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ated, and such court shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine the fact, and to order the sale of such land or real estate, at such time and place, subject to such rules as the court shall establish.

The court shall tax, as the fees of the State's Attorney, such sum as shall be reasonable; and the proceeds of such sale, after deducting the said fees and costs of proceedings, shall be paid over to such corporation: And provided, further, That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as to confer banking powers or privileges upon any such corporation.

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Not to hold real estate.

§ 26. Foreign corporations, and the officers and agents thereof, doing business in this State, shall be subject to all the libilities, restrictions and duties that are or may be imposed upon corporations of like character organized under the general laws of this State, and shall have no other or greater powers. And no foreign or domestic corporation, established or maintained in any way for pecuniary profit of its stockholders or members, shall purchase or hold real estate in this State, except as provided for in this act. (Corporation Act, 1870.)

(As to Foreign Building and Loan Associations, see Building and Homestead Loan Associations.)

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Rights and duties of-In general.
"Corporate powers" of, defined. Sec. 1, Act of 1905.

Alpena Cement Co. v. Jenkins, 244 Ill. 354.
Legislature may regulate or exclude foreign corporations.

Alpena Cement Co. v. Jenkins, 244 Ill. 354.
A foreign corporation doing business in Illinois is subject
to all rules and regulations that would apply if it were a
domestic corporation.

Dunbar v. A. T. & T. Co., 224 Ill. 9.
Bishop v. Amer. Preservers’ Co., 157 Ill. 284 (313).

Stevens v. Pratt, 101 Ill. 206.
A single sale by is not contrary to law.

Alpena Cement Co. v. Jenkins, 244 Ill. 354.
A foreign corporation that has failed to comply with the
laws of Illinois as to securing license to do business cannot
maintain action on its contracts. Such contracts are void and

action cannot be begun after such corporation has complied with the law.

Alpena Cement Co. v. Jenkins, 244 Ill. 354.

United Lead Co, v. Reedy Elev. Mfg. Co., 222 Ill. 199. A foreign corporation which during many years has used a corporate name and built up a large business, may enjoin one seeking to use the same name to designate a corporation organized in Illinois, although said first corporation is not licensed to do business in Illinois. The name is protected as a trade name.

People v. Rose, 220 I11. 46. Statutes granting powers, privileges or immunities to corporations apply only to domestic companies, unless foreign corporations are specifically included.

In re Estate of Speed, 216 III. 23. Corporations are not citizens so as to come within the provisions of Section 2, Article 4, of the Federal Constitution, requiring States to grant immunities to citizens of other States; nor within the meaning of the fourteenth amendment.

In re Estate of Speed, 216 Ill. 23. Foreign corporation may not exercise eminent domain without special authority from the Legislature. Act of 1899 is only existing authority.

Ill. State T. Co. v. St. L. I. M. & S. Ry. Co., 208 Ill. 419. Foreign corporation complying with the statutes has full power to foreclose a mortgage held on property in Illinois. Act of 1897 did not take away such power as to prior corporations.

Richardson v. U. S. Mortgage & T. Co., 194 111. 259. Foreign corporations who have not complied with the statute as to doing business in Illinois, cannot levy an attachment.

Thompson Co. v. Whitehead, 185 Ill. 454 (463). A foreign corporation that sells goods to a resident of Illinois may come here and secure judgment without having an agent or a general office in Illinois.

Spry Lumber Co. v. Chappell, 184 Ill. 539.

Foreign corporations are subject to the laws of Illinois, the same and as fully as are domestic corporations, and may be restrained by injunction from selling real estate situated in Illinois.

Harding v. Amer. Glucose Co., 182 Ill. 551 (633). Foreign corporations may exercise their charter powers in this State if not against Illinois law-foreclosure of mortgage.

Alpena Cement Co. v. Jenkins, 244 Ill. 354.
Rhodes v. Missouri Sal Co., 173 III. 621 (627).

Freie v. No. 4 Fidelity B. & S. Union, 166 III. 128. Allegation that corporation is foreign, in bill to foreclose mortgage held by it, in Illinois, is sufficient basis for admission of foreign statute, granting such corporation powers.

Freie v. No. 4 Fidelity B. & S. Union, 166 111. 128. Foreign corporation may loan money in Illinois and take a mortgage therefor and foreclose same. Section 26 construed. (93 Ill. 483 overruled.)

