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A Proclamation.

Invitation to other nations.

Engraving and printing stock. Preparation of medals.

| Participation of Executive Departments. Whereas by the act of Congress approved March 3, 1871, providing Proclamation. for a National Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the

Preamble. Independence of the United States, by the holding of an International

1871, ch. 105, vo). Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures, and Products of the Soil and Mine, xvi. 0.450. in the city of Philadelphia, in the year eighteen hundred and seventysix, it is provided as follows:

“That whenever the President shall be informed by the Governor of the State of Pennsylvania that provision has been made for the erection of suitable buildings for the purpose, and for the exclusive control by. the Commission herein provided for of the proposed Exhibition, the President shall, through the Department of State, make proclamation of the same, setting forth the time at which the Exhibition will open, and the place at which it will be held; and he shall communicate to the Diplomatic Representatives of all nations copies of the same, together with such regulations as may be adopted by the Commissioners, for publication in their respective countries;”

And whereas His Excellency the Governor of the said State of Pennsylvania did, on the twenty-fourtb day of June, 1873, inform me that provision has been made for the erection of said buildings and for the exclusive control by the Commission provided for in the said act of the proposed Exhibition ;

And whereas the President of the United States Centennial Commission has officially informed me of the dates fixed for the opening and closing of the said Exhibition, and the place at which it is to be held :

Now, therefore, be it known that I, ULYSSES S. GRANT, President of Centennial Inthe United States, in conformity with the provisions of the Act of Con-ternational Exhi.

bition at Philagress aforesaid, do hereby declare and proclaim that there will be held,

delphia, from at the city of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, an Inter- April 19 to Octonational Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures, and Products of the Soil and ber 19, 1876. Mine, to be opened on the nineteenth day of April, A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and to be closed on the nineteenth day of October, in the same year.

And, in the interest of peace, civilization, and domestic and inter- Celebration and pational friendship and intercourse, I commend the celebration and exhibition comexhibition to the people of the United States; and, in behalf of this mended to all na

tions. Government and people, I cordially commend them to all nations who may be pleased to take part therein.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington this third day of July, one thousand
Tomy eight hundred and seventy-three, and of the Independence of
LSEAL.] the United States the ninety-seventh.

By the President:

Secretary of State.

An act in relation to the Centennial Exhibition. Whereas, at various international exhibitions which have been held June 5, 1874. in foreign countries, the United States have been represented in pursu- --

Preamble. ance of invitations given by the governments of those countries, and preamble accepted by our own Government, therefore,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Invitation to States of America in Congress assembled, That the President be requested foreign govern. to extend, in the name of the United States, a respectful and cordial pate in Centen.

ments to particiinvitation to the governments of other nations, to be represented and nial Exhibition. take part in the international exposition to be held at Philadelphia, under the auspices of the Government of the United States, in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-six: Provided, however, That the United United States States shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any expenses attend- penses of exposi.

not liable for exing such exposition, or by reason of the same.

ticn. Approved, June 5, 1874.

An act to authorize medals commemorating the One hundredth anniversary of the

first meeting of the Continental Congress, and of the Declaration of Independence. June 16, 1874. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

- States of America in Congress assembled, That medals with appropriate Medals com memorating the devices, emblems, and inscriptions, commemorative of the Centennial one hundredth Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence be prepared at the anniversary of Mint at Philadelphia for the Centennial Board of Finance subject to the independence.

provisions of the fifty-second section of the Coinage act of eighteen hun-
provisions of the fifty-second sectio
dred and seventy-three,* upon the payment of a sum not less than the

cost thereof, and all the provisions whether penal or otherwise of said Protection coinage act against the counterfeiting or imitating of coins of the United against counter-States shall apply to the medals struck and issued under the provisions feits.

of this act.

Approved, June 16, 1874.

Act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses.
March 3, 1875. SEC. 1. *
Engraving and

ha For engraving and printing certificates of Centennial stock for the printing Centen. International Exhibition to be held in the city of Philadelphia in the nial stock. year eighteen hundred and seventy-six, thirty thousand seven hundred Proviso.

and fifty dollars: Provided, That that this appropriation shall not be construed as in any manner committing the Government of the United States to any other payment whatever to meet the expenses of said exhibition.

