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2527. Alleges discrimination in rates on shipments from Baltimore, Md. 2528. Refusal of railroads to furnish cars for grain shipments from Penfield, Ill. 2529. Rate on whisky from Louisville, Ky., to St. Paul, Minn. 2530. Rates on sheet steel from Ashland to Eastern and Texas points as compared

with rates from Pittsburg on same commodity to same points. 2531. Rates on grain and feed shipments from East Aurora, N. Y. 2532. Alleges illegal practices and charges on shipments of apples and peaches. 2533. Milling in transit rates on cotton seed or cotton-seed products in Indian Terri

tory (Purcell, Ind. T.). 2534. Adjustments of overcharges by suit at law on shipments to Boston, Ga. 2535. Alleges failure to furnish him cars for loading grain for shipment from Wapella,

Ill., to New Orleans, La. 2536. Alleges excessive express charges on vegetables from Norfolk, Va., to Indian

apolis, Ind. 2537. The weighing of grain by railroads and elevators at Minneapolis, Minn. 2538. Freight charges on a shipment of plants from Pennsylvania to Lenox, Mass. 2539. Switching charges by railroads in Philadelphia, Pa. 2540. Rates on coal from Fonda to Gloversville, ÎN. Y. 2541. Alleges discrimination in rate on lumber from Double Springs, Tenn., to

Toronto, Ontario. 2542. Rate on ice from Elgin to Chicago, Ill., as compared with rate on same com

modity to same point from Lake Geneva and Twin Lakes, Wis., and other

points. 2543. Express charges on a crated dog to Chappel, Tex. 2544. Actual weight in shipments of rosin from Fayetteville, N. C. 2545. Additional charge of 50 cents per ton on coal when loading cars from wagons

at Irwin, Pa. 2546. Delay in returning oil-tank cars to Cleveland, Ohio. 2547. Drayage charges on import shipments at New Orleans, La. 2548. Rates on sucker rods, West Cairo, Ohio, to various points. 2549. Alleges excessive charges on anthracite coal from Park Place, Pa., to Minne

sota points. 2550. Alleges excessive charges on a returned shipment of rubber tires for bicycles

from Pacific coast to Chicopee Falls, Mass. 2551. Alleges excessive charges on i box of machinery shipped to Sumter, S. C. 2552. Discrimination in rates at Roseland, La. 2553. Delays in shipments of coal to El Paso, Tex. 2554. Discrimination in the distribution of cars at Bearden, Ark. 2555. Alleges discrimination in rates on oysters from Maurice River, N. J., to

Elmer, N. J. 2556. Demurrage charges and delays in shipments, Madison, N. C. 2557. Taxes on sheep in North Dakota. 2558. Alleges discrimination in shipments of coal from Hartford, W. Va. 2559. Alleged advance in rates on lumber from Memphis, Tenn., to New Orleans,

La., Mobile, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla. 2560. Rate on staves from Little Rock, Ark., to Pacific coast terminals. 2561. Rates to Pacific coast points as compared with the rates to Denver, Colo. 2562. Minimum carload weights on grain shipped from Keensburg, Ill. 2563. Alleges excessive charges and damages on shipment of household goods from

Liberty, Nebr., to Craig, Mo. 2564. Rates on freight from Chicago, Ill., and St. Louis, Mo., to Memphis, Tenn. 2565. Rates on sugar from New Orleans, La., to Murphysboro and Centralia, Ill., as

compared with rate on same commodity from same point of shipment to St.

Louis, Mo. 2566. Rates of freight on shipments of distillers’ grain from Cincinnati, Ohio, to

Florida. 2567. Delay in shipment of perishable freight from Knights, Fla., to New York City. 2568. Overcharge on shipments of grain from points on the Wabash Railroad to

Louisville, Ky. 2569. Alleges discrimination in rate on beer from Milwaukee, Wis., to Moorhead,

Minn. 2570. Alleges overcharge on 1 case of books shipped from Chicago to Penn Yan, N. Y. 2571. Overcharge on carload of immigrant goods from Louisiana to Bloomington, Ill. 2572. Minimum weight of a carload of beans by Western Classification Committee. 2573. Alleges excessive rate on corn from St. Edward, Nebr., to Hayfield, Minn. 2574. Alleges train failed to stop at station for him at Beverly, Ohio. 2575. Complains that the railroads will not buy his supplies, Waco, Tex.

