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Customs of a church society requiring consent of the general conference to a mortgage, does not invalidate a mortgage by trustees of a local church—when.

Zion Church v. Mensch, 178 Ill. 225. Religious society-on incorporation all property belonging to the society vests in the corporation.

Zion Church v. Mensch, 178 III. 225. A church corporation must use its premises for church purposes only; building an office building in which the church meets, is unauthorized.

First M. E. Church of Chicago v. Dixon, 178 Ill. 260. Incorporated religious societies may not own more than ten acres of land-unincorporated societies are not so restricted.

Alden v. St. Peter's Parish, 158 Ill. 631 (640). Change of belief may affect rights to church property-contest of two factions.

Kuns v. Robertson, 154 I11. 394. Religious society-which of two is lawful and entitled to control property and appointments—construction of church constitution-powers of general conference-expulsion of members.

Schweiker v. Husser, 146 Ill. 399. Rules as to the organization of a corporation not for profit discussed—religious society—holding land.

Hamsher v. Hamsher, 132 Ill. 273.

Pastors-Rights of.

Pastors of churches have a property right interest in their office such as will justify an injunction to restrain unlawful removal.

Schweiker v. Husser, 146 Ill. 399.

Doctrine of, not considered by courts.

Church differences which involve no property rights and no question of personal liberty cannot be passed upon by the courts.

Christian Church v. Church of Christ, 219 Ill. 503. Church doctrine and practice are not subjects for consideration of civil courts; no property or personal rights being involved.

Kuns v. Robertson, 154 Ill. 394.

Taxation of.

Chicago Theological Seminary property is exempt from taxation only so far as used “in immediate connection with the seminary"--not for profit or investment.

Board of Directors v. Chicago Theo. Seminary, 189 Ill. 439.

People v. Chicago Theo. Seminary, 174 111. 177. A religious educational institution does not forfeit its tax exemption by becoming a department of a university-when.

People v. Baptist Theo. Union, 171 III. 304.


Protestant Episcopal Church-act of 1853 regarding, is still in force—act of 1861 held unconstitutional.

Kennedy v. LeMoyne, 188 III. 255. Special act of 1865, as to M. E. Church of Chicago, construed—as to present powers of trustees.

First M. E. Church of Chicago v. Dixon, 178 III. 260.



In general.

Notice to a director of a bank received while conducting his personal business, is not notice to the bank.

Home S. & S. Bank v. Peoria A. & T. Society, 206 Ill. 9. A recital in a deed that it was made pursuant to resolution of board of directors, is not constructive notice that the conveyance was in trust, for the corporation.

Home S. & S. Bank v. Peoria A. & T. Society, 206 III. 9. Where it appears to one dealing with a corporate official, that the interests of the official and corporation are adverse in the transaction, he is put on inquiry as to the authority and good faith of the official.

Leigh v. American Beam Co., 205 Ill. 147 (151). Notice of over-valuation of a patent exchanged for stockwhat is sufficient evidence of.

Garden City Sand Co. v. Am. Crematory Co., 205 Ill. 42 (48). Constructive notice that property exchanged for stock was over-valued is all that is required to make its owner liable.

Garden City Sand Co. v. Am. Crematory Co., 205 Ill. 42 (48). Possession of a right of way by a railroad company is notice to subsequent purchasers of the fee, of the railroad's rightwhat facts evidence possession.

Ill. South. Ry. Co. v. Borders, 201 111. 459. Notice to a bank that a person endorsing a check is an agent of a corporation is notice of the limitations of the agent's authority, and render's the bank liable for money so paid out.

Jackson Paper Mfg. Co. v. Commercial Nat. Bank, 199 Ill. 151.

Fraud in inducing one to buy stock is ground for setting aside the sale, and recovery; but once the sale is confirmed after knowledge of such fraud, it cannot be rescinded for that fraud.

Anderson v. Chicago T. & S. Bank, 195 111, 341.

Facts which show that assignee of stock had notice it was not fully paid up.

Higgins v. III. T. & S. Bank, 193 Ill. 394. Person dealing with corporations of limited powers (loan associations) are charged with notice of such limitations and cannot plead ignorance.

Nat'l Home B. & L. Ass'n v. Home S. Bank, 181 Ill. 35. Notice of intent to withdraw stock need not be in writingmay be verbal.

St. L. Loan & I. Co. v. Yantis, 173 Ill. 321. Notice, as required by statute to stockholders, of a meeting to reduce capitalization is waived by stockholders who attend.

Gade v. Forest Glen Brick Co., 165 Ill. 367 (369). Sworn certificate of the president that notice of a meeting was duly had is prima facie evidence of good notice.

Gade v. Forest Glen Brick Co., 165 Ill. 367 (370). · Notice stamped addressed and duly posted is prima facie received by the addressee.

Ashley Wire Co. v. Ill. Steel Co., 164 Ill. 149 (158). Secretary's name attached to notice of directors' meeting, by a stamp, used by the president, is sufficient where the secretary attended the meeting.

Ashley Wire Co. v. Ill. Steel Co., 164 Ill. 149 (155). Notice of directors' meeting—when need not state purpose of meeting

Ashley Wire Co. v. Ill. Steel Co., 164 Ill. 149 (155). Record of directors' meetings, on books of the company, is notice to all stockholders of what was done at such meetings.

Ashley Wire Co. v. III. Steel Co., 164 Ill. 149 (155).

Stockholder owning five-eighths of the capital stock, and for twenty years manager, is charged with notice of an issue of stock and the consideration therefor.

Higgins v. Langsingh, 154 Ill. 301 (327). Notice to one director, received not in the line of his corporate duty, is not notice to the corporation.

Nickerson v. Kimball, 2 III. C. C. R. 123. Notice to the president of a corporation who is also president of another company, is notice to both corporations of all facts known to such president.

Reed v. Grindele, 2 III. C. C. R. 531.

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