The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings

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Kregel Academic, 1983 - 253 halaman
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For centuries scholars have puzzled over the problem of Old Testament chronology. One of the most difficult issues has been the synchronization of the reign of the Hebrew kings. The biblical records provide much information about these kings and how they relate to each other. But when all the information is put together it seems contradictory, as early as the third century B.C. attempts were made to correct these seeming errors in the biblical text. Solutions to these difficulties appeard even more remote as scholarship succeeded in determining the exact dates of events in acient Babylon and Assyria, and these dates seemed to be in hopeless conflict with the Bible.

Dr. Edwin R. Thiele has addressed these issues and solved the problems related to the chronology of the Hebrew kings. By carefully studying the biblical data, he determined the dating methods of the early Hebrew scribes. By following the principles established by these scribes, Dr. Thiele has succeeded in producing a chronology that is consistent with the scriptural records and the records of other nations of the ancient world.

From its first publication this book has been recognized as a classic in the field of biblical studies. In this revised third edition Dr. Thiele reexamines the records in light of recent scholarship, explores more fully the Hebrew dual dating system, and offers a careful rebuttal to Shenkel's thesis that the Septuagint provides a more accurate chronology than the Masoretic Text does. This new material and the revised material from previous editions make this a book of great value to all students of the Bible.


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Thiele did a lot of research to understand the dating of the Kings of Israel. I disagree with him occasionally for theological reasons. He would make changes if doing the book today, simply because ... Baca ulasan lengkap

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Sometimes interpreting the Bible is -- to put it delicately -- a tricky matter. A case in point: The chronology of the Kings of Israel and Judah found in the books of 1-2 Kings. There are, in effect ... Baca ulasan lengkap


The Problems of Old Testament Chronology
The Fundamental Principles of Hebrew Chronology
Coregencies and Rival Reigns
The Establishment of an Absolute Date in Hebrew Chronology
The Chronology of judah and Israel 930841 BC
The Chronology of Judah and Israel 841723 BC
The Contacts of TiglathPileser III With Azariah and Menahem
The Siege and Fall of Samaria
The Chronological Data of the Kings
The Dates of the Kings of Israel and Judah
The Ages of the Kings of Judah
Coregencies and Rival Reigns in Israel and Judah
Hebrew and Babylonian Months
The Assyrian Eponym List
The Rulers of Babylon and Persia According to the Canon of Ptolemy
Eclipses Establishing the Chronology of the Ancient Near East

The Chronology of the Kings of Judah 715561 BC
The Origin of the Book of Kings
In Conclusion
Glossary of Basic Terms
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