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ambassadors replied on the 10th, that the battle of Navarino arose from an act of aggression on the part of the Turks, which destroyed all claim of the Porte to indemnity; and also, that the Porte might have prevented the possibility of such an occurrence, by seasonably listening to the counsels of modera. tion. The negotiations continued until the 24th of November, when the ambassadors, before leaving Constantinople, once more. and finally invited the Porte to accept their mediation, and acknowledge the armistice. Of course, this invitation met with the same fate as its predecessors; and on the 8th of December, Mr. Stratford Canning and count Guilleminot left Constantinople for Corfu, and the marquis de Ribeaupierre also quit ted it for Odessa; and thus the relations of amity between their respective countries and the Porte, were dissolved. Every thing in Constantinople demonstrated that the infatuated Turks were about to rush into war against a combination of the most powerful states of Europe. But the history of the sub. sequent events rightly belongs to the ensuing year, as until then the Porte made no official declaration

of its views and intentions; and at this point, therefore, it is proper our narrative should be suspended.

At this point, then, we leave the history of Europe for 1827. Neither of the northern states having been the scene of important events during that period, we have abstained from making them severally the subjects of separate remark; omitting, for the same reason, to give a particular account of Austria and Italy. This consideration does not in strictness apply to Russia, which, after the removal of general Yarmoloff, from the government of Georgia and Caucasia, and through the more active exertions of general Paskewitsch, his successor, gained one advantage after another over the forces of Abbas Mirza, until the capture of Tabreez reduced the Persians to a sense of the danger of continuing the war against their powerful neighbour, and led to the conclusion of a treaty of peace. But we reserve the history of these incidents for another volume, so as to relate them in connexion with some later circumstances, all which combined, have especially served to fix the public attention upon Russia.








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Internal Improvement. The committee to whom had been referred so much of the governor's message, at the commencement of the session, as related to the subject of internal improvement, made a report, accompanied with the following resolutions:

Resolved, That if it shall be the determination of the government of the United States, to appropriate a part of its revenue to the purposes of internal improvement, in the construction of roads and canals, and improving the navigation of rivers, and in promoting education, it is the opinion of this legislature, that the funds designed for these objects, ought to be distributed among the several states, En proportion to their population, to be expended under the authority of heir respective legislatures.

Resolved, That the secretary of tate be, and he hereby is directed to

transmit a copy of these resolves, with the preamble, to each of the senators and representatives in congress from this state.

Resolved. That the governor be, and he hereby is requested to transmit a copy of these resolves, with the preamble, to the executive of each of the other states in the Union.

The question, on passing the resolves to be engrossed, as reported by the committee, was, after a long debate, taken by yeas and nays, and decided in the affirmative-yeas 81, nays 50. They were adopted in the senate, by the casting vote of the president.

Seat of Government.-The legislature of Maine adjourned without delay, on the 26th of February, having been in session nearly eight weeks, and passed 83 acts and 51 resolves. On the 24th, the bill fixing the seat of government at Augusta, after 1832, passed to be enacted, and the sum of $500 was appropriated to be expended in fencing and ornamenting the lot on which the state house will probably be built.

April-DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN AUGUSTA, (ME.)-On Monday night last, about 11 o'clock, the inhabitants of Augusta were alarmed by the ringing

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