2576. Shipments of dressed poultry and eggs from Bowling Green, Ky., to New York

City, N. Y. 2577. Alleges discrimination in the furnishing of cars for shipment of wheat from

Wilsonville, Nebr. 2578. Alleges excessive charges on 1 car mining machinery from Chicago, Ill., to Casa

Grande, Ariz. 2579. Rates on coal shipments from Wenona, Ill., to Mendota and Earlville, Ill. 2580. Loss and damage on shipment of fruit trees and vines from Fredonia, N. Y., to

Pomona, Ill. 2581. Classification of galvanized-iron chimney ventilators when shipped from Phila

delphia to Texas points. 2582. Alleges discrimination in the distribution of cars for loading grain at Leroy, Ill. 2583. Delay in shipments of grain at Fulton, N. Y. 2584. Rates on wool from Rawlins, Wyo., as compared with rates on same com

modity from Cheyenne, Wyo., and Ogden, Utah, to Boston, Mass. 2585. Alleges discrimination in rates on fertilizers at Dayton, Ohio. 2586. Alleges discrimination in rates on cotton yarn from Mobile, Ala., to Griffin,

Ga., Colon, Mich., and Sheboygan, Wis. 2587. Rates on grain shipments from Cairo, Ill., and St. Louis, Mo., to Citronelle, Ala. 2588. Reduction in the present carload minimum weights on refrigerator cars of

peaches shipped from Augusta, Ga., to eastern points. 2589. Claims certain railroads refuse to enter into negotiations with them with refer

ence to divisions of freight rates from St. Louis, Kansas City, and other points

to Alba, Tex. 2590. Alleges overcharge on 14 carloads cedar posts shipped from Texas points to

Fort Worth, Tex., reshipped thence to various points in other States. 2591. Rate on hay from points on the Missouri Pacific Railway in Colorado to Mans

field and Pelican, La. 2592. Rate on oranges from Tildenville, Fla., to Griffin, Ga., as compared with rate

on same to Atlanta, Ga. 2593. Rates on potatoes, carloads, from Saginaw, Mich., to Atlanta, Ga., as compared

with rate on same commodity from same point of shipment to Jesup, Ga. 2594. Alleges railroads issued an order prohibiting the handling of grain from Kansas

points to Kansas City, Mo., unless consigned to Richardson & Co., Kansas

City, Mo. 2595. Discrimination in the sale of coal at Kalamazoo, Mich. 2596. Alleges discrimination against complainants on shipments of flour from St.

Louis, Mo., to Jackson, Miss. 2597. Alleges fraud in the shipment of paints from Chicago, Ill., to points in Texas. 2598. Advance in rate on corn from Kansas City, Mo., to Spencer, Iowa. 2599. Advance in the rate on oil from Cleveland, Ohio, to Toledo, Ohio. 2600. Alleges overcharge on one car of household goods shipped from Jefferson, Ohio,

to Riverside, Cal. 2601. Exorbitant charges by the Northern Pacific Express Company at Palouse, Wash. 2602. Discrimination in freight rates from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to eastern points. 2603. Reconsignment of grain shipments at Arkadelphia, Ark. 2604. Alleges overcharges on shipment of 2 cars of oats from Clearwater, Kans., to

Waco and Austin, Tex. 2605. Alleges discrimination in rates on cement and coal from Chicago, Ill., to North

field, Minn., as compared with rates on same to St. Paul, Minn. 2606. Rates on cabbage in less than carloads from Charleston and Eggs Landing,

S. C., to Montgomery, Ala. 2607. Scarcity of cars for hay shipments from Terre Haute to Carolina territory. 2608. Advance in rates on cannel coal from Annandale, Penn. 2609. Alleges excessive rate on coal from McAlester, Ind. T., to Denison and Dallas,

Tex. 2610. Rates on apples, oranges, and packing-house products from Kansas City, Mo.,

to Pine Bluff, Ark. 2611. Alleges discrimination by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company in rates on coal

from points on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway from Washington, D. C.,

to Rosslyn, Va., in favor of coal via its own line to same point of destination. 2612. Excessive rates on freight to Lodwick, Tex. 2613. Alleges unreasonable rates on clean wool from Chicago, Ill., to western points. 2614. Rates on safes from Rowesville, S. C., to Hamilton, Ohio, as compared with

the rate charged from Hamilton to Rowesville. 2615. Rate on machinery from New York to Seattle, Wash. 2616. Alleged discrimination in rate on corn from Kansas City, Mo., Atchison, Kans.,

etc., to Atlanta, Tex., as compared with the rate to Texarkana, Tex.

