Gambar halaman

Historical Landmarks Committee, at Blue
Mounds, 112.

Hoard, William D., in electoral campaign,
157; governor of Wisconsin, 378.
Hobart, Harrison C., candidate for gover-
nor, 157.

Holbrook, William E., at Ceresco, 59.
Hollister, Mrs. Alura Collins, suffragist,

Holt, Orlando, gold seeker, 291.
Holt, R. L., father of, 291.

Honey Lake, at foot of the Sierras, 131.
Horicon Marsh, history of, 413–414.
Horse racing, in the South, 239–240.
Hortonville (Vt.), departure from, 391.
Houghton Point, on Chequamegon Bay,

Houston, Sam, politician, 100.
Howe, Timothy O., death, 339.
"How Wisconsin Women Won the Ballot,"

by Theodora W. Youmans, 3–32.
Hubbard, Gov. Henry, of Vermont, 413.
Hubbardton (Vt.), route from, 395.
Hudson and Erie Railroad, terminus, 397.
Hudson Bay, voyage to, 350, 357-358.
Hudson's Bay Company, organized, 348,
354, 358; pension from, 359; clerk of,

Hughes, Charles E., in electoral campaign,


Humboldt River, on California trail, 130.
Hunt, Alfred B., gold seeker, 290–292.
Hunter, Nathan, at Ceresco, 58.
Huntington, C. P., quartermaster sergeant,

Huron (Ohio), described 397.

Huron Indians, name for tribe, 384.
Huron Lake, early voyages to, 352.
Huron River, in Ohio, 397.

Husted, Ida, and Anthony, Susan B., His-
tory of Woman Suffrage, 11-12.

ILLINOIS, traders in, 352; and suffrage
amendment, 28–29.

Illinois Indians, habitat, 387.

Illinois Monthly Magazine, founded, 52.
Illinois National Guard, member of, 171.

The Reverend Olympia Brown, fron-

Who are the Anti-Suffragists, 10.
Danger! 22.

Jean Brunet, 34.

Cover Design of The Garland of the
West, 44.

Kenosha in 1842, 50.

The Long House, 60.

John Barber Parkinson, 117.

The First Church Built in St. Nazianz,

St. Nazianz in an Early Day, 162.

A Winding Street in St. Nazianz, 164.

General Charles King, 213.

Lyman Copeland Draper, LL.D., 244.
Racine in 1843, 320.

Marshall Mason Strong, 327.

Governor Rusk and His Staff at the
Funeral of General Grant, 378.
"Impartial Suffrage Convention," meets at
Janesville, 8; purpose of, 9.

"Increase Allen Lapham, Father of Forest
Conservation," by M. M. Quaife,

Indian agency, in Arizona, 241.
Indian mounds, survey of, 105.
Indiana, route through, 401.
Indians, primitive conditions, 356-357,
382-388; music, 111; hostilities, 132,
242, 379; firearms among, 409;
Wisconsin tribes, 123-124; suffrage for,
3. See also the several tribes.
Inniskilling Dragoons, member of, 239.
Iowa, discoverer of, 350; officials at Grant
obsequies, 477-478.

Iowa-Michigan brigade, at Blue Mounds
Fort, 112.

Iron Brigade, commander of, 368; members,
111, 372.

Iroquois Indians, hostilities with, 349-
351, 353, 387; expedition to, 351.
Irvin, David, territorial judge, 275.
Irving, Roland D., University professor,

Irwin, Alexander J., territorial legislator,

Irwinsville (Ga.), Jefferson Davis captured
at, 300.

Isanti Indians. See Santee Sioux.

Ives, Stephen N., Racine pioneer, 331, 341.
JACKSON (Jacksonburgh, Mich.), visited,


Jackson County (Mich.), seat, 400.
Jacobs, John B., at Green Bay, 418.
Jacobs, John B. Jr., mother of, 418.
Jacobs, Marinette, career of, 417–418.
James, Ada L., suffragist, 16; president of
Political Equality League, 20.

