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it is certain that in point of under- and unclean ; and that ye may teach standing and piety, the water-drink- the children of Israel all the statutes, ers had no equals. Jonadab, the son which the Lord hath spoken unto of Rechab, commanded his sons not them, by the hand of Moses.” This to drink wine or strong drink; and law is repeated in a somewhat differhis sons obeyed his command; and ent form in Ezek. xliv. 22. А yet there is no fault found with either similar regulation appears to have the father or his offspring. There is prevailed respecting kings and not the slightest intimation in the princes. “It is not for kings, O whole Old Testament, that it was Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wrong to abstain from intoxicating wine, nor for princes strong drink.” drinks : there are, on the contrary, And hearken to the reason assigned: innumerable intimations that the “ Lest they drink and forget the proper drink for man is water. law, and pervert the judgment of

And it is much the same with the any of the afflicted.” Prov. xxxi. New Testament. John was a Tee- 4–5. The reason assigned in this totaler from his birth ; Christ drank passage why kings and princes should wine, but there is no proof that he abstain from intoxicating drinks, drank intoxicating wine; and it is and the reason assigned in Lev. x. certain that the Apostle Paul under- 10, why the priests should abstain stood that men were at liberty to from such drinks, when going into abstain not only from wine of all the tabernacle of the congregation, kinds, but even from flesh; and that appear to me to be applicable to all there might be cases in which it who are called to take any part in might be his duty to abstain from those affairs of importance, especially in things. “If meat make my brother affairs of a religious nature. to offend,” says he, “I will eat no Among the children of Israel there more meat while the world stand

was an order of people called Nazaeth.” And again he says, “ It is good rites, persons who were specially neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, “ separated to the Lord.” This ornor any thing whereby thy brother der of people appears to have been stumbleth, or is offended, or is made looked upon by God with special weak." 1 Cor. viii. 13. Rom. xiv. approbation. In some cases persons 21.

were commanded to be Nazarites, as But not only is abstinence from in- in the case of Samson, and in no toxicating drinks tolerated and en- case does any obstacle appear to have couraged by the Scriptures; there been placed in the way of any one are intimations given that the use joining this order, whethier male or of such drinks is very dangerous.- female. And yet the Nazarites were There were some cases under the required to abstain from all intoxiOld Testament dispensation in which cating drinks, and, as if to prevent intoxicating drinks were expressly the possibility of them taking intoxiforbidden. Aaron and his sons cating drink by mistake, they were were forbidden to drink either wine forbidden to use any thing that was or strong drink, when they went produced by the vine. « And the into the tabernacle of the congre- Lord spake unto Moses, saying, gation, and a reason is given for Speak unto the children of Israel, the prohibition, which retains its and say unto them, when either force to this day, and which should nian or woman shall separate themrecommend abstinence from intox- selves to vow a vow of a Nazarite, icating drinks to all who desire to separate themselves unto the to honour the religion of Christ.- Lord; he shall separate himself from The passage is as follows :-Lev. x. wine and strong drink, and shall

" And the Lord spake unto drink no vinegar of wine, or vinegar Aaron, saying, do not drink wine of strong drink, neither shall he nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons drink any liquor of grapes, nor eat with thee, when ye go into the ta- moist grapes, or dried. All the days bernacle of the congregation, lest ye of his separation shall he eat nothing die : it shall be a statute for ever that is made of the vine-tree, from throughout your generations; that the kernels even to the husk.”ye may put difference between Numbers vi, 1–4. As we have alholy and unholy, and between clean ready intimated, Samson belonged to this order. The angel that gave any serious injury or inconvenience. promise of his birth to his mother I would say more : I have tried the said to her ; “Now, therefore, be- principle of abstinence for more than ware, I pray thee, and drink not seven years, and I have known great wine nor strong drink,--for, lo, thou numbers who have tried the same shalt conceive and bear a son, and principle for a great part of the same the child shall be a Nazarite unto period, I have heard and read the God from the womb.”