Steyens v. Pratt, 101 Ill. 206. Foreign corporations that come within the exceptions of Section 1 of the Corporation Act may do business in Illinois although no law here provides for the organization of a like company. Fact that no law exists is not a prohibition.

Stevens v. Pratt, 101 Ill. 206. Foreign corporations, as such, are not prohibited from holding stock in Illinois corporations.

Edmunds v. Ill. Cent. R. R. Co., 2 III. C. C. R. 423 (468). Section 26 of the Corporation Act does not forbid foreign corporations from loaning money in Illinois.

Edmunds v. Ill. Cent. R. R. Co., 2 Ill. C. C. R. 423 (487). Foreign Corporation Act of 1905 held not retroactive.

Edmunds v. Ill. Cent. R. R. Co., 2 Ill. C. C. R. 423. Foreign corporation, under the Corporation Act, may acquire real estate by accepting same in payment of debts.

Columbus Buggy Co. v. Graves, 108 III. 459. Foreign receivers are not permitted to remove corporate

assets out of this State until all local claims are paid. Rule when property has been removed.

C. M. & St. P. Ry. Co. v. K. N. L. P. Co., 108 Ill. 317. Officers of a foreign corporation dealing with residents of Illinois are assumed to have all powers granted like officers by the laws of Illinois; even though the private rules of such company do not authorize such acts.

Union M. Life Ins. Co. v. White, 106 III. 67. Section 87 as to freight discrimination applies to foreign corporations doing business in Illinois. Section 88 construed.

People v. W. St. L. & P. Ry. Co., 104 Ill. 476. Railroad companies have no authority to lease their line and franchise to a foreign corporation, but may consolidate with such a company.

Archer v. T. H. & I. R. R. Co., 102 Ill. 493. Foreign corporations may loan money in this State and take real estate mortgages as security; and foreclose same.

Com. Union A. Co. v. Scammon, 102 Ill. 46. Foreign corporations are continued by action of law after dissolution to close up their affairs, the same as domestic companies.

Life Ass'n of Amer. v. Fasserr, 102 Ill. 315. Foreign corporations doing business in Illinois are subject to the same laws as domestic corporations, though contrary to the law of the State where such corporation is organized.

Granite State Ass'n v. Lloyd, 145 Ill. 620 (622). Foreign corporations may exercise in Illinois the powers given them in the State of their organization, if not inconsistent with the laws or policy of Illinois.

Santa Clara Academy v. Sullivan, 116 Ill. 375.

(Distinguishing 67 Ill. 568, 72 III. 50, 73 Ill. 142.) "Doing business in this State," as applied to foreign corporations, construed.

Santa Clara Academy v. Sullivan, 116 Ill. 375. Foreign corporations enjoy the same general rights and

powers and are subject to the same duties as domestic companies, under Chapter 32, Act of 1872.

Barnes v. Suddard, 117 Ill. 237. What is a sufficient showing of the de facto existence of a foreign corporation.

Hudson v. Green Hill Seminary, 113 Ill. 618. Foreign corporations may be compelled by mandamus or bill in equity to collect unpaid subscriptions. Procedure where shareholders are residents of other States.

Patterson v. Lynde, 112 Ill. 196.

Service on.

Foreign corporations are served with summons under Section 5 of the Practice Act in the same manner as a domestic corporation would be served. The statute requiring foreign insurance corporations to appoint the superintendent of insurance its agent for purposes of service, is not inconsistent with the Practice Act.

Ladies of Maccabees v. Harrington, 227 Ill. 511.

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Foreign trust companies.

Foreign trust companies need not deposit securities under the statute, before empowered to foreclose a trust deed to a foreign trustee—when.

Morse v. Holland Trust Co., 184 III. 255. Foreign corporation cannot act as trustee in Illinois until after it has complied with the statute (Section 6, Trust Companies), by depositing $200,000 in securities with the Auditor.

Farmers' Loan & T. Co. v. Lake St. "L" Co., 173 Ill. 439 (450).

Liability on stock held in.

Stockholder's liability on stock held in a foreign corporation is determined by the law of the State where the corporation was organized; but the stockholder may be sued for assessments, where he resides.

Mandel v. Swan Land Co., 154 III. 177.

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