James, David G., introduces suffrage meas-
ures, 16, 19; carries ratification docu-
ment to Washington, 28.

James, Mrs. Georgia, suffragist, 15.
James, Mrs. Laura, suffragist, 15.

James, N. L., introduces suffrage measure,

Jandron, Sophie, married, 39.

Janes, Lorenzo, in territorial legislature,
337; newspaper proprietor, 341.
Janesville, holds suffrage conventions,
6-8, 12; militia at, 376.
Janesville Daily Gazette, cited, 8.
"Jean Brunet, Chippewa Valley Pioneer,"
by William W. Bartlett, 33–42.
Jesuit missionaries, in Wisconsin, 382–388.

Jesuit Relations, sources for history, 351,

Jipson, N. P., aid acknowledged, 203.
"John Barleycorn," article by, 345-346.
Johnson, Andrew, governor of Tennessee,
421-422; letters of, 422.

Johnson, Col. Richard M., settles in Wis-
consin, 34-35.

Johnston, George, in Black Hawk War, 286.
Jolliet, Louis, in Wisconsin, 384.
Jones, George W., territorial delegate, 282.
"Josephine," criticized, 54-55.

Juan de Seur (Nicaragua), port, 140.

KALK, Charles N., University student, 364.
Kamper, J. H., introduces suffrage measure,


Kankakee River, Indians on, 410.
Kansas, pioneer suffrage work in, 13;
homesteader in, 111.

Kansas City (Mo.), resident, 334.
Kellogg, Amherst W., "Personal Recollec-
tions of the Republican Convention of
May, 1860," 102-104.

Kellogg, Louise Phelps, "The Services and

Collections of Lyman Copeland Dra-
per," 244-263; "The First Traders in
Wisconsin," 348-359; sketch, 325.
Kellogg, Seth R., at Ceresco, 59.

Kenesaw Mountain, in Civil War, 84-85.
Kenosha, view of, 50; in 1840, 45; terminus

of journey, 406; schools in, 56; suffrage
in, 4-5; furnishes soldiers, 299.
Kenosha County, senator for, 5-6.
Kensington rune stone, discussed, 212.
Keshena Reservation, home of Menominee

Indians, 419.

Keweenaw Point, first visit to, 353.
Keyes, Elisha W., president of Board of
Regents, 361.

Kilbourn, Byron, surveyor, 144; promoter,

209-210; speech of, 346.

Kimball, George, at Kenosha, 46.
Kimball, Julius H., publisher, 45-47.
King, Gen. Charles, "Memories of a Busy
Life," 215-243, 360-381; sketch, 423;
portrait, 213.

King, Charles I., University instructor,


King's Mountain, battle of, 261.
Kingston, John, University student, 364.
Kingston, John T., pioneer, 206.
Kirke, Mary, married, 358.

Klamath Lake (Cal.), mining region, 132.
Knapp, Gilbert, founder of Racine, 331-
332, 341.

Knapp, Judge J. Gillett, cited, 282.
Knickerbocker, early magazine, 51.
Knight, Albert G., Racine pioneer, 333.
Knight, Mrs. Albert G., aid acknowl-
edged, 333.

Knights Templar, in Wisconsin, 372.

LACHER, J. H. A., "Visions of a Wisconsin
Gold Seeker," 290-292; sketch, 326.
Lady Elgin, lake steamer, 418.

La Grange, Col. Oscar, of First Wisconsin
Cavalry, 298.

La Grange, Capt. Wallace, of First Wiscon-
sin Cavalry, 298.

Lagrange (Walworth Co.), settler in, 207.
Lahontan, Louis Armand baron de, in Wis-

consin, 384.

Lake City Guard. See Madison.
Lake Geneva, early settler, 390.
La Mott, Menominee chief, 286.
Landmarks Committee. See Historical
Landmarks Committee.

Lands, granted for agricultural education,
360, 362, 367.

Lane, Carlton, at Ceresco, 59.