8, &c.

results of similar experiments made Abstinence from intoxicating by thousands upon thousands of perdrink was enjoined upon John sons in different countries, and in difthe Baptist. When the angel offerent climates,--I have heard and read the Lord foretold his birth to his the judgments of numbers of persons father Zacharias, he said, “ Thou who have examined the subject with shalt have joy and gladness; and the greatest attention and care;and the many shall rejoice at his birth.- result of all,—the conclusion which I For he shall be great in the sight of draw from my own experience, and the Lord, and shall drink neither from all that I have heard, and seen, wine nor strong drink; and he shall and read on the subject is, that entire be filled with the Holy Ghost, even abstinence from intoxicating drinks from his mother's womb." Luke i. may be practised by men generally, 14–15.

not only with perfect safety, but with It is manifest therefore that the advantage.

I know that some notion that abstinence from intoxi- persons still entertain doubts on cating drinks is unscriptural, is al- this subject, but I am persuaded that together erroneous. It seems plain there is no good foundation for those to me, that the Sacred Writings, so doubts. I have known numbers who far from making abstinence from in- once believed it impossible for them toxicating drinks unlawful, hold to do withoutintoxicating drinks, who forth the use of such drinks as very after inaking a fair trial, found they dangerous, and encourage and in- could do better without them than directly recommend abstinence from with them. I had myself doubts as intoxicating drinks, as the most safe, to the possibility of doing without the most prudent, and the most pious intoxicating drinks, and when I first course. And every one that candidly made the experiment, I did it with examines the Scriptures on this sub- fear and trembling: but I have now ject will acknowledge, that whether done without them between six and the Scriptures encourage abstinence seven years, and so far from being infrom intoxicating drinks or not, they jured thereby, I am healthier and certainly do not forbid it,--that they stronger, I believe, than ever I was leave us perfectly free to abstain, in my life. At the time when I laid whenever we have reason to believe aside the use of intoxicating drinks, that by abstaining we can best pro- I was very unwell indeed. I was mote the interests of religion, and the very much troubled with indigestion; welfare of our fellow-men. Absti- I soon took cold, and my colds at nence from intoxicating drinks is per- that time had a very serious effect fectly lawful then.

I was scarce ever a fort2. Abstinence from intoxicating night without a sore throat or a sore drinks is not only lawful, but prac- chest, either winter or summer, and I ticable also. Some things are lawful was obliged to wear hot plaisters alwhich are not practicable. There is no most theyearthrough. I was frequentlaw against men making each other ly obliged to blister myself on the Saimmortal, or turning the various sea- turday, in order that I might be able sons of the yearinto one delightful and to preach on the Sunday; and many perpetual spring: but no such thing is a time have I preached when my practicable. But the plan which we chest was blistered and raw from recommend for doing away with side to side. I was also frequently drunkenness, and for securing to the troubled with a cough, and on one whole race of mankind the blessings occasion my cough appeared to be of sobriety, is practicable. People almost immoveable. may abstain from intoxicating drinks; much troubled with the heart-burn they may all abstain--and they may also, and I had frequently ano, abstain, I believe, without sustaining ther very distressing pain as if

on me.

