Report of the Commissioners for the Revision and Reform of the Law, December 5, 1896

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A. J. Johnston, superintendent state printing, 1896 - 304 halaman
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Halaman 86 - ... to cases where vessels are meeting end on, or nearly end on, in such a manner as to involve risk of collision...
Halaman 268 - A mortgage, deed of trust, contract, or other obligation by which a debt is secured, shall, for the purposes of assessment and taxation, be deemed and treated as an interest in the property affected thereby.
Halaman 87 - In obeying and construing these rules due regard shall be had to all dangers of navigation and collision, and to any special circumstances which may render a departure from the above rules necessary in order to avoid immediate danger.
Halaman 137 - ... seal, or of the legal keeper of the record, with the seal of his office annexed, if there be a seal, together with a certificate of the chief judge, or presiding magistrate, that the person making the attestation is the clerk of...
Halaman 114 - If the taking of an account, or the proof of any fact, is necessary to enable the Court to give judgment, or to carry the judgment into effect, the Court may take -the account or hear the proof; or may, in its discretion, order a reference for that purpose.
Halaman 269 - ... less the value of such security, shall be assessed and taxed to the owner of the property, and the value of such security shall be assessed and taxed to the owner thereof, in the county, city, or district in which the property affected thereby is situate.
Halaman 106 - The court may determine any controversy between parties before it, when it can be done without prejudice to the rights of others, or by saving their rights; but when a complete determination of the controversy cannot be had without the presence of other parties, the court must then order them to be brought in...
Halaman 87 - Where by any of these rules one of two vessels is to keep out of the way, the other shall keep her course and speed.
Halaman 107 - ... a cause of action exists against the defendant in respect to whom the service is to be made...
Halaman 207 - ... 2. A person must not be held to have gained or lost residence by reason of his presence or absence from a place...

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