Langlade, Charles de, officer in Indian
department, 203; grandson of, 286.
Lapham, Increase Allen, Topography of
Wisconsin, cited, 206; organizes State
Historical Society, 246; sketch, 104.
La Pointe, Indian agent at, 37.
Larrabee, Charles H., friend of Draper,
247-248, 252; at Horicon, 413.
Lassen Trail, across Black Rock Desert,

Lathrop, Stanley E., "Vital Statistics of
the First Wisconsin Cavalry in the
Civil War," 296-300; sketch, 326.
Lathy, Bill, tavern keeper, 402.
Lavine, Frank, in First Wisconsin Cavalry,

Layton, Frederick, Milwaukee resident,

Leach, Eugene Walter, "Marshall Mason
Strong, Racine Pioneer," 329-347;
sketch, 423.

Learned, Charles J., cited, 267.
Lee, Charles H., Racine lawyer, 340.
Lemonweir River, trading on, 205.
Leona (Mich.), visited, 400.
Leonard, A. J., baseball player, 239.
Leonard, William Ellery, author, 111.
Le Roy (N. Y.), described, 394.

Le Sueur, Pierre Charles, in Wisconsin, 384.
Lewis, John H., Racine alderman, 333.
Lewis, Mrs. Margaret, Racine pioneer, 333.
Lieurance, Thurlow, composer, 111.
Light Horse Squadron. See Milwaukee.
Lima (Mich.), visited, 399-400.
Limbert, John, at Ceresco, 58.
Lincoln, Abraham, ridicules Lewis Cass,
48; candidate for presidential nomina-
tion, 100-104, 157, 292-296; in duel,
280; makes West Point appointments,
221-222; visits West Point, 223; in
Milwaukee, 408; letters to, 341.
Lincoln (Neb.), First National Bank of,

Lippincott, J. B., publisher, 380–381.
Little Butte des Morts, site of, 285.
Little (A) Flag Book No. 3, issued, 113.
Little Rock (Ark.), prison at, 299.
Livermore, Mary A., attends Milwaukee
suffrage convention, 9.
"Lobby." See Ryan, Edward G.
Lobbying, for woman suffrage, 19-20.
Lockwood, Judge James H., cited, 34.
Logan, Indian chief, 110.

London (England), Radisson at, 358–359.
Lone Star, baseball club, 239.

"Long House," formation, 59; described,
60; picture, 60.

Longfellow, Henry W., poet, 111.
Longstreet, Gen. James, in U. S. Army,

[blocks in formation]

Madison Wisconsin Enquirer, cited, 269,
271-274, 282.

Madison Wisconsin State Journal, issues
suffrage editions, 25.

Magone, James, discusses suffrage, 3-4.
Mahican Indians. See Stockbridge In-

Maiden Rock, legend of, 411-412.
Malaria, in Wisconsin, 161–162.
Malden (Can.), passed, 398.

Mallory, Rollin B., University student,

Manheim (N. Y.), route via, 391–392.
Manitoba, discoverer of, 350.
Manitowoc, railroad terminus, 146.
Manitowoc County, History of, cited, 156;
typical town in, 144-159; religious
colony in, 160–165.

Manitowoc County Herald, cited, 148, 157.

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Martin, Morgan L., pioneer, 205; addresses

State Historical Society, 247; in Terri-
torial Council, 268, 277; visits Butte
des Morts, 285.

Martin Biblical Institute, director, 111.
Martin Papers, in Draper Collection, 260.
Mary E., on "Votes for Women" tour, 21.
Mascouten Indians, lost village of, 382-
388; erroneous name for, 387.
Masonry, in Wisconsin, 374.
Massachusetts, pioneers in, 330.
Mattison, Schuyler, Racine pioneer, 336.
Maxon, Rev. H. D., favors woman suffrage,

Meachem, Mrs. John G., Racine resident,

[blocks in formation]


"Memories of Early Wisconsin and the
Gold Mines," by John M. Parkinson,

Menasha, significance of, 420.