I was very

I was


there was something burning or more regular. My sleep was less scalding hot, pressing upon the bot- disturbed, and more refreshing; and tom of my stomach. This latter a less quantity of sleep was sufpain was the most distressing of all; ficient for me. I did not so soon take it used to take away almost ail my cold, and when I did take cold, my strength, and make me that I could colds did not affect me so seriously, scarcely stand upright. I was also nor remain with me so long as they much subject to depression of spirits, had been accustomed to do. and to distressing and frightful dreams. more cheerful and comfortable in my I was also subject to many other soul. I had not so much need of symptoms of ill-health, which it is those teazing and tormenting blisternot needful for me to mention here; ing plaisters. My heartburn left me, and I was, besides, gradually and and so did that other dreadful pain manifestly getting worse. While I that used to distress and afflict me was in this state, I went to Boston so; and I have not been troubled to preach, but I was so unwell that with either of them six hours during I was obliged to have medical help. the whole of the last seven years and The person that visited me was Dr. a half. I felt greater pleasure in my Small, who has lately appeared be- labours, both in the pulpit and in fore the public in some of the tem- my study; and so far from finding it perance periodicals. I told him how necessary to study less, I have been I was, and he gave me his opinion able to study more. I believe I have freely in return. He gave it as his spent from three to four hours a day opinion that unless there was more in my study since I became an speedy change in me for the better, abstainer from intoxicating drinks, I should die in the course of twelve than I used to spend in my study or eighteen months of consumption, before. And the work which I used brought on by indigestion. And Í to do out of my study was nothing believe he was not far from the truth. compared with what I have done He questioned me as to my habits of since I became an abstainer. I have life, and I answered him freely; and travelled, I believe, at the rate of he concluded by ordering me medi- from five to ten thousand miles a cine, and giving me advice. He ad- year: I have travelled in all weavised me, in the first place, to give thers, and principally outside the up the use of tobacco ; in the second, coach; I have generally lectured, to give up taking suppers, or to take preached, met classes, or held disonly a small piece of dry crust to cussions six nights a week, besides my supper; in the third place, to preaching three times and travelling give up the use of all fermented and six, ten, or twenty miles on a Sabdistilled drinks; and, in the fourth bath, and besides numerous weekplace, to study less, and spend more day services in which I have been time in exercise, and in breathing the engaged through the week. I have fresh air. As for smoking tobacco, been steeped through with rain on I could hardly entertain the thought the coach by day, and slept in damp of giving up that; and I could not beds by night, and I have gone think of paying less attention to through a vast variety of toils, and a study. I had no objection to exer- vast amount of mental exercise, of cise in the fresh air, except that it which but few can form any just would take up a part of the time conception; and what is the result? that I was accustomed to give to my My friends who were opposed to studies. As for suppers, I did not Teetotalism used to tell me I should much care for them ; I could give kill myself, and that though I might them up with little trouble; and I be able to endure it for a time, I should did not care much for intoxicating see what it would do for me at drinks, and I resolved to give them length; but how does the matter up too, if I could do without them. stand ? I have abstained between When I got home again to Sheffield, seven and eight years, and I have gone I laid aside intoxicating drinks, and through an amount of labour and I began to take less and lighter food suffering, which I should once have for my last meal; and I began to thought it impossible for a man to improve in health from that time. have gone through; and yet so farfrom My appetite improved, and became being injured or destroyed, I am if I

6 But you

am not mistaken, stronger, and stout- back was not near so bad as when he er, and healthier, and happier, than used to take his usual allowance of I ever was in my life. And I do not gin. And abstinence had a benefistand alone in this respect. I have cial effect upon the whole family.known other ministers, who were The eldest son told me, when I was afflicted much in the same way as I leaving that part of the country, was, while they used intoxicating that the last half year, during which drink, and who, since they became they had all been Teetotalers, was abstainers, have experienced advan- the only half year, since his recollectages somewhat similar to those which tion, that the family had been withI have experienced myself.

out a doctor's bill. I have met with numbers of persons

There was another case near Cheswho thought it impossible to do with- ter of a similar description; the out intoxicating drinks before they name of the individual was G. W. tried, but I have not met with one, that He was a stout, red-faced, healthyI recollect, that has fairly tried to do looking man, but he thought he could without them, who has not complete- not do without a little intoxicating ly changed his mind. I went one drink. “I have frequent attacks of day into the shop of J.W., at Chester, a bowel complaint," said he, “and if and I had not been in long, before I were not to take a little brandy on he began to talk about Teetotalism. those occasions, the consequences “ It is a very good thing," said he, might be very

serious." “I am glad you have taken the sub- might do without ale,” I said, “Why ject up; but you must not attempt yes, I inight do without ale," he reto carry the thing too far. I plied. I advised him to abstain as have no doubt it will do well enough far as he could, and he gave up the for many, but you must not think use of ale from that time. But after that it will do for all. It won't do he gave up his ale, his bowel comfor me, for instance. I have got a plaint left him, and he had no need for complaint in my back, that would the brandy. The complaint which kill me, if I were not to take a little seemed to render necessary one kind gin. It is a dangerous thing to push of intoxicating drink, was itself the a principle too far.” I saw he was effect of another kind of intoxicating hardly in a fit state to be reasoned drink. And this is frequently the with on the subject just then, so that after a few kind words, I left him, Some have been convinced of the with the intention of speaking with excellency of Teetotalism against him on the subject at some other their wills. A friend of mine, near time. Meanwhile a number of his Halifax, when Teetotalism first came children became Teetotalers, and into his neighbourhood, was confident found the principle to answer very it was a piece of folly, and he was well. Then others of his children resolved to have nothing to do with became Teetotalers, and they also it whatever. But he broke his leg, found it to answer. At length his by some means or other, and while whole family, his wife and nine he was under the care of the doctor, children, became Teetotalers, and he was required to act on the Teepoor J. W. was left alone. What total principle. He was so astonished was he to do? He still thought it at the happy effect which abstinence was impossible to do without a little had upon his frame, that he resolved gin, but how was he to get it? He to become a Teetotaler himself, and I did not like the idea of sending any believe he both acts on the principle of his Teetotal children to the gin- of abstinence and recommends it to shop, and he did not like to go him- others to the present day. self, so that there seemed no way When I first went into Wales, seleft for him but to try if he could veral of the leading members of the not do without it. He did try to do church, with which I was connected, without, and, curious enough, so far quite laughed at the notion that peofrom taking any harm in conse- ple could do as well without intoxiquence, his health was greatly im- cating drinks as with them, and when proved. He smiled when I called I recommended them to lay them again, and told me the whole story, aside, and try for themselves, they and declared that the pain in his seemed as if they could hardly be