Participation of Sec. 5. To enable the Executive Departments of the Government and Executive De: the Smithsonian Institution to participate in the International Exhibipartments and Emithsonian Ini tion of eighteen hundred and seventy-six, the following sums are hereby stitution in In- appropriated, namely: For the Interior Department, one hundred and ternational Exhi- fifteen thousand dollars; for the Treasury Department, five thousand bition.

dollars ; for the Post-Office Department, five thousand dollars ; for the
Agricultural Department, fifty thousand dollars; for the Smithsonian
Institution, sixty-seven thousand dollars; for the United States Com-
mission of Food-Fishes, five thousand dollars; for the War Department,
one hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars; for the Navy Depart-
ment, one hundred thousand dollars; for show-cases, shelving, station.
ery, postage, telegrams, expressage, and other necessary incidental ex-
penses, twenty-five thousand dollars ; in all, five hundred and five
thousand dollars; to be disbursed under the direction of the board on
Executive Departments appointed in pursuance of the presidential order
of January twenty-third, eighteen hundred and seventy-four. And au-
thority is hereby given to the heads of the several Executive Depart-
ments to display at the International Exhibition of eighteen hundred
and seventy-six, under such conditions as they may prescribe, subiect to
the provisions of section seven of the act of June first, e
and seventy-two, all such articles in store or under the control of said

Departments as may be necessary or desirable to render such collection Proviso. complete and exhaustive: Provided, That should it become necessary to

erect any building or part of a building for said exhibition, on the part buildings.

of the Government, the same shall be paid for, pro rata, out of the sums appropriated to the several Departments, the United States Commission of Food-Fishes and the Treasury and Post-Office Departments excepted, the cost of the building not to exceed one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and at the close of the exhibition, said building shall be sold

and the proceeds covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts : Proviso. And provided further, That the sums hereby appropriated shall cover the

entire expense to which the United States Government shall be subjected on account of said exhibition, except the sum appropriated in this act for printing the certificates of stock of said exhibition, and the board on

Executive Departments is forbidden to expend any larger sum than is Limitation of set down herein for each Department, or to enter into any contract or expenditures.

engagement that shall result in any such increased expenditure; and no money shall be taken by any Department for the purposes of this exhi

bition as aforesaid from any other appropriations except the one hereby Proviso.

made : And further provided, That of the sum hereby appropriated the sum of two hundred thousand dollars shall be immediately available. Approved, March 3, 1875.

* See $ 3551, under COINAGE.



Sec. 1395. Number and appointment of.

1398. Appual report. 1396. Qaalifications of.

1479. Rank. 1397. Form of worship.

1556. Pay. SEC. 1395. There shall be in the Navy, for the public armed vessels of Title 15, Chap. 1. the United States in actual service not exceeding twenty-four chaplains,

Number and who shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of appointment of. the Senate.

SEC. 1396. A chaplain shall not be less than nor more than Qualificati o ns thirty-five years of age at the time of his appointment.

SEC. 1397. Every chaplain shall be permitted to conduct public wor- Form of worship according to the manner and forms of the church of which he may ship. be a member.

SEC. 1398. Chaplains sball report annually to the Secretary of the Navy Annual report. the official services performed by them.


SEC. 1479. Chaplains shall have relative rank as follows: Four, the Title 15, Chap. 1. relative rank of captain ; seven, that of commander; and not more than Rank seven, that of lieutenant-commander or lieutenant.

SEC. 1556. Chaplains, during the first five years after date of commis- Title 15, Chap. 8. sion, when at sea, two thousand five hundred dollars; on shore duty, por twoʻtbousand dollars ; on leave, or waiting orders, one thousand six hundred dollars; after five years from such date, when at sea, two thousand eight hundred dollars ; on shore duty, two thousand three hundred dollars; on leave, or waiting orders, one thousand nine hundred dollars.



Sec. 300. Allowance of lost checks.

3645. Regulations for presenting drafts. 306. Liabilities oustanding three or more years. 3646. Duplicates for lost or stolen checks. 307. Vouchers for drafts remaining unpaid.

3647. Duplicate check when officer who issued is 308. Payment upon presentation of outstanding

dead. drafts.

3651. Exchange of funds restricted. 309. Accounts of disbursing officers unchanged 3652. Premium on sales of public money to be ac. for three years.

counted for. SEC. 300. Whenever the disbursing officer, or agent by whom was/Title 7, Chap. 4. issued any check which has been lost, destroyed, or stolen, is dead, or Allowance of no longer in the service of the United States, the proper accounting lost checks. officer shall, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, state an account in favor of the owner of such original check for the amount thereof, and charge such amount to the account of such officer or agent.