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2617. Alleges discrimination by the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad in rate on

line from Ashgrove, Mo., to Holdenville, Ind. T. 2618. Alleges loss of box of household goods, Boynton, Ark. 2619. Alleges refusal of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company to

establish through rates from Sheboygan, Wis., to Wilton Junction, Iowa. 2620. Rates on iron pipe shipped from Etna, Pa., to Benadum, Ind. 2621. Alleges discrimination in rate on staves from Marianna, Ark., to New Orleans, La. 2622. Alleges overcharge on shipments of gang plows from Estherwood, La., to

Apache, Okla. 2623. Additional charges on carload shipments heavier than maximum weights,

Newman, Ill. 2624. Alleges discrimination in rates on scrap iron from Wabash and Warsaw, Ind.,

to South Bend and Michigan City, as compared with the rate to Chicago, etc. 2625. Rates on tankage from Omaha, Nebr., to Columbia, S. C. 2626. Rates on cotton plushes shipped from Paterson, N. J. 2627. Classification of cartridges and loaded shells by Western Classification Com

mittee. 2628. Shipments of hay from Blanchester, Ohio, to various points. 2629. Alleges overcharge on shipments of books from Philadelphia, Pa., to Atlanta, Ga. 2630. Alleges their business has been destroyed by unjust discrimination by railroads

at Philadelphia, Pa. 2631. Delay in shipments of coal from Pennsylvania to Escanaba, Mich. 2632. Alleges overcharge on 4 cars hay shipped in March last from Wancoma, Iowa,

to St. Louis, Mo. 2633. Routing of shipments, right of, from Cincinnati, Ohio. 2634. Adjustment of grain rates from Grand Rapids, Alma, Lansing, and Coldwater,

Mich., to eastern points. 2635. Rates on wool from Fort Wayne and Knox, Ind., to eastern points the same

as the rates from Chicago to same points of destination. 2636. Rates on shipment of 15 buggies from Indianapolis, Ind., to Walla Walla,

Wash. 2637. Alleges excessive charges on 1 locomotive (dead) from a point in New York to

Cordele, Ga. 2638. Alleges excessive rate charged on smoked fish, less than carloads, from Seattle,

Wash., to Ogden, Utah. 2639. Alleges overcharge on 1 car coal from Lilly, Pa., to Bolivar, Mo. 2640. Refusal of railroads to furnish cars for loading coal at Ellwood City, Pa. 2641. Rates of freight on packages of less than 100 pounds by Southern Classification

Committee. 2642. Rates on pears from Quitman, Ga., to Chicago, Ill. 2643. Alleges Southern Railway collected excessive freights on shipments of bananas

to Danville, Va. 2644. Discrimination in milling products by railroads in Missouri. 2645. Rates on grain products from points in Iowa. 2646. Rate on blacksmithing coal from Whiteside, Tenn., to Denver, Colo., as com

pared with rate from same point to San Francisco, Cal. 2647. Discrimination in freight rates to Oklahoma City, Okla. 2648. Alleges higher rate on bricks to Durant, Miss., than to Jackson, Miss., the

former being an intermediate station. 2649. Alleges overcharge on shipment of flour from Dexter to Lake City, Ark. 2650. Diecrimination in freight rates favor Lowell, Mass. 2651. Alleges excessive charges on 1 carriage and phaeton shipped from Colorado

Springs, Colo., to Santa Barbara, Cal. 2652. Rates on mineral water from New York to Philadelphia, Pa. 2653. Alleges different weight on shipments of lumber on different roads on same

shipment. 2654. Complains of the rates charged by express companies from Nebraska points to

Sioux City, Iowa. 2655. Alleges overcharge on hay shipped from Elgin, Ohio, to Baltimore and Cam

bridge, Md. 2656. Discrimination in accepting freight by Atlantic Coast Line from river steamers

at Murfreesboro, N. C. 2657. Alleges the failure to stop trains on signal at Mauch Chunk, Pa. 2658. Alleges overcharge on 1 car vinegar shipped from Lansing, Mich., to Eagle2659. Discrimination in the price of coal at Newport News and Norfolk, Va. 2660. Alleges increase in freight rates to points on Bayou Lafourche, La.

