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alternates, the following were declared nomi- energetic efforts to afford them adequate protection nated : D. C. Giddings, of Washington County, in person and property by the State, we also earnestand S. II. Epperson, of Marion County, elec- ly appeal to the General Government to give that

protection and security to our people and their proptors; Columbus Upson, of Bexar County, and erty thus exposed, to which they are entitled under Samuel J. Adams, of Dallas County, alternates. the Constitution of the United States.

The following platform was adopted by the 4. That the Democratic party, firmly upholding convention :

the Constitution of the United States as the founda

tion and limitation of the powers of the General We, the Democracy, in convention assembled, Government, and the safe shield of the liberties of hereby declare our principles and policy, and ask the people, demands for the citizen the largest freefor them the popular approval :

domo consistent with public order, and for every 1. We reattirm our faith in the principles of the State the right of self-government and home rule; Democratic party, as heretofore enunciated by our that, to uphold the former and protect the latter, the State Conventions, and congratulate the people Democracy of Texas plants itself for the great leadupon the faithful redemption of all the pledges ing principles enunciated in the inaugural of Presiupon which the Democratic party was recently dent Jefferson and the farewell address of the implaced in power in Texas; and point to the honesty mortal Jackson, and enters the contest of 1876 with and efficiency of our present State administration, as the firm conviction that the elements of opposition a guarantee of our continued fidelity to the interests to the national Administration should be consoliof the State and people.

dated in the approaching, presidential campaign, 2. The Democratic party, now as in the past ad- without prejudice to the unity and perpetuity of the hering to its policy of maintaining an efficient sys- Democratic organization. tem of general education, declares it to be the duty 5. We pledge to the nominees of this convention of the Legislature of the State to speedily establish our earnest and active support. and make provision for the support and maintenance of public free schools, and to this end to exercise For the same election of February 15, 1876, the whole power with which it is invested.

the Republicans nominated a State ticket, head3. The sufferings and losses of our people on the ed by William Chambers as their candidate for . frontier from the forays of savages, and upon the Governor, and adopted a platform which cenby the Mexican banditti, enlist our deep and sincere sured Governor Coke's administration of the sympathy; and while we hereby pledge our most State government; denounced the proposed

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new constitution; indorsed the present admin The state of parties in the Legislature was as istration of the Federal Government; and asked follows: Of the 31 Senators—Republicans 3, that Mr. Pinchback be allowed to sit in the one of them colored, and 28 Democrats, two Federal Legislature as Senator from Louisiana. of these being characterized as Independent

The election resulted generally in favor of Democrats. Of the 85 Representatives—Demthe Democratic nominees, by greater majori- ocrats, 69; Independent Democrats, 4; Repubties over their Republican competitors than in licans, 4, of whom two are colored; Granger, 1875. The majority of the Democratic candi- 1; Independents, 2; with no party designadate for Governor in that year was 47,631; tion, 5. Of the 21 district judges elected, there the whole number of votes then cast on Gov- were—Democrats, 16; Independent Democrat, ernor having been 152,337, out of which Mr. 1; Republican, 1; Independent, 1; with no Coke received 99,934, Mr. Davis 52,353. party designation, 2.


The new Constitution was adopted at the

FLOATING DEBT. election of February 15th. The whole number Warrants on general revenue unpaid August of votes cast in the State was about the same

81, 1876...

$212,034 57

Pension certificates and approved claims unas on the State ticket, and its adoption secured bonded..

63.257 00 by about the same majority, though somewhat Approved certificates of debt.

15,978 88 less.

Interest due Agricultural and Mechanical Col-
lege fund....

53,400 00 The new constitution, being ratified by the

Total. people, went into operation on the third Tues

$334,699 5 day in April, 1876. The benefits expected to

DEBT OF DOUBTFUL VALIDITY. accrue to the people of Texas from it have been State bonds issued to State University fund, stated as follows:

under act of November 12, 1866, as indemni

ty for United States bonds belonging to that The adoption of the constitution has saved the fund, and transferred to general revenue acpeople from an appalling disaster. It is a rebuke to count in February, 1860...

$134,472 26 railroad peculators; it has condemned the enemies

Interest to August 31, 1976, on above bonds isof the Texas & Pacific Railroad, by preventing en

sued to University fund...

63,874 80

State bonds of act of November 12, 1666, issued try to the lands guaranteed to the road by the State ;

to school-fund in lieu' of United States bonds it has secured the payment of taxes on 30,000,000 belonging to that fund used during the late acres of land, on which at present not a cent of taxes

82,168 82 is paid; it has secured to every county its fair pro Interest to August 31, 1876, on above bonds portion of the proceeds from taxation; it prevents

issued to school-fund..

