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ation of the Fourteenth Annual Conference,



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-Mr. A. W. Gutridge, St. Paul. p-President--Wm. A. Schaper, Ph. D., Minneapolis. ice-President-Rev. J. H. Gaughan, Red Wing.. and Press Agent-Mr. E. D. Solenberger, Minneapolis. Secretary-Mr. H. C. Withrow, Duluth. Committee-Mr. A. W. Gutridge, St. Paul; Rev. S. G. Smith, D. VIr. George A. Brackett, Minneapolis; Hon. R. A. Mott, Fari

B. Wakefield, Blue Earth City; Dr. T. C. Clark, Stillwater; Lee, Long Prairie; Mr. G. A. Merrill, Owatonna; Dr. A. C. uult; W. W. Folwell, LL. D., Minneapolis; Jas. J. Dow, L. H. Mr. C. E. Faulkner, Minneapolis; Dr. H. A. Tomlinson, St. T. Schain, Brown's Valley; Mr. A. J. Eckstein, New Ulm; ld, Winona; Mrs. G. A. Merrill, Owatonna; Alice J. Mott, 1t; Mr. Louis Pfund, Ada; Mr. Frank L. Randall, St. loud; berger, Minneapolis.




mith, D. t, Farierater; 4. C. · H. St.

The Thirteenth Minnesota State Conference of Charities and Correction developed characteristics which indicated clearly that the work from year to year is receiving the impress of the time in which we live.

While much time was given to considering how most effectively to remedy existing evils, the Conference felt itself more decidedly in its element when prevention was the topic receiving attention, and the feeling which called for preventive measures, was best satisfied when prevention by means of education, cultivation, character-development was occuping the minds of the delegates; it found itself responding warmly to the line of thought awakened by Dr. Towne's paper. The idea that both poverty and crime can be effectively reached only by strengthening character was controlling.

The consideration of matters off the path usually followed was also a feature.

The most distinct, definite enthusiasm of the Conference was created by the papers upon the prevention and cure of tuberculosis. Those into whose hands this report falls, who feel they cannot read it through, are especially requested to read these papers as well as that upon the County Hospital and the District Nurse. Another interesting innovation was the helpful papers upon Settlement Work in small cities, so too the consideration of the aims of the American Political Science Association. The need for a Separate Training School for Girls, was shown by Mrs. Higbee to be so urgent as to enlist new friends and inspire old ones, and Judge Hurley's calm, clear presentation of the claims of the Juvenile Court was instructive and convincing

The general character of the papers, addresses and discussions was so helpful, that it is difficult to single out any for special reference.

The meeting of the county official's section was the best yet held.

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Thirteenth Minnesota State Conference of Charities

and Correction.

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Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. Vembers of the State Conference

of Charities and Correction :

On behalf of the city of Faribault I welcome you with open arms to our gates. We are proud of the distinction of having such a representative body of people come to our community. We know well you stand for high ideals. We know well what charity has done for the State of Minnesota. We have good reason to know, because on the hills to the east we have institutions of which the whole State of Minnesota may well be proud, and there is not one heart in our beautiful city that does not beat true to those institutions. We have in this city many unfortunate men, women and children; still we have a comfortable place in which to care for them,

I know well that you come for a high motive, you come to bring tidings of joy to the homes of those unfortunate people, and it is a pleasure for the city of Faribault to receive you in the best possible way it can. We have a city here of at least 10,000 people. I am sorry that we couldn't welcome you with a larger assembly, indicating a more hearty greeting, but we give you at least the best of our feelings, and the kindest of our respects, and anything that you may ask for within reason will certainly be granted. I want to thank you one and all, for this kind attendance. (Applause.)


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