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Balance of Canal Fund in the Treasury. Nov. 15, 1836,

39,522 24 6 Tolls and donations,

250,000 000 Ohio Canal Lands,

40,000 000 School Lands,

100,000 000 Canals proportion of revenue for 1836,....

86,394 66 0 Total,...

515,916 90 6 Domestic Interest up to January 1, 1836. School section No. sixteen,... ... ..

26,573 88 3 Common School,

1,716 06 2 Virginia Mil. School..........

6,425 99 5 United States Mil. School,

5,346 23 1 Connecticut Western Reserve School, 743 89 8


..... 40,806 06 9 From which, deduct the amount of re

venue collected for Canal purposes, for the year 1835,

23,208 31 3

17,597 766

Balance of domesticinterest chargeable to the revenue of the year 1836,


Domestic interest up to January 1, 1837. School section No. 16,

33,330 33 6 Common School,... ....

1,811 28 0 Virginia Mil. School,....

6,930 66 0 United States Mil. School,...

5,944 90 0 Ministerial section No. 29,....

40 11 0 Total amount of interest accruing on the

Con. Wes. Res. School fund, in the hands of the Fund Commissioners, up to Jan. 1, 1837,

31.894 97 3 Deduct the amount heretofore charged be to the Canal fund,.......... 6,079 &1 5 25,815 15 8

73,872 44 4

Total domestic int. chargeable to revenue of 1836,..... 91,470 20 Interest on foreign loans,

260,000 000


351,470 20 0

Balance applicable to the sinking fund,.....

164,446 70 6

The finances ot' this State, as herein exhibited, still remain in a prosperous condition, although some of the sources of the public revenue have failed to realize the anticipated receipts for the year just closed. The aggregate amount of the Canal tolls for 1836, afford a few thousand dollars more than the receipts the previous year. They consequently fail of being sufficient to meet the interest upon our Canal debt. This deficiency, however, I am satisfied, is owing more to the constant increase of emigration to this State, particularly in the newly souled counties, and to the consequent coasumption of the surplus produce of the farmer by the actual settler of the country, than to the want of a well regulated Canal system: and the constant drain of the country by means of this increase of population among us, of all such articles of transportation as would otherwise find their way to market upon our Canals, instead of being a source of complaint, is certainly one of pride and satisfaction to the whole community. la my report of last year, a comparative view was taken of the increase of the Public Revenue, consequent upon a REVALUATION OF THE REAL PROPERTY OF THIS STATE, which exhibited a vast accumulation of pro. perty upon the Granul Lery, since the year 1925, and as these addiiional sources of revenue are constantly multiplying and improving around us, the Legislature will annually regulate the per centun to be levied so as to meet the ordinary demands of the Government, and at the same time provide for the payinent or our loans.

All of which is
Respectfully submitted.


Auditor of State.


от тях



Thiriy=Fifth General Assembly.



Columbus, December 7th, 1836. To the Honorable the General Assembly:

GENTLEMEN:—Herewith I transmit to your consideration, a statement of the receipts and disbursments of the public money, from the 15th of November, 1835, to the 15th November, 1836.

The amount received for taxes, &c. between the 15th
Nov. 1835, and the 15th Nov. 1836,

233,707 62 3 Transferred from the Irreducible School sunds to the

General Revenue fund, as directed by the act of
June 19th, 1835,

67,351 41 5

301,059 03 8.

From which, deduct the following sums, to wit:
Deficit in the general revenue on the
151h Noy. 1835, ........

33,599 07 9 The amount of audited bills redeemed

between the 15th Nov. 1835, and the 15th Nov. 1836,

169,023 26 O The amount of interest paid on School

fund, arising from the sale of section sixteen,

26,573 38 3 The amount of interest paid on the li.

nited States Military School fund, 5,346 23 1 The amount of interest paid on the Vir

ginia Military School fund,...... 6,425 995 The amount of sundry drafts on bank

ing and insurance companies, drawn for tax due the State, and returned for non-payment, to the Auditor of State, 27,785 18 O The amount of counterfeit bank paper

cancelled per resolution of the last General Assembly,

949 000 The amount of loss on depreciated pa

per, disposed of ur.der said resolution, 10 50 0

269,713 12 8

$31,345 91

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