Study of Subcommittee Credit, Hearings Before a Subcommittee of ..., 86-1 ..., May 14 ... 29, 1959

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1959 - 397 halaman
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Halaman 327 - Any note, draft, bill of exchange or banker's acceptance which arises out of a current transaction or the proceeds of which have been or are to be used for current transactions...
Halaman 340 - ... obligations are secured or covered by guaranties, or by commitments or agreements to take over or to purchase, made by any Federal Reserve Bank or by the United States or any department, bureau, board, commission, or establishment of the United States, including any corporation wholly owned directly or indirectly by the United States: Provided, That such guaranties, agreements, or commitments are unconditional and must be performed by payment of cash or its equivalent within sixty days after...
Halaman 333 - Nothing in this Act contained shall be construed to prohibit such notes, drafts, and bills of exchange, secured by staple agricultural products, or other goods, wares, or merchandise from being eligible for such discount...
Halaman 338 - But the discount of bills of exchange drawn in good faith against actually existing values, and the discount of commercial or business paper actually owned by the person negotiating the same, shall not be considered as money borrowed.
Halaman 2 - Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Maryland, is chairman; Olive I.
Halaman 332 - System, extend to each member bank such discounts, advancements, and accommodations as may be safely and reasonably made with due regard for the claims and demands of other member banks, the maintenance of sound credit conditions, and the accommodation of commerce, industry, and agriculture.
Halaman 334 - Any member bank may accept drafts or bills of exchange drawn upon it having not more than six months
Halaman 15 - a group of persons living in the same dwelling and related by blood, marriage or adoption, who pool their incomes for their major items of expense.
Halaman 375 - Commissioner may require the payment of one or more such premium charges at the time the mortgage is insured, at such discount rate as he may prescribe not in excess of the interest rate specified in the mortgage.
Halaman 335 - The discount and rediscount and the purchase and sale by any Federal reserve bank of any bills receivable and of domestic and foreign bills of exchange, and of acceptances authorized by this Act, shall be subject to such restrictions, limitations, and regulations as may be imposed by the Federal Reserve Board.

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