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TONGAI The Fijian Remcdy for Neuzalgia.

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This remedy has been used for several centuries by the aborigines of the Islands, though introduced to the notice of the profersion in Engiand only ab year ago.

The success attending i's use in the hands of Drs. Sidney Ringer and Wm. rell, of London, England, induced us to dispatch an agent to the Fiji Islands fe collection of a quantity of this valuable drug. fieretofore the secret of its has been jealously guarded by the Fiji chiefs, the knowledge of its compositio ing handed down as an heirloom from one generation to another. Througl Ryder, a resident from Fiji, a specimen of the remedy was first brought to Eng with the statement that he received it from a European who had married a c daughter and had learned the secret from his father in-law.

Tonga, as prepared by the Fijans is a compound of several plants, and oce the form of small loose bundles, the remedy being enveloped in a wrapper inner bark of the cocoanut tree.

The natives administer it in the form of an infusion, but it has been found alcohol much more thoroughly extracts its active principles.

Drs. Ringer and Murrell base their report of the use of the drug on a suff number of cases and C. Buder, ophthaimie urgeon to Guy's Hospital says: results obtained by Drs. Ringer and Murrell fully coincide with miue. I have of cures of brain and kidney disease in which Topgal alone succeeded in rem pain. All cases of neuralgia (supra and infra-orbital branches of the fifth n with swelling of the temporal veins during the attack were benefitted."

Reports from Sidney, Australia, show that Tonga has also been successfully ployed as a remedy for neuralgia by the professisn of that country.


This new Mexican remedy is introduced to the medical profession of this co on the authority of Dr. A. H. Saxton, Baltimore, Md., who has communicate results of his experience in its use in an article in the January, 1881, number THERAPEUTIC GAZETTE.

The demulcent and expectorant properties claimed for the drug by Dr. Saxto such as must commend it to the careful attention of the profession, and espe so during the season of catarrhal affections of the espiratory passages. A re which combines demulcent with expectorant properties, and at the same time seem to show the drug to be possessed of an alterative influence in the respin mucous membrane which must enhance its value in those chronic affections so rebellious to treatment.

We prepare a tincture of Lippia Mexicana and will be pleased to furnish a r of Dr. Saxton's article, on application.

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