The Parliamentary Or Constitutional History of England;: Being a Faithful Account of All the Most Remarkable Transactions in Parliament, from the Earliest Times. Collected from the Journals of Both Houses, the Records, ...

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Printed; and sold by Thomas Osborne, ... and William Sandby, 1753

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Halaman 441 - And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city.
Halaman 305 - England shall be assigned for the keeping of the Peace, one Lord, and with him three or four of the most worthy in the County, with some learned in the Law...
Halaman 211 - Certainly," says Whitlocke,** with his usual candor, "never any man acted such a part, on such a theatre, with more wisdom, constancy, and eloquence, with greater reason, judgment, and temper, and with a better grace in all his words and actions, than did this great and excellent person; and he moved the hearts of all his auditors, some few excepted, to remorse and pity.
Halaman 314 - And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.
Halaman 86 - Egypt, have got possession of our dwellings, and we have scarce a room free from them ; they sip in our cup, they dip in our dish, they sit by our fire ; we find them in the dye-vat...
Halaman 243 - God, should not entangle himself with this world ; it is a sufficient and just conviction of those, who would divide themselves betwixt God and the World, and bestow any main part of their time upon secular affairs : but it hath no operation at all upon this tenet, which we have in hand; That a man, dedicate to God, may not so much as, when he is required, cast a glance of his eye, or some minutes of time, or some motions of his tongue, upon the public business of his King and Country.
Halaman 213 - Strafford of high treason, for endeavouring to subvert the ancient and fundamental laws and government of His Majesty's realms of England and Ireland, and to introduce an arbitrary and tyrannical government...
Halaman 210 - Let us not awaken these sleeping lions to our destruction, by taking up a few musty records that have lain by the walls so many ages, forgotten or neglected. May your lordships please not to add this to my other misfortunes ; let not a precedent be derived from me so disadvantageous as this will be, in its consequence, to the whole kingdom.
Halaman 149 - I am far from maligning the person, nor in my heart wish I the execution of any man ; but, certainly, it shall be a justice well becoming this house, to lay their heads at his majesty's mercy, who had laid us under his feet, who had made us but tenants at will of oar liberties and estates.
Halaman 44 - Synod, in which, by an unheard-of presumption, they made canons that contain in them many matters contrary to the King's prerogative, to the fundamental laws and statutes of the realm, to the right of Parliaments, to the property and liberty of the subject, and matters tending to sedition and of dangerous consequence...

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