Menominee Indians, home of, 285, 415.
Menominee River, forest destruction on,


Menomonee River, at Milwaukee, 375.
Menomonie, furnishes soldiers, 299.
Men's Political Equality League, organ-
ized, 21.

Merrell, Henry E., settler, 112.

Merritt, Gen. Wesley, in Indian war, 243.
Metairie Jockey Club, in New Orleans, 239.
Methodist Episcopal Church, minister of,

110; bishop of, 120.

Metoxen, John, Indian chief, 415.
Miami Indians, in Wisconsin, 385, 387.
Michigan, route through, 399–401.
Michigan City, visited, 402; described,

Michigan Lake, head of, 404-405.
Michigan Military Academy, commandant,

Michigan University, in early days, 400.
Mille Lac, Indian village on, 354; wild rice
on, 356.

Millen (Ga.), prison at, 299.

Miller, Roswell, railway manager, 375.
Mills, Joseph T., attacked, 281.
Mills, in Manitowoc County, 149.
Milton College, president of, 9.
Milwaukee, British officers at, 203-204;

immigrants arrive at, 161, 396; wheat
market, 123; residents, 215-216, 330,
407; museum founded, 110; principal
of German-English Academy, 110;
suffragist movement in, 9, 14, 25; fur-
nishes soldiers, 299; strike riots, 374-
377; ratification rally, 345; Lincoln
in, 408; in 1845, 422; fur trade market,

Milwaukee and La Crosse Railroad, lobby-
ing for, 208-210.

Milwaukee County, suffrage work in, 23-


Milwaukee Courier, cited, 47-48, 282.
Milwaukee Democrat, cited, 275.
Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin, policy, 373.
Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Rail-

way, company organized, 416; built,
146; in town of Newton, 149.
Milwaukee Light Horse Squadron, mobil-
ized, 371, 375–377.

Milwaukee River, affected by forest de-
struction, 107-108.
Milwaukee Sentinel, opposes woman suf-
frage, 5; cited, 282, 346, 408; publishes
King's stories, 379.
Milwaukee Sunday Telegraph, publications,


Mineral Point, former name, 123; pioneers,

Mineral Point Miners' Free Press, editor of,

Miners, social conditions among, 134-139.
Mingo Indians, home of, 110.

Minneapolis (Minn.), G. A. R. encamp-
ment at, 111.

Minnehaha, significance of, 409–410.
Minnesota, discoverer of, 350.
Mississippi River, discoverer of, 350,
353; early mention of, 385; crossed,

Missouri River, crossed, 126.
Mitchell, Alexander, railway president,
361; in Milwaukee, 215, 219; lobbyist,

Mitchell, Capt. William, in Civil War, 217.
Modoc Indians, hostilities with, 132.
Mohawk Indians, in Canada, 207. See

also Iroquois Indians.

Mohawk River, route along, 391–392.
Monarchist, race horse, 239.
Mondovi, significance of, 201.

Monico, on Milwaukee, Lake Shore and
Western Railway, 416.

Monroe, Arndt trial at, 275.

Monroe County (Ohio), home of Nippert
family, 110.

Montmidy (France), in World War, 312.
Montreal, fur fair at, 348–349; Radisson at,


Moore, Col. M. T., militia officer, 378.
Moose, in Wisconsin, 356.

"More Recollections of Abraham Lincoln,"

by M. P. Rindlaub, 292–296.
Mormon City, on western route, 130.
Morong. See Marin.

Morrill land grant colleges, 360, 362.
Morrisania (N. Y.), baseball club in, 239.
Mosinee, suffrage work in, 13.
Mukwonago, suffrage work in, 13.
Munkwitz, Charles, Milwaukee resident,

Munsee Indians, in Wisconsin, 415.
Murphy, Denis, killed, 281.
Mutz, Peter, priest, 164.
Myers, John, Racine pioneer, 341.

