Filley,..

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Dec. :••••

House breaking with intent to steal. A George Allard,.. woulde .......... dorom December, 1855, 2 years and 6 mon

Patrick Spellman,
May, 1853,

Peter Cadott,..
June, 1866,...
4 years,...........


Manslaughtor, second degree. Elmer C. Benton,........ September, 1854. 8 years, ............•••••

Rape. Frederick Turret,....

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Assault and battery upon an officer S***••••••••••••••

September Term,......... John Long,...........

1 year ,....

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90 days,


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John Stephenson,......
October, 1864,...
6 years.........

James H. Bingham,.....
October, 1852,..

Passing counterfeit money.

March 2 “ William Rowe,...

Disorderly conduct.
James Campbell,...... October, 1863,...

Daniel F. McGee,'
November, 1851,
......... a 2006

Assault and battery and attempt at rape
Polly Howdenj.....
July, 1856,.........

April 8. "

April, 1856,.......
Josepn Gray,........

3 years,
April 22, 1857,

Receiving stolen property.
November, 1863...

« 30. Marshall Chillson,.....

Grand larceny.
William N. Mills,
April 24, 1857
175 days,

Petit larceny.
Samuel Dodd,..
May 15, 1867,
4 months,

Commuted to fine, June 15, Receiving stolen goods.
Barney Doty,..
Otober, 1854,....

June 26, 1857,...

Polygamy." Kern McGinnis, ...... December, 1864,

Passing couc terfeit money.

1779 16 Perry W. Whittaker,.... September, 1856,..

1 year,... Owen Glaney,........ December, 1847,

14 years,
September 9, 1857.

Margaret Lindsley,.... October, 1854...

Receiving stolen goods.
Sylvester M. Woods,.... September 1855

Stephen Fowler
December 1854,

Assault and battery with intent to kill.
Richard Conner,
90 days,......

Agsault and battery John Jordan,......... October, 1851,.


Adelbert Blodget,..... October, 1854,...
William H. Parker,..... Septamber, 1856,..

Assault and battery intent to maim
Richard Moffat,......, September 1856,..
Francis Wells,........


Rape and assault to commit rare.
De Witt C. Horton,........ February, 1866,
For life,

Martin Remington,..ins
December, 1853,
6 years,

Burglary and larceny.
John Waterman,......
December, 1854

Margaret Seabrook,.... September, 1867,
6 Months, .......

Keepiog house of ill-fame. James W. Petty,...... ........... (10 years,.............

Larceny. Thomas Z. Taylor,...... December, 1854,..


Highway robbery:
Mary Murning........
June 23, 1857 1,...
Until 21 years old,

Common prostitute.
Peter West,............ January, 1851,..
20 years,

Edward McCurrick,


Joseph Stoddard,
May, 1857,..........

Compound larceny.
Willis Sperry,...........
B 16

Larceny and breaking jail.
Amos Ives,................March, 1855,..........

Larceny. Daniel Moynahan,..... December, 1854,...

Malicious injury. Catharine Moultree,... January, 4, 1858,.. 100 days,...

Larceny. Henry Beck,.......... April, 1856, ......

4 years,

John Alsop,..
December, 1854, .

John Murphy,
October, 1862,

William Schilt
December, 1867, ... 6 months,...

John McQueen
3 years,....

Wiliis McAllister,
March, 1866,
3 years, ....

Having counterfeit money.
Isaac S. Allis,...
December 24, 1857,
6 months,

Assault and battery,
Thomas Noonan,..
March, 1854,........ 5 years,

Robert Brown,.

December, 1857, .
Robert Brown,..
January 9, 1858,..

6 months,
Silas J, Owen
May, 1858,.....
2 years,

Threatening for the purpose of extoriing mcpez: Alanson Harvy, September, 1857, 3 6 ....

Larceny. Joseph H, Hall, ........ May, 1857,...

1 year,. Clark Matthews,.... October, 1857, .. 10 years,

Assault and battery with intent to commit a rape. Nathan Ward,....

Passing counterfeit money, George Payne,....... June, 1855,.

Burglary and Larceny.
Lewis W. Rider, ... • July, 1855,..

Having counterfeit money.
David Griffith, .
June, 1857,

John D. McIntyre,..... April, 1857,..

John Feasel,...
April, 1858....

3 months, ... Samuel Foursier,...... May, 1855,...

5 years, John Stid, ............... March, 1858,.... 2 years, ..

Charles C. Woo

January, 1857,
Nelson Knight,
Fall term, 1853...
20 years,

Joseph Peel,
June 16, 1858,.......
40 days,.....

Assault and battery.
Benjamin Feel,..
Peter Smith,...

Violating city ordinance,
Charles A. Baker,
November, 1857
10 years,..

Martin Doty,........... March, 1355, ........

Incest. Andrew Sutherland, May, 1858,...i. 1 year,

Assault and battery,
Francis Williams,... September, 1852,

Samuel Seaman, ..
December,' 1856,

Charles Jackson,..
Septembes, 1854, ..

James Hollinbeck,
June, 1857,

Silas Johnson, ....
September, 1857,

Charles Stewart,........ October, 1856, ..

Larceny. William Leggett, ........ October, 1856,

* 16
Thomas Metross,.... December, 1857, .
Thomas Matterson,.. March, 1867,...
3 years 3 months,

Assault with intent to kill.
William Odell,...
September, 1867,
5 years

William Kelly,
November, 1857,
1 year, ..........

Assault and battery,
James Kelly, ...

Resisting an officer:
Andrew Kelley,.......
Samuel De Wolfe,.... August 30, 1858,
75 days,

Assault and battery.
Gilbert R. Shays,..
September, 1851,.
5 years, .........

Burglary and larceny
Hosea Reeves,
December, 1855,

Samuel P. Hart,
February, 1856,

Richard B. Coleman, ...
June, 1857, .........

John Winters, ..........
May, 1848,...
For life,...

Charles B. Baker, ..
May, 1854,...

James Weaver,
July, 1852,

Burglary and larceny.
Rinaldo Baxter,..
July, 1856,

Having counterfeit money.
John Wilson,
April, 1857,

16 21 16

Housebreaking and stealing. Theodore Chilson.. December, 1857,... 3 years six months,.......

16 25 16

Secreting stolen goods. · Baruey Riley,.............

13 years, .................

66 28, "....

Attempt to commit sodomy.
Gov. MOSES WISNER, whose term of commanced Jan., 1859, and expired Dec., 1860, granted seventy-five Pardons, as follows:
Caroline Thompson, ....... October, 1854,
15 years, .... ................ January 1, 1859,. . . . . . ......

Laurie Elliott,.....
Bridget Murray,....

16 28. 16 .......

Larceny. Eliza Chilson,.. .. December,....

3 " 6 months, ........ March 28, 1859, ........ Receiving stolen goods. Rebecca Galway, ........ 1856,

Larceny. John Morgan,.....

November, 1855, James E. Tower, September, 1858,..

Having counterfeit money
Augustus Stisser,

July, 1856,....
George H. White.
June, 1858, .

Jeremiah Fisher

Calvin Sacket,..
September, 1857,

John Badger,
September, 1856,.. 10 years,

Murder in second degree.
William Close,..


Burglary and Larceny. -
John Crowley.
December, 1856,.....

Murder in second degree.
Daniel T. Schofield,..
66 1857.

- Assault and battery with intent to murder.... John I. Brooks,........... June, 1857, ....

Larceny. Sarah Ang

January, 1859,...

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