Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

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Halaman viii - The business of the Institution shall be conducted at the city of Washington by a Board of Regents, named the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution...
Halaman 8 - On the Contents of a Bone Cave in the Island of Anguilla, West Indies.
Halaman 913 - Bibliography of. By Edw. J. Hallock. Appendix E to Report on Glucose prepared by the National Academy of Sciences in response to a request made by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. US Internal Revenue, Washington, DC, 1884.
Halaman 539 - stress." (7) Every letter is pronounced. When two vowels come together each one is sounded, though the result, when spoken quickly, is sometimes scarcely to be distinguished from a single sound, as in ai, an, ei.
Halaman 830 - In other words, just as, in the lifetime of the individual, adjustive actions which were originally intelligent may by frequent repetition become automatic, so in the lifetime of the species, actions originally intelligent may, by frequent repetition and heredity, so write their effects on the nervous system that the latter is prepared, even before individual experience, to perform adjustive actions mechanically which, in previous generations, were performed intelligently. This mode of origin of...
Halaman 717 - FORD, SW — Note on the Age of the Slaty and Arenaceous Rocks in the Vicinity of Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York.
Halaman 539 - Neither is change made in the spelling of such names in languages which are not written in Roman character as have become by long usage familiar to English readers : thus Calcutta, Cutch, Celebes, Mecca, &c., will be retained in their present form.
Halaman 871 - Measures. These seams are mostly cracked or broken into blocks, that show the nature of the cross fracture, which is taken advantage of by the operators, who seemed to have reduced the art of flaking to almost an absolute science, with division of labor; one set of men being expert in quarrying and selecting the stone, others in preparing the blocks for the flaker.
Halaman 56 - Canal and railroad companies and other matters I have the honor to inform your excellency that I have received instructions from my Government in that respect. I am directed to inform your excellency, if the point should...
Halaman 911 - How Index-learning turns no student pale, Yet holds the eel of science by the tail...

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