89,030 20 unjust usury; it preserves the credit of the State in

State bonds, act of November 15, 1864, issued

to school-fund in lieu of warrants belonging her bonded securities; it fixes the capital of the State

to that fund destroyed during the war., 820,367 13 permanently at Austin, and gives her 3,000,000 acres Interest on above bonds issued to school-fund, of the public domain which is worth, at the to August 31, 1876..

217,849 50 least calculation, as many dollars ; this same to be expended in the construction of a new Capitol and


$857,762 21 other public buildings. Add to the other blessings which the constitution confers, that it is so framed

The business transacted at the General Landas to remove the objections of the fastidious in the Office, in regard to the disposal of lands befuture by its provisions for easy amendmerts. A longing to the vast public domain of Texas, two-thirds vote of the Legislature is required to pro- has been much larger during the last fiscal year pose amendments ; and the acceptance by a majority than at any previous one. The number of patof the votes cast, at either a special or general election, secures its adoption. . Under the provisions ents issued within that period, and covering of the new constitution, the Legislature will be con 2,421,989 acres of land, was 4,555; and new vened on the third Tuesday in April. The session files have been made covering 9,870,687 acres. will consist of three months' duration, and after The amount of fees and dues received at the that the people will be called upon to pay for biennial sessions only, and these confined to a distinct said office during the yeur was $54,530.91. period. The general election will be held on the The whole number of acres comprised withfirst Monday in November, commencing with No- in the area of Texas is estimated at 175,594,vember, 1878. The officers elected under the new constitution will hold their offices as if they had 560; number of acres of public domain against been elected in November. This prolongs their which no claim exists, 67,580,129. terms of office six months and some days. They

The Legislature continued its session for will be installed in office on the third Tuesday in ninety days, comprising the full time of u April, the same day that is fixed for the assembling regular session, and nearly the two additional of the Legislature.

months allowed by the new constitution, until The members of the Legislature met at Aus- August 22d. tin on April 18, 1876, when both Houses were On May 2d, the second Tuesday from the soon organized. T.' R. Bonner was elected opening of the session, the Legislature proSpeaker of the House, he having received 45 ceeded to the election of a United States Senavotes, against 43 cast for D. U. Barziga, lis tor, for the term of six years, to begin with competitor, also a Democrat.

March 4, 1877. The joint votes having stood, The aggregate amount of the State debt, for Richard Coke 68, for John Ireland 49, bonded and floating, on August 31, 1876, con

Richard Coke was declared to be duly elected. sisted of the following items :

The legislation of the session was strictly

local in its nature. BONDED DEDT. Bonds for funding State debt, act of November

The total vote for presidential electors on

$125,000 00 November 7th was 149,555, of which the Bonds for funding State debt, act of May 2,

Democratic electors received 104,755, and the 1871

75.000 00 Frontier defence bonds, act of Angust 5, 1873.. 697,000 00 Republican electors 44,800. The Democratic Bonds for funding State Warrants, act of May

candidates for Congress were elected by a 30, 1573...

4,400 00 Bonds for funding State Warrants, act of May

combined majority of 60,476. 2, 1974..

499,000 00 TIDEMAND, ADOLF, one of the most celeRevenue deficiency bonds, act of December 2,

brated painters of Norway, born August 14,

500,000 00 Bonds for payment of floating debt, act of

1814 (not 1815, as erroneously stated in some

1,000,000 00 Pension bonds, acts of August 13, 1570, and

works); died August 25, 1876. He studied in April 21, 1874...

1.099,974 00

the Acad ies of Copenbagen and Düsseldorf, Bonds for redemption of State debt, act of July

and in 1841 brought out his first large paint6, 1876..

875,000 n0 ing, representing a scene from the life of GusTotal..

$4,875,374 00 tavus Vasa. Having returned to Düsseldorf

9, 1966..


