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Since the publication in 1912 of the second edition of this work, many changes have taken place, necessitating a considerable revision. Whilst keeping to the general plan of former editions, certain innovations have been introduced with a view to increased usefulness and convenience.

The following subjects have been added : copyright, surrender of seamen deserters, relief of distressed seamen, and estates of deceased seamen.

There is a further new feature in the present edition, in that a special section has been appended to most treaties, showing the position of British dominions, colonies, &c., under the instrument.

In order to achieve these improvements and to provide for new material, some saving of space was necessary, and this has been effected by the omission of formal matter, such as names and titles of plenipotentiaries, and by the suppression of the rubric at the head of each article in cases where it was not part of the original document.

For the same reason, it has been found desirable to continue to omit treaties with African native chiefs and Indian treaties, and agreements relating to arms and liquor traffic, aerial navigation, posts and telegraphs, sanitary conventions, &c.

It has been found impracticable to include the great peace treaties or even extracts from them. These contain not only stipulations of a general character destined to serve as bases for future commercial relations, but also precise covenants such as are ordinarily to be found in treaties of commerce and navigation.*

The English language has been used throughout the volume. In cases where the authoritative text is in another language, the text given is marked - Translation.” Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of these translations, the English official version being used where such is available, but it should be pointed out that in case of dispute appeal can be made only to the original text.

As far as possible, the information in this volume is complete up to the 30th June, 1924, but, as regards particulars such as ratifications and accessions to treaties, it should not be assumed to be complete beyond December 31, 1923. Foreign Office,


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* A convenient collection of the treaties of peace has been made in Volume 29 of " Hertslet's Commercial Treaties,” published by H.M. Stationery Office, price £1 128. 6d.

Wt. 2384/3/1631000 12/24 F.O.P. (11528]

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