SEC. 306. At the termination of each fiscal year all amounts of money's Title 7, Chap. 5. that are represented by certificates, drafts, or checks, issued by the Liabilities ontTreasurer, or by any disbursing officer of any Department of the Gov- standing three or ernment, upon the Treasurer or any assistant treasurer, or designated more years. depositary of the United States, or upon any national bank designated as a depositary of the United States, and which shall be represented on the books of either of such offices as standing to the credit of any disDursing officer, and which were issued to facilitate the payment of warrants, or for any other purpose in liquidation of a debt due from the United States, and which have for three years or more remained outstanding, unsatisfied, and unpaid, shall be deposited by the Treasurer, to be covered into the Treasury by warrant, and to be carried to the credit of the parties in whose favor such certificates, drafts, or checks were respectively issued, or to the persons who are entitled to receive pay therefor, and into an appropriation account to be denominated - outstanding liabilities."

Sec. 307. The certificate of the Register of the Treasury, stating that Vouchers for the amount of any draft issued by the Treasurer, to facilitate the pay- un

. drafts remaining

y unpaid. ment of a warrent directed to him for payment, has remained outstanding and unpaid for three years or more, and has been deposited and covered into the Treasury in the manner prescribed by the preceding sec

tion, shall be, when attached to any such warrant, a sufficient voucher in satisfaction of any such warrant or part of any warrant, the same as if the drafts correctly indorsed and fully satisfied were attached to such warrant or part of warrant. And all such moneys mentioned in this and in the preceding section shall remain as a permanent appropriation for the redemption and payment of all such outstanding and unpaid cer

tificates, drafts, and checks. Payment upon Sec. 308. The payee or the bona-fide holder of any draft or check the presentation of

amount of which has been deposited and covered into the Treasury drafts.

pursuant to the preceding sections, shall, on presenting the same to the proper officer of the Treasury, be entitled to have it paid by the settlement of an account and the issuing of a warrant in his favor, according to the practice in other cases of authorized and liquidated claims

against the United States. Accounts of Sec. 309. The amounts, except such as are provided for in section disbursing offi. three hundred and six, of the accounts of every kind of disbursing for three years.

eu officer, which shall have remained unchanged, or which shall not have

been increased by any new deposit thereto, nor decreased by drafts drawn thereon, for the space of three years, shall in like manner be covered into the Treasury, to the proper appropriation to which they belong; and the amounts thereof shall, on the certificate of the Treasurer that such amount has been deposited in the Treasury, be credited by the proper accounting officer of the Department of the Treasury on the books of the Department, to the officer in whose name it had stood on the books of any agency of the Treasury, if it appears that he is entitled to such credit.

Title 40. SEC. 3645. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to

Lissue and publish regulations to enforce the speedy presentation of all Regulations for presentment of

f Government drafts, for payment, at the place where payable, and to drafts.

prescribe the time, according to the different distances of the depositaries from the seat of Government, within which all drafts upon them, respectively, shall be presented for payment; and, in default of such presentation, to direct any other mode and place of payment wbich he may deem proper; but, in all these regulations and directions, it sball be bis duty to guard, as far as may be, against those drafts being used or thrown into circulation as a paper currency or a medium of exchange.

[See 0 0 5495, 5496. EMBEZZLEMENT.] Duplicates for Sec. 3646. Whenever any original check is lost, stolen, or destroyed, lost or stolen disbursing officers and agents of the United States are authorized, after checks author. +

the expiration of six months, and within three years from the date of ized.

such check, to issue a duplicate check; and the Treasurer, assistant treasurers, and designated depositaries of the United States are directed to pay such duplicate checks, upon notice and proof of the loss of the original checks, under such regulations in regard to their issue and payment, and upon the execution of sucb bonds, with sureties, to indemnify the United States, as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe. This section shall not apply to any check exceeding in amount the sum

of one thousand dollars. Duplicate check SEC. 3647. In case the disbursing officer or agent by whom such lost, when officer who destroyed, or stolen original check was issued, is dead, or no longer in issued is dead.