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grove, Iowa.

2661. Shipments of poultry from Casey, Ill., to eastern markets. 2662. Revoking privilege of inspection on “order consignments” at Norwich, N. Y. 2663. Rates on

freight to Parkersburg and Huntington, W. Va. 2664. Alleges discrimination in rates by express company from Factoryville, Pa., to

Scranton, Pa. 2665. Alleges illegal exaction of fee of 25 cents by joint agent of the Western Passen

ger Association at Colorado Springs, Colo., in connection with round-trip

passenger tickets. 2666. Rates of freight on railroad ties higher than the lumber rate on some western

railroads. 2667. Failure to deliver freight at destination to which billed. 2668. Overcharge on passenger ticket from Palatka, Fla., to Garden City, Kans. 2669. Alleges higher rate charged on grain from Louisville, Ky., to Blackwood, Va.,

than to Norton, Va., a more distant point on same line. 2670. Alleges refusal to allow free going passage for man sent to take charge of 3 cars

of cattle shipped from a point in Minnesota to Nashua, Mont. 2671. Rates on salt to California terminals. 2672. Overcharge on 1 carload of yellow-pine lumber shipped from Bearden, Ark., to

Buchanan, Mich. 2673. Accommodations on lake steamers between Detroit and Buffalo. 2674. Discrimination in rates on Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Company from

various points to Vevay, Ind. 2675. Alleges discrimination in rates on bananas from New Orleans, La., to Natchez,

Miss., as compared with rates to Vicksburg, Miss. 2676. Classification of iron bells at Northville, Mich. 2677. Classification of waste hair by official classification. 2678. Rate on coal from Webster, Pa., to Dune Park, Ind., as compared with rate

from same point to Chicago, Ill. 2679. Alleges an overcharge on a shipment of goods. 2680. Overcharge on car of grain delivered to wrong destination, St. Louis and San

Francisco Railroad. 2681. Rate on shingles and laths from stations to Madisonville, Tenn., as compared

with the rate from the same points to Knoxville, Tenn. 2682. Advance in rates on paints from Milwaukee to points in Ohio. 2683. Alleges overcharge on 1 car cypress shingles shipped from Brookland, Ark.,

to Anniston, Mo. 2684. Alleges overcharge on shipment of 1 car hay from Richards, Mo., to Magnolia,

Ark. 2685. Alleges advance in rates on hard and soft wood from Andover, Conn., to

Boston, Mass. 2686. Alleges advance in rates on flour and mill products to Texas points. Rates

on flour and articles taking flour rates from St. Louis, Mo., Kansas City,

Mo., and Enid, Okla., to points in Texas. 2687. Alleges failure of railroad officials to have shipments of cattle fed while in

transit from Texas to Indian Territory. 2688. Rates on shipments of eggs by express from Hammonton, N. J., to Camden,

N. J. 2689. Alleges discrimination by the railroads in favor of other merchants at Fort

Wayne, Ind. 2690. Rate on flour from Wichita, Kans., to Davenport, Iowa. 2691. Alleges loss of frieght in shipment. 2692. Rates on cotton between Mobile and Chicago, and from Chicago to Colon,

Mich. 2693. Alleges advance in rates on stoneware from St. Louis, Mo., to Shreveport and

Alexandria, La. 2694. Rates on sugar from New Orleans, La., to Texas common points and in Indian

and Oklahoma Territories. 2695. Alleges discrimination in charging a higher rate for a shorter than for a longer

haul. 2696. Alleges discrimination in rates on coal from West Virginia to Chicago, Ill.;

also from West Virginia to Siegfried, Pa. 2697. Discrimination in furnishing cars for fruit shipments favor Armour & Co.,

Chicago, Ill. 2698. Damages on shipment of lumber from White Springs, Fla., to Bristol, Tenn. 2699. Discrimination in freight rates against Arkansas City, Kans. 2700. Discrimination in freight rates against Abbeville, Ala. 2701. Rates on machinery carloads, Indianapolis, Ind., to Little Rock, Ark.

