Elections: Perspectives on Activities and Challenges Across the Nation : Report to Congressional Requesters

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The Office, 2001 - 423 halaman

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Halaman 4 - ... the nonwhite persons of voting age residing therein are registered to vote, (1) that all persons listed by an examiner for such subdivision have been placed on the appropriate voting registration roll, and (2) that there is no longer reasonable cause to believe that persons will be deprived of or denied the right to vote on account of race or color in such subdivision, and (b) , with respect to examiners appointed pursuant to section 3 (a), upon order of the authorizing court.
Halaman 339 - Because we followed a probability procedure based on random selections, our sample is only one of a large number of samples that we might have drawn. Since each sample could have provided different estimates, we express our confidence in the precision of our particular sample's results as a 95 percent confidence interval.
Halaman 339 - This is the interval that would contain the actual population value for 95 percent of the samples we could have drawn. As a result, we are 95 percent confident that each of the confidence intervals in this report will include the true values in the study population.
Halaman 226 - If the elector marks more names than there are persons to be elected to an office, or if for any other reason it is impossible to determine the elector's choice of a candidate for an office to be filled, his vote shall not be counted for such office but shall be returned as a blank vote for such office.
Halaman 41 - ... response (rejecting the ballot, for instance). In addition, optical scan systems often use vote-tally software to tally the vote totals from one or more vote tabulation devices. If election officials program precinct-based optical scan systems to detect and reject overvotes and undervotes, voters can fix their mistakes before leaving the polling place. However, if voters are unwilling or unable to correct their ballots, a poll worker can manually override the program and accept the ballot, even...
Halaman 44 - With the pushbutton, all ballot information is presented on a single "full-face" ballot. For example, a ballot may have 50 buttons on a 3 by 3 foot ballot, with a candidate or issue next to each button. In contrast, touchscreen DREs display the ballot information on an electronic display screen. For both pushbutton and touchscreen types, the ballot information is programmed onto an electronic storage medium, which is then uploaded to the machine. For touchscreens, ballot information can be displayed...
Halaman 188 - Florida Georgia Hawaii ldaho lllinois lndiana lowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York...
Halaman 39 - For voting, an optical scan system is made up of computer-readable ballots, appropriate marking devices, privacy booths, and a computerized tabulation device. The ballot, which can be of various sizes, lists the names of the candidates and the issues. Voters record their choices using an appropriate writing instrument to fill In boxes or ovals, or to complete an arrow next to the candidate's name or the issue. The ballot includes a space for write-ins to be placed directly on the ballot Optical scan...
Halaman 25 - Act, for example, was enacted, in part to establish registration procedures designed to "increase the number of eligible citizens who register to vote in elections for Federal office," "protect the integrity of the electoral process," and "ensure that accurate and current voter registration lists are maintained.

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