lieve that I was sincere. A number sweepers and members of parliament, of them were, notwithstanding, led to by persons confined to their rooms, try the principle, and so convinced and by persons exposed to all weawere they of the safety and excellen- thers, by persons in Britain, and by cy of the principle, that they became persons who have travelled in all the its advocates, and they continue its four quarters of the globe. I have advocates to this day.

known it tried by persons of various Some think Teetotalism will do for constitutions in the same employcertain constitutions and employ- ment, and by persons of apparently ments, but that it will not do for all similar constitutions in different emconstitutions and employments. It ployments, and I have not met with is my belief that there are no consti- one, that I can recollect, that has tutions nor occupations to which in- tried it fairly and fully, that has not toxicating drinks are necesssry. Ab- found it to answer. stinence from intoxicating drinks has I have known cases in which perbeen tried, and found beneficial, by sons have appeared to sustain injury people of all kinds of constitutions and from Teetotalism for a time, but when occupations, so far as we can learn. I the parties have persevered in the exhave myself known people of a vast periment, they have either found that variety of constitutions and occupa- what they supposed to be unfavourtions, who have tried Teetotalism, and able, was not unfavourable in realiI never met with one that tried it ty ; or that the unfavourable effects fairly, who did not find it to an- remained only for a short time, and

I have known it tried by that they speedily gave place to other persons that were healthy, and by effects of the most satisfactory descrippersons that were sickly ; by per- tion. Some people thatare very bulky sons that were robust and strong, and fat, lose weight when they give and by persons that were delicate up the use of intoxicating drinks; and and feeble ; by persons that were full when they find themselves losing of life and spirits, and by persons weight, they fancy they are going at that were sedate and calm; I have full speed to the grave; but let them known it tried by fat persons, and by have a little patience and courage, lean persons; by old persons, and by and they will find they are doing no young persons ; by males, and by such thing. The loss of fat is not females; by persons that were mar- always an injury. Fat is neither ried, and by persons that were sin- health nor strength ; nor is it, in gle ; by mothers of children, and by general, any thing akin to health persons without children ; by per- and strength. Fat is often a disease sons who had been previously accus- rather than otherwise, and the loss tomed to drink much, and by per. of it is frequently a great advantage. sons who had been accustomed to To suppose, therefore, that Teedrink little ; by persons who had totalism is doing a man harm, merely been used to ale and porter chiefly, because it happens to be lessening his by persons who had been principally weight, is not wise. I have known used to wine, by persons who had persons who have lost a great deal in been accustomed to distilled spirits, weight, who have, notwithstanding, and by persons who had been accus- been great gainers in health and tomed to any or all kinds of intoxi- strength. I knew a man in one cating drinks, as they might happen to place where I lived, who lost thirtycome to hand:I have known abstinence five pounds in weight in less than from intoxicating drinks practised by eight months, after he became a Teeweavers and spinners, by shoemakers totaler, but he was all the better for and tailors, by millers and joiners, by his loss. When he used to take inbrewers and publicans, by soldiers toxicating drinks, he was so fat, that and sailors, by farmers and mer- he was burden to himself. chants, by rich people and poor peo- He could not have run a hundred ple, by miners and colliers, by glass- yards, I believe, if his life had deblowers and iron-founders, by smiths pended on it: he was out of breath and carpenters, by porters and po- if he walked quickly across the road; licemen, by doctors and preachers, and if he had to go rapidly up a few by dressmakers and shopkeepers, by steps, he was almost exhausted. Fat coachmen and guards, by chimney was a serious affliction in his case,


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