2702. Alleges discrimination in furnishing cars for grain shipments from Lebanon,

Nebr., to Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City, Mo. 2703. Alleges he has a number of damage claims against several railroads, but can't

get them adjusted. 2704. Alleges overcharge on 2 cars telephone poles from Rocky Face, Ga., to Choc

colocco, Ala. 2705. Shipments of white lead East St. Louis, Ill., to Tuscumbia, Ala. 2706. Rates on tobacco from Louisville, Ky., to Norfolk, Va., and Newport News,

Va., are more than the rates on the same commodity from Louisville, Ky., to

Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. 2707. Alleges overcharge on 1 car oats from Las Animas, Colo., to Lufkin, Tex. 2708. Alleges discrimination in the routing of lumber shipments from southern points

to Cairo, Ill. 2709. Alleges overcharge on lumber shipped to Packerton, Pa. 2710. Alleges overcharge on shipment of cotton piece goods, Boston, Mass., to Denver,

Colo. 2711. Rates on oats, carloads, from Aredale, Iowa, to Mississippi River, Chicago and

New York, etc. 2712. Rate on timber from Beech Bluff, Tenn., to Chicago, as compared with the

rate from Jackson to same point. 2713. Delay in shipment of dressed lumber from Kestler, Ga., to Paterson, N. J. 2714. Alleges violation of long and short haul shipments of yellow-pine lumber from

Louisiana, Texas, and southern points to Blanchard, Iowa. 2715. Alleges discrimination in rates by the Central Traffic Association in favor of

Wheeling, W. Va., Youngstown, Canton, Cambridge, and Pittsburg, Pa. 2716. Alleges delay in shipment of car of sugar from New Orleans, La., to Eagle

Pass, Tex. 2717. Alleges discrimination in passenger accommodations at West Point, Tex. 2718. Alleges advance in rates on petroleum from Cleveland, Ohio. 2719. Advance in rates to Texas points and reduction in rates to Oklahoma Territory

points. 2720. Men and women occupying same compartments in sleeping cars. 2721. Alleges discrimination in favor of west bound shipments of brick as against

east bound shipments. 2722. Alleges excessive charges on 1 box flags from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Pendleton,

Oreg., account misrouting of shipments. 2723. Alleges discrimination of rates on cement to points in the Central Freight Asso

ciation territory: 2724. Rates on yellow-pine lumber from Jackson, Ala., to Lawrenceburg, Ky. 2725. Alleges overcharge on 1 car hay shipped from Liberal, Mo.,

to Nettleton, Ark. 2726. Rates on oats from Idaho Falls and Preston, Idaho, to Denver, Colo., and

intermediate points. 2727. Rates on lumber from points to Albany and Chatham, N. Y., Boston, Mass., etc. 2728. Alleges overcharge on shipment of household goods from Johnsons Spur, Mo.,

to Broughton, Ill. 2729. Alleges overcharge on 1 car of emigrant outfit shipped from Kiowa, Ind. T.,

to Lebanon, Mo. 2730. Demurrage charges at Alcott, Colo. 2731. Failure of railroads to post tariffs at Texarkana, Ark. 2732. Alleges excessive charges on 2 cars sheep shipped from Omaha, Nebr., to Rock

port, Mo. 2733. Rates on wheat from Bison, Ohuntz, and Leoti, Kans., to Atlanta, Ga., and

Nashville, Tenn., to be milled in transit at Linoberg, Kans., in October and

December, 1896. 2734. Alleges higher rate on coal to Camilla than to Pelham, Ga., 8 miles south of

Camilla, amounting to 50 cents per ton. 2735. Rates on safes between Hamilton, Ohio, and New Orleans, La., in which it is

alleged that rates north bound are higher than on south bound shipments. 2736. Rates from eastern cities to Waycross, Ga. 2737. Alleges unjust discrimination in rates in effect in Oklahoma and Indian Terri

tories, as compared with those in effect in adjoining States. 2738. Alleges excessive charges on one automobile (electric) shipped from Indian

apolis, Ind., to New York City via Pennsylvania's lines west of Pittsburg

and the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. 2739. Alleges higher rates on cowpeas than on corn from points in South and North

Carolina (named) to New Orleans, La. 2740. Alleges the railroads refuse to let them have cars for loading grain at Lily,

S. Dak.

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