The American State and Higher Education: The Legal, Political and Constitutional Relationships

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American council on education, 1935 - 251 halaman

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Halaman 46 - ... with such salaries to the masters, paid by the public, as may enable them to instruct at low prices...
Halaman 19 - The body politic is formed by a voluntary association of individuals. It is a social compact, by which the whole people covenants with each citizen, and each citizen with the whole people, that all shall be governed by certain laws for the common good.
Halaman 166 - University ; and the funds accruing from the rents or sale of such lands, or from any other source, for the purpose aforesaid, shall be and remain a permanent fund, the interest of which shall be applied to the support of said university...
Halaman 37 - The obligations, then, which were created by the charter to Dartmouth College were the same in the new that they had been in the old government. The power of the government was also the same. A repeal of this charter at any time prior to the adoption of the present Constitution of the United States would have been an extraordinary and unprecedented act of power, but one which could have been...
Halaman 84 - ... provided, that no donation, grant or endowment shall at any time be made by the legislature to any literary institution now established, or which may hereafter be established, unless, at the time of making such endowment, the legislature of the state shall have the right to grant any further powers to, alter, limit or restrain any of the powers vested in, any such literary institution, as shall be judged necessary to promote the best interests thereof.
Halaman 188 - The Board of Regents shall have the general supervision of the University, and the direction and control of all expenditures from the University interest fund.
Halaman 211 - Said board shall be maintained as a part of the State government, and shall have jurisdiction over all matters affecting animal industry and animal quarantine regulations, and shall be the board of regents of all State agricultural and mechanical colleges, and shall discharge such other duties and receive such compensation as may be provided by law.
Halaman 133 - Idaho, and shall possess all the powers necessary or convenient to accomplish the objects and perform the duties prescribed by law, and shall have the custody of the books, records, buildings and other property of said university.
Halaman 84 - Maine, and paid according to the terms of said grant ; and the president and trustees, and the overseers of said college, shall have, hold and enjoy their powers and privileges in all respects ; so that the same shall not be subject to be altered, limited, annulled or restrained except by judicial process, according to the principles of law ; and in all grants hereafter to be made, by either...
Halaman 186 - The Legislature shall encourage the promotion of intellectual, scientific and agricultural improvement; and shall, as soon as practicable, provide for the establishment of an agricultural school.

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