NAPOLEON, battles of, 201.
Nathan Oaks, race horse, 240.
National American Woman Suffrage Asso-
ciation, aids Wisconsin cause, 3, 23;
services in World War, 29.
National Guard. See Wisconsin.
Neenah, significance of, 207-208, 409–410,


Neesh-ah-ke-soonah-er-rah, Indian term
for Dells, 205.

Negro suffrage, debates on, 342-343.
Neptune, lakes brig, 396.

Nevada City (Cal.), in mining district, 139.
Newell, Marshall, pioneer, 207.

New England, emigrants from, 329-330,

New London, suffrage work in, 15.

New Orleans, riots in, 236; celebrations in,

Newport, in town of Newton, 149.
Newton, history of, 142–159.

Newtonburg, post office at, 149; pastor at,


New York (state) emigrants from, 329-331,

389; route through, 391-395; early
railroad in, 394.

New York City, suffrage mass meeting in,
23; Grant obsequies at, 377; authors'
guild, 380-381.

New York Evening Post, editor of, 252.
New York Tribune, cited, 57, 279.
Newell, T. V., at Ceresco, 59.
Newman, Lena V., editor, 17.
Nez Percé Indians, war against, 243.
Nicaragua Lake, crossed, 140.

Nichols, Steve, in First Wisconsin Cavalry,


Nicholson, Clarina Howard, lecturer, 5.
Nicodemus, Prof. W. J. L., in the Univer-
sity, 360.

Nicolet, Jean, discoverer of Wisconsin, 201-
202, 350.

Nineteenth Amendment, promulgated, 3.
Nippert, Alfred K., ancestors of, 110.
Nippert, James, in World War, 111.
Nippert, Louis, visits Wisconsin, 110.
Nippert, Michael, Napoleonic soldier, 110.
Nippert, Philip, in Civil War, 111.

North American Review, first number of,

Northeim, post office at, 149; church, 159.
Northern Pacific Railroad, engineers on,

North Prairie, suffrage work in, 15.
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Company, officers, 102.

Norway, newspaper of, 166-170.
"Nugget Gulch," mining region, 134.
OAK openings, described, 399–400.
Oakley, Frank W., sketch, 109.

Ohio, emigrants from, 390; shore line,
396; canal through, 397; supports
Lincoln, 103.

"Old Abe," Wisconsin eagle, 113.

Olin, Mrs. Helen R. See Olin, Mrs. John

Olin, John M., favors woman suffrage, 14.
Olin, Mrs. John M., suffragist, 14.

Olson, Julius, cited, 408.

Omro, on Fox River, 382.

One Hundred and Forty-ninth Field Artil-

lery, member of, 171.

Oneida County, history of, 416.

Onondago County (N. Y.), route through,

"On the Disastrous Effects of the Destruc-
tion of Forest Trees, Now Going on

so Rapidly in the State of Wisconsin,"
published, 107.

"On the Road to Wisconsin," 389-407.
Orchard Lake (Mich.), military academy
at, 379.

Oregon, U. S. battleship, 216.

Oregon Historical Society Quarterly, cited,


Oronhyetetha, Indian chief, 207.

Orton, Judge Harlow S., invitation to
Draper, 252.

Osage Indians, feud, 411.

Oschwald, Ambrose, priest and colonizer,

Oshkosh, Menominee chief, 286.

Oshkosh True Democrat, attitude toward
woman suffrage, 4-5.

Ottawa Indians, village sites, 353-354.
Ottawa River, route via, 348, 351.
Ourcq River (France), crossed, 317.
Overton's Creek, site of trading post, 287.
Owen, Edward T., University professor,

Oxen, on Wisconsin farm, 121.

Oxford (England), Bodleian library at, 349–

PACK trains, equipped, 125–126; cross the
mountains, 133.

Paine, Byron, cited, 340.

Paint Creek, in Manitowoc County, 144.
Pamonik, Peter, cited, 419.

Parker, A. A., Trip to the West, 389.
Parker, Alton B., in electoral campaign,

[blocks in formation]


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