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Illinois State Board of Dental Examiners.


R. N. LAWRENCE, President, Lincoln.
HOMER JUDD, Upper Alton.
C. A. KITCHEN, Rockford.
C. STODDARD SMITH, 103 State St., Chicago.
C. R. E. KOCH, Secretary, 3011 Indiana Ave., Chicago

To His Excellency, RICHARD J. OGLESBY, Governor of the State

of Illinois :

Having been directed by the Illinois State Board of Dental Examiners to prepare and transmit to you the report of said Board, as required by law, I have the honor herewith to submit their seventh annual report:

Since our last report our Board has held two sessions, one at Cairo, May 7, 8 and 9; the other at Springfield, September 17 and 18 last.

At the Cairo meeting five candidates were examined, four of whom were found duly qualified and licensed. At the Springfield meeting eight candidates were examined, six of whom were licensed to practice.

During the year ninety-four licenses have been issued to holders of diplomas and others who showed proper qualifications.

In addition to this there are now three temporary licenses in force.

With this is submitted for your inspection a financial report, from which it appears that the total revenue of the Board has been $108. Our expenses have been $163.74, leaving a deficit of $55.74 of actual expenditures over actual receipts, notwithstanding the fact that the members of the Board have paid their traveling and hotel expenses out of their private purses and have not received any pay whatever for the time expended.

Financial Statement from December 15, 1887, to December 15,



By balance on hand last report..
Received since from 86 licenses..
Received since from 11 examinations and 8 licenses..
Received loan from Dr. R. N. Lawrence.
Received loan from Dr. C. A. Kitchen,
Received loan from Dr. C.R. E. Koch.
Advanced by the secretary,

$21 61
86 00
22 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
19 13

$163 74


Advanced to State of Illinois for printing sixth annual report.
For postage and wrappers for distributing same....
For expressage on same from Secretary of State.
Yor postage on correspondence and expressage.
For stationery and printing.,
For final court costs in mandamus case reported in last annual report.

$89 69
15 25

3 90
14 20
18 45
22 25

$163 74

The secretary of the Board, if paid for his services at the rate provided in section 9 of the act approved May 30, 1881, creating this Board, would have been entitled to a sum amounting to between $400 and $500. He has not only received no remuneration whatever, but in addition has been compelled to advance his private means to carry on the work, and look to the small $1 license fees to gradually reimburse himself.

There is now due for money advanced by members of the Board, the sum of thirty-four dollars and thirteen cents.

The law requires the submission of an annual report to your Excellency, but last year we ourselves were compelled, by reason of the failure of the last legislature to make available an appropriation for printing, to pay for the printing of the sixth annual report, amounting to eighty-nine dollars and sixty-nine cents. The receipted bill for this amount, certified by the State Printer expert, is hereto attached.

I am instructed by our Board to request of you the recommendation of such legislation as will return that amount from the State Treasury to our Board.

The law makes it our duty to carry out the purpose and enforce the provisions of this act. We have striven conscientiously to perform our duty as well as our circumscribed means permitted, but we are convinced that the objects of this law, the protection of the people against incompetents and impostors, can not be fully achieved without a much increased revenue.

The people know that there is a law regulating the practice of dentistry, and naturally employ with confidence any one holding himself out as a dentist, because they assume he has passed the scrutiny and received the approval of the authorities provided by the State. We have been unable to make this security what it should be, by reason of insufficiency of funds to carry on prosecutions of illegal practitioners.

I attach to this report a schedule of the legal practitioners of dentistry in the several counties of the State, whose names are recorded on the "Book of Registration and License" of our Board. From this it appears that at the time the law went into effect, eight hundred and thirty practitioners were registered in the State. Since then three hundred and five licenses have been issued, making a total of eleven hundred and thirty-five names on Book of Registry.

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