March 4, 1974..

after a journey to Munich, Rome, and Nor- test was waged against the members of the way, he devoted himself exclusively to paint Tammany Ring” holding city offices, who ing scenes from Norwegian history. He first were charged with defrauding the city treasury gained considerable celebrity by his painting, of many million dollars, Mr. Tilden rendered in* An Afternoon Service of Haugians" (a re- valuable services to the cause of reform by his ligious sect of Norway), for which he received famous avalysis of the accounts of the Broadthe gold medal of the Berlin Academy. In way Bank, showing conclusively how the 1850 he decorated the dining-hall of the Royal alleged culprits had shared their spoils, and Palace in Oskarshall with ten paintings, repre- furnishing legal proof for their conviction. In senting the Norwegian peasant-life from begin- 1872 he was again elected to the General Asning to end. Other works of importance are , sembly, where he continued his exertions in “The Orphan," "The Wolf-Hunter in the Moun- the cause of reform. In 1874 he was elected tain-Hut," and "The Norwegian Funeral.” In Governor of New York by a plurality of 50,317 1860 he produced two paintings, “The Dress- votes over John A. Dix (Republican) and Myron ing of the Bride” and “The Administration of II. Clark (Prohibitionist). He was inaugurated the Lord's Supper in a Hut,” which attracted January 1, 1875, and soon after declared war considerable attention. “The Duel at the Wed- against the “ Canal Ring," which resulted in ding" (1864) is considered his most powerful the overthrow of that organization. When the and passionate painting. His “Wedding Pro- National Democratic Convention assembled in cession,” finished in 1873, gained for him a St. Louis, in June, 1876, Governor Tilden was medal in the Vienna Exposition. His last large the leading candidate for the first place on the picture was finished in February, 1876. It rep- ticket. On the first ballot he received 4034 resents the landing of Colonel Sinclair with of the 713 votes cast. When the vote for the Scottish auxiliaries for Sweden, at Romsdælen, second ballot was finally announced, Governor in 1612.

Tilden had 535 in a whole vote of 738. The TILDEN, SAMUEL Jones, was born in New nomination was made unanimous, and he was Labanon, Columbia County, N. Y., February declared the Democratic candidate for the 9, 1814, where his grandfather, John Tilden, presidency. He accepted the nomination in settled in 1790, and where his father, Elam à brief speech on July 11th. His formal let. Tilden, was a farmer and merchant. Samuel ter of acceptance was dated July 31st. (For entered Yale College in 1833, but soon left this letter, and the results of the election, see that institution and graduated at the Univer- UNITED STATES.) sity of New York. He was admitted to the TRANSVAAL REPUBLIC, a free state in bar in 1841, and began practice in New York South Africa, occupying a part of the territory City. In 1814 the Morning News, a daily paper, of the former Dutch colonies in that region. was established in New York, to advocate the Area, about 114,300 square miles; white popelection to the presidency of James K. Polk. ulation, 36,600; native population, 300,000. Mr. Tilden invested capital in this enterprise President, Thomas François Burgers; he was and became the editor of the journal, which inaugurated in 1872 ; his term expires in 1877. position he held until after the election. In President Burgers conceived a plan for organ1815 he was elected to the New York Assem- izing a direct trade with the Netherlands by bly, and in 1846 was chosen a member of the means of a railroad to be built to Delagoa Bar. Constitutional Convention, where he was made with this view he visited Europe in 1875 and a member of the Committee on Finance and 1876, and secured from the Portuguese Gov. Canals. In 1855 he was defeated as the “ Soft- ernment the concession of the privilege of Shell ” Democratic candidate_for Attorney- building a railway, free of taxes for fifteen General of New York. Mr. Tilden now de- years, through the Portuguese territory to the voted himself to his profession. His practice port of Lorenzo Marquez, which was ratified was very extensive, and by it he amassed con- by the Portuguese Cortes on the 23d of Jansiderable wealth. Besides other important uary. He also formed trade connections with cases he was counsel, in 1856, for Azariah C. mercantile houses in Amsterdam, and conFlagg, in the case growing out of the con tracted a loan with a banking-house in that tested election for the controllership of New city for carrying out his purposes. York City; in 1857 for the relatives of Dr. Soon after the return of President Burgers Burdell against the claims of Mrs. Cunning to his country, the republic became involved in ham; and for the Pennsylvania Coal Company difficulties withi Secocoeni, the chief of one of in the suit brought by the Delaware & Hudson the Caffre tribes. The trouble arose in charges Canal Company. Mr. Tilden became chairman by the Boers, or Dutch colonists, that the naof the Democratic State Committee in 1866, tives were committing depredations upon their and was a leading member of the Constitu- lands and stealing their cattle. Secocoeni was tional Convention of 1867, serving with dis- called upon to repress the trespasses of his tinction on the Finance Committee. IIe be people, but, asserting that he was not tributary came an indefatigable laborer in the cause of to the white government, refused to obey. judicial and political reform in the city of New The Volksraad, by the advice of President BurYork, and in 1869–70 was active in the organ- gers, ordered a "commando" to be called out ization of the Bar Association. When the con to chastise him. An alliance was formed with

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