the service of the United States, it shall be the duty of the proper accounting officer, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe, to state an account in favor of the owner of such original check for the amount thereof, and to charge such amount to the account

of such officer or agent. Exchange of Sec. 3651. No exchange of funds shall be made by any disbursing funds restricted. officer or agent of the Government, of any grade or denomination what

soever, or connected with any branch of the public service, other than an exchange for gold, silver, United States notes, and national-bank notes ; and every such disbursing officer, when the means for his disbursements are furnished to him in gold, silver, United States notes, or national-bank notes, shall make bis payments in the money so furnished; or when they are furnished to him in drafts, shall cause those drafts to be presented at their place of payment, and properly paid according to law, and shall make his payments in the money so received for the drafts furnished, unless, in either case, be can exchange the means in his hands for gold and silver at par. And it shall be the duty of the head of the proper Department immediately to suspend from duty any dis

borsing officer or agent wlio violates the provisions of this section, and forth with to report the name of the officer or agent to the President, with the fact of the violation, and all the circumstances accompanying the same, and within the knowledge of the Secretary, to the end that such officer or agent may be promptly removed from office, or restored to his trust and the performance of his duties, as the President may deem just and proper.

SEC. 3652. No officer of the United States shall, either directly or in- Premiums on directly, sell or dispose of to any person, for a premium, apy Treasury sales of public note, draft, warrant, or other public security, not his private property, m

moneys to be ac.

counted for. or sell or dispose of the avails or proceeds of such note, draft, warrant, or security, in his hands for disbursement, without making return of such premium, and accounting therefor by charging the same in his accounts to the credit of the United States; and any officer violating this section shail be forth with dismissed from office.



Sec. 1992. Who are citizens.

2001. Release of citizens imprisoned by foreign 1993. Citizenship of children of citizens born

governments to be demanded. abroad.

5424. False personation, &c., in securing natural1994. Citizenship of married women.

ization. 1995. Of persons born in Oregon.

5425. Using false certificate of citizenship, &c. 1996. Rights as citizens forfeited for desertion, &c. 5426. Using false certiticato, &c., as evidence of a 1997. Certain soldiers and sailor's not to incur the

right to vote. forfeitures of the last suction.

5427. Aiding or abetting violation of preceding sec. 1998. Avoiding the draft. 1999. Right of expatriation declared.

5428. Falsely claiming citizenship. 2000. Protection to naturalized citizens in foreign 5429. Provisions applicable to all courts of natustates.



tions. wiming citizenshipi courts of natu

Sec. 1992. All persons born in the United States and not subject to Title 25. any foreigo power, excluding Indians not taxed, are declared to be citi. T

Who are citi. zens of the United States.

zens. SEC. 1993. All children heretofore born or bereafter born out of the Citizenship of limits and jurisdiction of the United States, whose fathers were or may children of citi.

zens born abroad. be at the time of their birth citizens thereof, are declared to be citizens 2 of the United States; but the rights of citizenship shall not descend to children whose fathers never resided in the United States.

Sec. 1994. Any woman who is now or may hereafter be married to a Citizenship of citizen of the United States, and who might herself be lawfully natural- married women. ized, shall be deemed a citizen.

Sec. 1995. All persons born in the district of country formerly known Of persons born as the Territory of Oregon, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United in Oregon. States on the 18th May, 1872, are citizens in the same manner as if born elsewhere in the United States.

SEC. 1996. All persons who deserted the military or naval service of Rights as citi. the United States and did not return thereto or report themselves to a ze

as to zens forfeited for

desertion, &c. provost-marshal within sixty days after the issuance of the proclamation by the President, dated the 11th day of March, 1865, are deemed to have voluntarily relinquished and furfeited their rights of citizenship, as well as their right to become citizens; and such deserters shall be forever incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under the United States, or of exercising any rights of citizens thereof.

SEC. 1997. No soldier or sailor, however, who faithfully served accord- Certain soldiers ing to his enlistment until the 19th day of April, 1865, and who, without and sailors not to

incur the forfeitproper authority or leave first obtained, quit his command or refused to

ures of the last serve after that date, shall be held to be a deserter from the Army or section. Navy; but this section shall be construed solely as a removal of any disability such soldier or sailor may have incurred, under the preceding section, by the loss of citizenship and of the right to hold office, in consequence of his desertion.

SEC. 1998. Every person who hereafter deserts the military or naval Avoiding the service of the United States, or who, being duly enrolled, departs the draft. jurisdiction of the district in which be is enrolled, or goes beyond the limits of the United States, with intent to avoid any draft into the military or naval service, lawfully ordered, shall be liable to all the penalties and forfeitures of section nineteen hundred and ninety-six.

SEC. 1999. Whereas the right of expatriation is a natural and inher- Right of expaent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of triation declared. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and whereas in the recognition

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