Electric Railway Handbook: A Reference Book of Practice Data, Formulas and Tables for the Use of Operators, Engineers and Students

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McGraw-Hill Book Company, Incorporated, 1915 - 832 halaman

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Halaman 439 - The purchaser may make the tests to govern the acceptance or rejection of the material in his own laboratory or elsewhere. Such tests, however, shall be made at the expense of the purchaser.
Halaman 439 - The inspector representing the purchaser shall have free entry, at all times while work on the contract of the purchaser is being performed, to all parts of the manufacturer's works which concern the manufacture of the material ordered.
Halaman 429 - The standard turned test specimen, one-half inch (}") diameter and two-inch (2") gauged length shall be used to determine the physical properties specified in paragraph No. 3. It is shown in the following sketch.
Halaman 53 - Besides conferring the quality of hot ductility, manganese also raises the critical temperature to which it is safe to heat the steel, for just as it resists the separation of the crystals in cooling from a liquid, so it opposes their formation when a high thermal altitude augments the molecular mobility. These two...
Halaman 430 - The manufacturer shall afford the inspector, free of cost, all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that the material is being furnished in accordance with these specifications All tests and inspection shall be made...
Halaman 431 - Drillings shall be taken from the crop end of one axle, shaft, or similar part from each melt represented, parallel to the axis on any radius one-half the distance from the center to circumference, to determine whether the chemical composition of the heat is within the limits specified in Paragraph 3. In addition to the complete analysis, the purchaser...
Halaman 651 - A strand composed of a central core surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid wires or groups of wires.
Halaman 217 - ... when operated on stand test with motor covers and cooling system, if any, arranged as in service. Inasmuch as the same motor may be operated under different conditions as regards ventilation, it will be necessary in each case to define the system of ventilation which is used. In case motors are cooled by external blowers, the volume of air on which the rating is based shall be given.
Halaman 588 - MESSENGER OR CATENARY SUSPENSION: All forms of overhead trolley construction in which the trolley wires are attached, by suitable devices, to one or more messenger cables, which in turn may be...
Halaman 222 - Consider any period of peak load and determine the electrical losses in kilowatt-hours during that period from the electrical efficiency curve. Find the excess of the above losses over the losses with rms service current and equivalent voltage. The excess loss, divided by the co-efficient of thermal capacity, will equal the extra temperature rise due to the peak load. This temperature rise added to that due to the rms service current, and equivalent voltage, gives the total temperature rise. If the...

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